Thursday, December 17, 2015

Desperate Housewife Substitution

Suzy and I used to look forward to Desperate Housewives every Sunday night.  It was our time for sexy play as we headed into the workweek.  I admit, some of the plot lines were pretty ridiculous, but the show was very sexy.  We had developed some rituals around me giving her a foot massage and she stroking me and occasionally swatting my balls.  After it was over, we usually had some quiet time and we would go upstairs to play.  That was a very sexy time!  I loved it!

We never really got a substitute for this experience.  Quite a while ago, I bought two adult DVDs, one an adult version of 50 shades of grey, the other a "love triangle" movie.  I didn't explicitly blog about the time we watched the first movie, but I think it was this post.  The thinking was that Suzy enjoyed the erotic novels and we were (in the bedroom anyway) in a dominant/submissive sexual relationship, just the other way around.  I enjoyed the movie, (which I just found out has a sequel) but got lost in it because Suzy was teasing/edging me during the whole thing.  I do remember distinctly how I climaxed: I was on my knees, ass in the air the Aneros prostate massager in place and I remember her "fucking" me with it, gentle in and out, while stroking my cock, and I ejaculated onto a towel below.  I also remember how wet she was, and I believe she had multiple orgasms that time.  Very sexy day for us!  I'm pretty sure I was eventually tied up and I do remember the use of the Wartenburg wheel on my body.  Wow!

Well, months went by and every now and then I'd mentioned that we have another movie to watch (the love triangle one).  We finally did watch it.  It was a similar experience in that Suzy edged me the entire movie and once it was over, we had sex and I came in just a few strokes, but fortunately she was so worked up that she came with me.

I do wonder what Suzy thinks about all this.  She made a comment about not getting her feet rubbed, so I think that we may be on to something.  Don't know how she feels about watching adult movies.  In both cases, I read through the synopsis to ensure that they were "couples friendly" (e.g., no lesbian sex, an actual plot - basically a Desperate Housewife movie but instead of talking about sex, actually showing the sex).  I enjoyed that experience.  Did Suzy????

Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Accidental" Ruined Orgasm

Suzy was exploring my manliness with her hands and was getting particularly rough with my balls.  She was more vocal than normal (I love dirty talking!!) and as she was pulling on my scrotum, she said something like, "I want to rip these balls off!"  Now, as an aside, I do not think my wife truly wants to castrate me, but the combination of her rough play and her dirty talking was really quite exciting.  I love having my balls played with.  It puts me into "subspace" knowing that my wife can exert the control over me to have me nearly whimpering.  It is almost like an out-of-body experience.  When she tortures my testicles, it is a confusing sensation of pain and pleasure simultaneously.  I love how she alternates between light, teasing sensations on the sensitive scrotum skin and then blatant and painful slaps to my balls or (in this case) pulling on my scrotum, away from my body.  She certainly makes it "hurt so good".

When Suzy and I were dating and started to get physical, she would tease me by limiting the direct stimulation to my cock.  In those days, she would play with the area above my genitals (which I love) and she would "accidentally" glaze my erection.  She would even make odd comments about it being accidental that she touched me there ("oopsie").  Those teases were frustrating at the time, but when she teases me like that now, I think of it as being very hot, slowing down my desires for her at her pace, not mine.

Fast forward to more recent times, Suzy has teased me with limited cock contact, focusing mostly on my balls, the area above and to the side of my penis, my inner thighs, my perienum and ass, and more recently my nipples.  This kind of teasing is maddening.  It gets me so hot.  While I find the pleasure/pain combination super arousing, I do not think I can orgasm with limited direct cock stimulation.  She does glaze my cock every once in a while, to keep me hard, sort of like a maintenance stroke.

Well, I can have a ruined orgasm though.  And that's what happened the other night.  All the sudden, I had a mess on my lower abdomen that eventually run into the sheets.  I did not orgasm, and I was still fully erect.  Suzy allowed me inside her because we both wanted to see if this ruined orgasm would improve my endurance.  It did NOT.  I came within seconds of insertion.  I think my erection was inside of her by the time her orgasm started, but suffice it to say that the ruined orgasm leads to improved stamina experiment was an utter failure.

Ugh.  I think Suzy is disappointed in my sexual performance.  She teased me pretty heavily about it a few days later.  Unfortunately, no sexual playtime for either of us since then.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A possible "boy toy" for Suzy

Things have been going generally well.  The week of Thanksgiving involved two instances of intercourse, and I have drafted a post about those sessions.  But, as they say, things "just got more interesting".

