Monday, January 12, 2015

"You need to get a paddle ready"

Wife-initiated sex is the best sex, period.

After having our "vanilla orgasm denial" session Saturday morning, my Queen strongly implied that we would be having sex that night.  It didn't quite work out, she want to bed really early.  She then made several references to us having sex Sunday night.

As an aside, we have had a pretty long history of sex on Sunday night.  It seems that sex is going to be mostly deferred until the weekends, for now.  Something to look forward to, of course.

At any rate, my chest was reasonably shaved and I took a shower to be ready for what was in store.  She came up and was doing her nightly routine, then peaked out of the door and said, "you need to get a paddle ready".

I got an assortment of paddles/whips/floggers and was wearing my thong.  She came out in her sexy outfit.  It is an elegant black number that I bought her, it goes down to mid calf.  Her cleavage is visible, but the top is tight, and it's harder to get direct breast access.  She was not wearing panties.  We did some foreplay and I could tell she was really excited.  I ended up getting between her legs, ready to finger her with the Hitachi when she said, "don't you want to stick your cock in me"?

Indeed I did.  I pushed my loincloth to the side, inserted my cock in her.  It felt great.  She then said, "Let's see if you can hold off while I come", and with that, she took the Hitachi and I penetrated her until she had an orgasm.  At some point, I removed the thong (the feeling of the cloth on my ass is quite arousing to me) so that I was fully naked but she was mostly clothed.

She did not require a break to bask in her orgasm, like she usually does.  She did make sure that I got a T-shirt to catch the semen, and then she took the paddle and as I resumed penetration, she began to paddle my ass with one hand and pinch my nipple with the other.

I told her that it turned me on for her to always come first, and she said something like, that's the way it should be.  I had pretty decent endurance on this occasion, and then had a really nice orgasm inside her.

*  *  *  *  *
Prior to our femdom adventures and when we had smaller battery operated vibrators, this is how we pretty much always had sex.  I would penetrate her, and try to hold off my orgasm until she came from the combo of my thrusting and the direct clit stimulation from the vibrator.  With the Hitachi, there is less room, but we can make it work.  While not easy, we can climax simultaneously with this arrangement.

I am feeling pretty awesome today.  I haven't showered yet, and I rather like knowing that my Queen's musk is still on my cock.  Certainly my tangible lust for her is still inside her.

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  1. Interesting. Taking a look at your orgasm tracker I have the Orgasm ratio at 142-55. Definitely a very good start - but you are so close to a 3:1 ratio there - I reckon you can get it there with a bit of effort!

    Which would mean a Female Orgasm is more than 3 times as important as a male orgasm. Sounds about right.