Monday, January 12, 2015

"You need to get a paddle ready"

Wife-initiated sex is the best sex, period.

After having our "vanilla orgasm denial" session Saturday morning, my Queen strongly implied that we would be having sex that night.  It didn't quite work out, she want to bed really early.  She then made several references to us having sex Sunday night.

As an aside, we have had a pretty long history of sex on Sunday night.  It seems that sex is going to be mostly deferred until the weekends, for now.  Something to look forward to, of course.

At any rate, my chest was reasonably shaved and I took a shower to be ready for what was in store.  She came up and was doing her nightly routine, then peaked out of the door and said, "you need to get a paddle ready".

I got an assortment of paddles/whips/floggers and was wearing my thong.  She came out in her sexy outfit.  It is an elegant black number that I bought her, it goes down to mid calf.  Her cleavage is visible, but the top is tight, and it's harder to get direct breast access.  She was not wearing panties.  We did some foreplay and I could tell she was really excited.  I ended up getting between her legs, ready to finger her with the Hitachi when she said, "don't you want to stick your cock in me"?

Indeed I did.  I pushed my loincloth to the side, inserted my cock in her.  It felt great.  She then said, "Let's see if you can hold off while I come", and with that, she took the Hitachi and I penetrated her until she had an orgasm.  At some point, I removed the thong (the feeling of the cloth on my ass is quite arousing to me) so that I was fully naked but she was mostly clothed.

She did not require a break to bask in her orgasm, like she usually does.  She did make sure that I got a T-shirt to catch the semen, and then she took the paddle and as I resumed penetration, she began to paddle my ass with one hand and pinch my nipple with the other.

I told her that it turned me on for her to always come first, and she said something like, that's the way it should be.  I had pretty decent endurance on this occasion, and then had a really nice orgasm inside her.

*  *  *  *  *
Prior to our femdom adventures and when we had smaller battery operated vibrators, this is how we pretty much always had sex.  I would penetrate her, and try to hold off my orgasm until she came from the combo of my thrusting and the direct clit stimulation from the vibrator.  With the Hitachi, there is less room, but we can make it work.  While not easy, we can climax simultaneously with this arrangement.

I am feeling pretty awesome today.  I haven't showered yet, and I rather like knowing that my Queen's musk is still on my cock.  Certainly my tangible lust for her is still inside her.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vanilla orgasm denial

I woke up earlier than my Queen this morning, who as usual went to sleep after me.  I need my sleep, and she acts like she is still in college, up late every night.  She asked me to unlock the bedroom door.  You have to realize what that means: that she wanted sex last night.  My wife still INSISTS on having the door open, "just in case" a child need to come in.  So for her, the only reason to lock our bedroom door is for sex.

So, I am waking up and realizing that we had a chance for sex last night.  We had no sexual contact since last Sunday's itchy cunnilingus affair.

We started cuddling and I got an erection.  She started playing with it, and then started jacking me off, through my shorts (I don't really wear PJ's to bed, but rather athletic shorts ~ they're more comfortable for me).  I would say I got about 50% of the way to an orgasm, although there was no skin to skin contact.

She then told me that jerking my cock made HER horny.  Or possibly she was horny from last night, when she wanted sex but I was "unavailable".  Or both.

So, I told her that she should have one.  She hesitated a bit, as she is very nervous about the noise (her orgasm noise, not that of the vibrator!).  It didn't take much, but she said, OK.  I went to lock the door, with a serious tent in my shorts.

I knew she wanted to come right then, so I got the Hitachi out, and placed it under the comforter.  She had a wonderful orgasm while she squeezed my dick.

We sort of cuddled a little bit, she acknowledged my erection, but there was no smack talk about denying my orgasm.  I didn't ask for an orgasm.  I knew intercourse was out of the question, as she does not like morning sex.  We just sort of went about our day.

As I was showering with her putting on her makeup, she made a slight comment about her being happy, but there was really no dominant talk about me not "deserving" an orgasm.  It's as if my orgasm just wasn't on the table.  It was a pretty "vanilla" orgasm denial session.