I searched pretty hard for a true "hotwife" blog, written by a woman, and not much came up.  Mostly tumblrs with hotwife/cuckold captions, which isn't exactly my thing.  I "get" the cuckold perspective, but I was hoping to get some more insight into the "hotwife" relationship dynamic.  I am further encouraged to find a more feminine perspective on this "lifestyle" through the cuckoldingnathan blog, which Suzy seems to enjoy specifically due to the female perspective (although Patty has been absent for far too long).  I found two blogs, both of which are now on my main page "feed".  Bear in mind, that I did not actually read through either of them, I just found them and wanted to add them so that I/we could explore later.

Interestingly, Suzy was browsing my blog and came across the more recent one.  Specifically, she said that this post by an apparently long time hotwife was exciting to her.  It involved an encounter with a much younger male.  Suzy being with a younger, more virile male has always excited me.  Suzy's "friend" has been unreliable lately and I liked the idea of her finding another playmate.

Well, it seems that she has.

Suzy got turned on to the idea of playing with a much younger partner.  She spoke to me about it, and then began pursuing a connection with him.  I don't want to steal any thunder she might have to say about this possible playmate, but I approve.  I'm really quite excited about the idea that she could be having sex with someone so much younger than her.  And he seems OK with me being present (even if she may not be... hope she is OK with that!).  He seems pretty turned on by the idea of a playing with a MILF.

They have been sexting, and Suzy has given me a glimpse into that discussion.  Me likey!  Suzy seems pretty interested in pursuing a physical connection with him, surprising me by saying something to the effect of "I don't need to meet him, I want to fuck him".  Wow.  I'm all for that!

Well, I suppose I should leave it at that.  I await her next "move".  I love you, Suzy!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A tale of two teases makes a servant husband

I'm sad that the long Thanksgiving weekend is coming to an end.  We've had a decent amount of sex play as a result of Suzy being a little more relaxed with the time off.  In fact, I've come inside her twice in the past week.  I have a drafted post on that, but I wanted to jot down how Suzy has teased me since then.

Tease One: The "vanilla" tease
We were lying in bed and Suzy did not want sex play in spite of my attempts to "get her in the mood".  I asked her to play with me, which to my pleasant surprise, she agreed.  She teased me through my shorts (and even complemented their texture), getting me hard without any skin to skin contact.  She interupted her stroking with periodic blows to my testicles, which seemed more painful than usual. What made this unusual was that she reviewed some family drama with me.  It was a little strange being stimulated sexually but having a completely nonsexual conversation with her.  When she was done, she simply rolled over and we cuddled.  It was strange, and caught me off guard in how dissonant the physical teasing and the conversation was - like my erection and her teasing was a mechanical event, like putting out the trash.  Don't get me wrong, I REALLY appreciated that she teased me.  It was just a bit different than the usual tease and denial.

Tease Two: The unexpected, assertive post female orgasm tease
The very next night, Suzy seemed open to sex, so we started playing.  I could tell she was hot, and I removed her panties and PJ bottoms and went down on her.  As I have said before, I really do enjoy the act of cunnilingus, but the real goal is to bring her to orgasm.  I failed at that.  I realized it just wasn't happening, so I got the vibrator out and fingered her wet pussy while I applied the Hitachi on her clit.  It did not take her too long to come, and she had a terrific orgasm.  As her climax continued, her pussy really clenched my finger, multiple times - more so than normal.  I thought her pussy pulsations were super erotic.  I quickly got up to wash my hands and give myself a quick swish of mouthwash, so I could kiss her.  I wanted to give her a post orgasm caress, which I did for a short period of time.  I played with her labia and then she abruptly said, "put my clothes back on".  I was hoping for intercourse - I was rock hard and ready to enter her.  She had other plans in mind, she wanted to get right to bed, since she was "relaxed".  I dutifully put her panties and PJ bottoms back on, and tried to press my cock against her, but she had made up her mind, no husband stimulation that night.

*  *  *  *  *
So, I had experienced two pretty different tease and denial sessions.  I have a "horny energy" and treated my wife like a Queen on a lazy Sunday morning.  I made her breakfast in bed, and I ate downstairs while she leisurely ate, drank, and no doubt "phoned".  When I'm denied, I do enjoy adopting a "servant" role.  She texted me for a refill and I was up in no time taking care of her needs.  She smiled and said something to the effect of "why would I let you come, when you treat me so well when I deny you?"  Uh Oh.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Predator becomes prey

Absence does make the heart grow fonder.  And apparently, the wife hornier.

