Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Back to wife-centered sex and husband orgasm denial

There are times when you just "know" you are going to have sex.  It was a lazy Sunday and we spent a lot of time together.  I shaved my chest and she took a pretty long shower, so I figured she was doing some maintenance on her pubic hair.  We went shopping and I behaved pretty well.  We went out to lunch.  While that may seem like no big deal, we actually rarely do things like that together.  While we probably have more date nights than the average couple, they are usually very rushed and limited in some way - usually a late dinner only.

Things were going great.  We had a fair amount of Easter related stuff from the shopping trip and as we were trying to get them in the house, my hands were full and she needed to get the keys, which were in my pocket.  In public, she reached into my pocket and "fumbled around" for my keys, lingering for some time and "accidentally" groping my balls.  It is a flirtatious move for sure, and not something she would normally do outside the house.

I knew chances were pretty good that we were going to play.

She came out of the bedroom with her top on, but no panties and no PJ bottoms and of course I was naked.  Yes!  We engaged in a nice foreplay session and I felt her pussy area and she was bald down there.  I sucked on her nipples once again, which is unusual because they are so sensitive that they are usually "invitation only".  But when she does allow that, she almost always demands that I alternate boobs, which I find wonderfully dominant, for her to tell me how to service her.  She gave me awesome foreplay too - she sucked/bit my nipples and gave me a blowjob - yes, another blowjob.  We kissed passionately after she sucked on my cock, which turns me on a lot.

I entered her and she was SUPER wet.  Her being wet makes me feel so virile.  I penetrated her for a little bit, then she said she wanted to come, so she "kicked me out" of her pussy (I don't know what muscles she does to do this, but she's quite effective at it) and I went down on her for oral sex.  She was really worked up at this point, and I knew she was going to come.  In hindsight, my Queen does not like fast clit licking, and this is a mistake I always make.  She likes firm tongue pressure on her clit, but wants the speed to be constant.  The mistake I tend to make is that I get really excited as she is approaching climax, and instinctively speed up.

Well, she came hard, in spite of my exuberance.

I caressed her body as she was "coming down" from her orgasm, but maintained my erection and after a while, I got on top of her.  She assertively said that we were done, that I wasn't going to come tonight.  I was a little shocked, but given what I said in my prior post, it seemed like denying me was on her mind.  She did some mild teasing, saying something to the effect of how nice it is to have sex without the mess of a male orgasm.  I had to calm down and take a sleeping pill, then we cuddled through the night and into the morning.

*  *  *  *  *
Alas, this post is running a little long, but a quick "aftermath" seems in order.  We have not played since Sunday night, but I have had seemingly limitless erections and pre-cum "messes" just thinking about it.  My Queen sort of blew this off a bit, saying something like, I don't get how something so simple is such a big deal to you.  I woke up this morning with a major hard-on and she coyly said that if we had played last night, I wouldn't have come, and that "you are going to have to wait".  

I love this woman!


  1. First off, apologies - I tried to see if there was a way to offer general comments or send you a private message, and I didn't see any. Probably my lack of technical savvy! So sorry for taking this more public approach. Your blog is nothing short of FANTASTIC, on so many levels. I guess it goes without saying that I love the subject matter, but its more than that.

    The commentary is intelligent and insightful, your observations are great. Your relationship comes across as totally real - you two "sound" like a real married couple leading a very real life, with all the natural RT complications and busy times, etc. Sex is an important part of your relationship, but as with any real couple, not the ONLY part of it.

    One thing I love here, that I have loved with some of your other posts, is the "premeditation" on the part of your wife. She clearly had ideas about having fun that evening, well in advance. Something about the very practical aspect of that is fantastic - reminded me of the very matter of fact way she told you, before one time, that you should "bring a paddle" (she had matter of factly already decided how you would get to finish that night). Something about the coolness, the premeditated aspect, is very hot (along with just about every other thing in this story and most other posts! LOL).

    Sorry for rambling on. GREAT blog, great insights, great anecdotes. Maybe if I ever figure out how this works, can exchange some less "blasted out in public" thoughts! But regardless, MUCH appreciated and look forward to reading more down the road!!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful compliment ~ made my day! I am so glad you enjoy my blog. If you'd like, you can try to reach out to me at sherulestherooster @ gmail . com.

    I don't really check that account that often, but will keep an eye out over then next week or so.


    1. I for some reason cannot post as 1Hotwife.