If I were to predict, I would imagine that my Queen will kick it up a notch.  Maybe being overtly dominant to me tonight.  My forecast for tonight is: another orgasm for her, a slight chance of dominance for me, but it doesn't look good for a full orgasm.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Post-Cunnilingus Itching?

Sunday night we were able to play and I went down on my Queen.  Beforehand, I did a touch up shave job, specifically to be smoother for oral sex.

She let me do so.  She gave me a LOT of verbal feedback (no words, just moans of pleasure).  I loved it.  It did take a while to bring her to orgasm, but we ultimately had success.  How long did it take?  Honestly, I think I am a poor judge of that.  Time seems to stand still for me during any sexual encounter, but especially during cunnilingus.

Afterwords, she let me penetrate her and I came in her pussy.

But as we were cuddling the other night (nonsexual), she mentioned that her pussy was itchy.  I am therefore having a bit of a crisis.  I feel like she is FINALLY getting more comfortable with me performing oral sex on her, she is giving me the feedback I feel I need to be successful, and I am getting more in tune with how she likes it.  And now this?  She sort of implied, "I'm not sure I want you going down on me if I'm going to itch like this".

Has anyone had experiences with this?  Where did I go wrong?

The facts are, I was very clean shaven.  My guess is that it had probably been a week since she had shaved her pussy.  It didn't bother me, as her pubes were longer than the itchy-stubble phase.  In spite of my inability to calculate the time, I was down there for a while, and my chin was buried in genitals.  Maybe 10-15 minutes.

Ugh, what can I do?


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy new year!

Well, we did not have a lot of play at the end of the year due to her period starting right around Christmas and she got mad at me about something on Christmas Eve.  IMO, her periods are getting more and more emotional, and I think this was a manifestation of that.  I used to barely even know she was on her period, she would just say no touching her pelvic region when I tried to grope her.  A difference is that in the first 10 years of our marriage, our birth control was oral contraceptives and in the last part it's been my vasectomy.  I have had a few male friends attest to the fact that oral contraception helps to mellow out the PMS/irritability.  I have tried to ask her if she would do that but she refuses.  I suppose that I just need to be more sensitive around this time of month.

We had a party on NYE, dancing, drinking, and when we got back, she tried to give me a handjob.  She was still on her period and didn't want an orgasm.  I didn't have one either.  She jerked me off for a long time, but I guess the excess alcohol gave me super endurance.  I just couldn't come - I have heard of something called "whiskey dick" where you have extra endurance.  She was mildly annoyed about this (she doesn't like me drinking that much), but it is what it is.  I was "denied" in some way, although it was unintentional and not erotic sexual denial.

We did play late on New Years.  She said she might have some residual flow and didn't want me to finger her during her orgasm*, which is her favorite method.  She came HARD on the Hitachi wand over her PJs.  It had been a long time since she had climaxed, and this one just seemed to go on and on.  Honestly, it seemed like one of the longest orgasms she'd had.  She loved it.  I did give her a fair amount of foreplay and I was ROCK HARD, and it had been a long time since she'd come.  Possibly why the orgasm was so intense for her.  I could tell she needed a bit more time to come down from her orgasm, so I caressed her more.

Then, she started to talk and said something like, "what if I don't want you to come tonight"?  I was a bit struck by this, and I thought to myself, holy shit, I love her denying me especially after she had such an intense orgasm, but sheesh, this is New Years.  I just responded back with, "I guess I wouldn't get to come, because you are in charge".  Ultimately, she did let me come.

* I asked her why is it OK for my cock to penetrate but not my finger?  She didn't really have an answer.  I didn't follow that logic, but it is what it is.  My wife if VERY skittish about sexual fluids generally.  Oh well, it didn't much matter.

I penetrated her and I lasted longer than I had expected.  We did a lot of dirty talking about how it turns her on to cause me pain.  She didn't really do anything overtly kinky, no nipple play or anything like that.  I came and she did tell me the next day that my semen was oozing out of her pussy so much that she had to change panties.  I think she realizes how much that turns me on, and she usually makes a comment about it the next day.

Well, any way: Happy new years!  Hope 2015 is the kinkiest year ever!