Saturday, March 28, 2015

Her changing preferences

We had a bunch of near-miss nights of sex play.  One night she falls asleep early, the next night she's up really late and I have to get to bed.  We had been out of sync, again.

Suzy was on her period last week, and she did not want to be sexual - at all.  The weird thing is that she can have tremendous orgasms with the Hitachi while she is menstruating.  I don't get why she doesn't accept this pleasure, as it is exciting for both of us.  She simply did not want to be sexual at all.

But we did a tremendous amount of cuddling - non-sexual touching.  We would typically wake up all over each other and her alarm would go off, she would hit snooze, and then we'd change cuddle positions.  For a couple of days, we were late to work because we were so into this.  My understanding is that such touching releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone.  It made me very horny.  I could feel the testosterone flowing in my body.  My beard grew extra thick.  I needed sex.

We finally synced up for sex on Thursday.  It was a passionate sex session.  I initiated foreplay by sucking her nipples.  She was getting super hot, undulating her hips and moaning.  She told me to move to the other one.  I really didn't get any foreplay myself, but as I entered her, she was super wet - more so than usual.  I love it when she is ready to accept me.

I penetrated for a while, and I was surprised at how much endurance I had.  I hadn't come in a while, and I was super pent up.  I figured I would blow my load soon.  I pulled out to get the vibrator and was going to finger her with the vibe, then she said she wanted my cock in her while she came.

So that's what happened.  We had near simultaneous orgasms, which is always awesome.   Her orgasm began before mine, and the excitement of her climax simply was too much for me, so I came inside her, mid-climax.

What struck me is that for a number of months, our go-to sex move for her orgasm was me to have the Hitachi on her clit and me to slowly finger her pussy in a particular way that made her come very hard. It was like we had "discovered" a great orgasmic experience for her and it was fantastic.  Lately, as with our last session, she has preferred my cock to the fingering.

This of course helps my ego a lot.  She really likes my cock inside her.  We don't always come at the same time, I usually try my very best to hold out as long as possible, let her calm down after her orgasm, and then re-enter her (assuming she has given my permission to come).  But it is always satisfying when we do come together.

Bottom line, things are looking good sexually, but not that much Femdom... yet.


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while now.
    Sometimes we just need different ways to cum, Hitachi, finger or dick are all good alternatives. :)

  2. Georgina,
    Thanks for reading my blog!
    Point well taken... variety is the spice of life! As a submissive with a fetish for my wife's orgasms, I do love coming up with different ways for her to climax!