Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy new year!

Well, we did not have a lot of play at the end of the year due to her period starting right around Christmas and she got mad at me about something on Christmas Eve.  IMO, her periods are getting more and more emotional, and I think this was a manifestation of that.  I used to barely even know she was on her period, she would just say no touching her pelvic region when I tried to grope her.  A difference is that in the first 10 years of our marriage, our birth control was oral contraceptives and in the last part it's been my vasectomy.  I have had a few male friends attest to the fact that oral contraception helps to mellow out the PMS/irritability.  I have tried to ask her if she would do that but she refuses.  I suppose that I just need to be more sensitive around this time of month.

We had a party on NYE, dancing, drinking, and when we got back, she tried to give me a handjob.  She was still on her period and didn't want an orgasm.  I didn't have one either.  She jerked me off for a long time, but I guess the excess alcohol gave me super endurance.  I just couldn't come - I have heard of something called "whiskey dick" where you have extra endurance.  She was mildly annoyed about this (she doesn't like me drinking that much), but it is what it is.  I was "denied" in some way, although it was unintentional and not erotic sexual denial.

We did play late on New Years.  She said she might have some residual flow and didn't want me to finger her during her orgasm*, which is her favorite method.  She came HARD on the Hitachi wand over her PJs.  It had been a long time since she had climaxed, and this one just seemed to go on and on.  Honestly, it seemed like one of the longest orgasms she'd had.  She loved it.  I did give her a fair amount of foreplay and I was ROCK HARD, and it had been a long time since she'd come.  Possibly why the orgasm was so intense for her.  I could tell she needed a bit more time to come down from her orgasm, so I caressed her more.

Then, she started to talk and said something like, "what if I don't want you to come tonight"?  I was a bit struck by this, and I thought to myself, holy shit, I love her denying me especially after she had such an intense orgasm, but sheesh, this is New Years.  I just responded back with, "I guess I wouldn't get to come, because you are in charge".  Ultimately, she did let me come.

* I asked her why is it OK for my cock to penetrate but not my finger?  She didn't really have an answer.  I didn't follow that logic, but it is what it is.  My wife if VERY skittish about sexual fluids generally.  Oh well, it didn't much matter.

I penetrated her and I lasted longer than I had expected.  We did a lot of dirty talking about how it turns her on to cause me pain.  She didn't really do anything overtly kinky, no nipple play or anything like that.  I came and she did tell me the next day that my semen was oozing out of her pussy so much that she had to change panties.  I think she realizes how much that turns me on, and she usually makes a comment about it the next day.

Well, any way: Happy new years!  Hope 2015 is the kinkiest year ever!


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