Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vanilla orgasm denial

I woke up earlier than my Queen this morning, who as usual went to sleep after me.  I need my sleep, and she acts like she is still in college, up late every night.  She asked me to unlock the bedroom door.  You have to realize what that means: that she wanted sex last night.  My wife still INSISTS on having the door open, "just in case" a child need to come in.  So for her, the only reason to lock our bedroom door is for sex.

So, I am waking up and realizing that we had a chance for sex last night.  We had no sexual contact since last Sunday's itchy cunnilingus affair.

We started cuddling and I got an erection.  She started playing with it, and then started jacking me off, through my shorts (I don't really wear PJ's to bed, but rather athletic shorts ~ they're more comfortable for me).  I would say I got about 50% of the way to an orgasm, although there was no skin to skin contact.

She then told me that jerking my cock made HER horny.  Or possibly she was horny from last night, when she wanted sex but I was "unavailable".  Or both.

So, I told her that she should have one.  She hesitated a bit, as she is very nervous about the noise (her orgasm noise, not that of the vibrator!).  It didn't take much, but she said, OK.  I went to lock the door, with a serious tent in my shorts.

I knew she wanted to come right then, so I got the Hitachi out, and placed it under the comforter.  She had a wonderful orgasm while she squeezed my dick.

We sort of cuddled a little bit, she acknowledged my erection, but there was no smack talk about denying my orgasm.  I didn't ask for an orgasm.  I knew intercourse was out of the question, as she does not like morning sex.  We just sort of went about our day.

As I was showering with her putting on her makeup, she made a slight comment about her being happy, but there was really no dominant talk about me not "deserving" an orgasm.  It's as if my orgasm just wasn't on the table.  It was a pretty "vanilla" orgasm denial session.

If I were to predict, I would imagine that my Queen will kick it up a notch.  Maybe being overtly dominant to me tonight.  My forecast for tonight is: another orgasm for her, a slight chance of dominance for me, but it doesn't look good for a full orgasm.

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