Queen Suzy had a business trip that lasted through Sunday and was working very late into the night most of last week.  I had very important business meetings beginning Monday morning.  As such, we did not see or talk to each other for several days.  We finally reunited Sunday.  She was flirtier than usual, and while I was watching a game, sat on me until I got hard.  It felt great.  I've bitched about this before, but I really do feel bummed out if I go more than a few days without a good wife-induced erection.  Not talking about morning wood, she has to elicit my hard-on.  That felt good.

I went to bed early, with sleeping pills, because I had to be ready for Monday morning.  I apparently went to bed naked (I really don't remember) and my Bride decided she needed a little loving from her hubby.  She woke me up (as I found out later) by slapping my balls.  I apparently responded by getting hard, and then she proceeded to ride me, cowgirl style.  That woke me up further.  The next thing I know, my wife has an orgasm and collapses on top of me, a cross between the vigor of her fucking me and the joy of her climax.  It was hot.  There we were - me: rock hard; her: wet - and she decided it was time for bed.  No orgasm for me.

Well, this event arouses me on a lot of levels.  Wife-initiated sex is just hot.  I'm usually the predator, trying to get things started sexually with my lovely doe (that's a deer... a female deer).  But it's super awesome to be the sexual prey, with my wife's horniness driving the action.  YES!  Also, I love cowgirl, wife on top sex.  It's the position that I have the maximum stamina.  I think I've only come once or twice with her riding me, and that one time it was because we just started nipple play, and that was a lot for me to handle.  Just sayin'.

I think it's awesome that she has the effect on me (getting hard when I'm half asleep) and I have an effect on her (my cock can get her to the promised land).  I did not come, and I probably had to take another sleeping pill.

*  *  *  *  *

As I was getting ready for my big meeting, it was hard not to notice that her scent was on my manhood, but I did not likewise leave my mark on her.  I guess she marked her territory, like a true predator.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Assertive Wife, Denied Husband

Friday night was a "cuddle only" night where Suzy was tired and did not want to have sex.  We cuddled very nicely, which made me really horny for Saturday.  I had asked her to shave her pussy (because that is awesome) and that I really wanted to go down on her because it had been so long.  She made it seem like it was not a done deal that I would get to eat her out - said "we'll see".  She did shave it, but we had a long day and we were both really tired.  I wanted to come so badly.  I initiated foreplay and I just thought I was too tired for pussy eating.  I wanted her to come RIGHT THEN, and fortunately she was on the same page.  After she was aroused, I slipped her PJ bottoms, then her panties.  I fingered her and placed the Hitachi on her clit.  She had a FANTASTIC orgasm.  I got on top of her, still erect, kissing her, and asked if I could penetrate.  She was clear in her response, no, she didn't want me to penetrate her, she was done with sex and wanted her clothes back on for sleep.  Play time was over.

I've blogged about this before, but it is so HOTT when I am denied and I dress her.  I have a thing for clothes (Halloween's coming up, hon, can we play with sexy costumes?).  It is so sexy when she moves her hips to help get her panties and PJ bottoms on.  Such a sexy site to watch.  But I suppose the reason it turns me on so much, when I am super craving to be inside her, is that it is a clear acknowledgment that we are done with sex play and that I am going to bed horny.  It just really hits my submissive buttons.

This morning, I broached the subject about last night's session and she seemed pleased that I was still very horny, and she clearly said that she was "sexually satisfied" from her orgasm last night.  As she was leaving, she said, "Husband, I have a few errands for you".  It turned me on the way she said that, it was not mean but laid out clear expectations.  I will get to it shortly, but I have already started the laundry, emptied the dishwasher (which I loaded the day before) and will probably do some more clean up.  I got her a Starbucks this morning.  It's the Oxytocin from my denial, I suppose.  Horny energy that makes me want to serve her.

*  *  *  *  *

Prior to that, Suzy mentioned that she had a new playmate in mind.  I really enjoyed the openness of the conversation.  She told me that she was surprised herself that she is interested in him, since he is the same age as us (we both are turned on by her playing with a younger stud).  She is actively trying to find a time to meet with him, and what really surprised me was how direct she was that she is going to meet him by herself.  I had thought that she wanted me to be there (for protection?  for evidence that she is not cheating behind my back?  not sure really why I thought this, but I did).  Again, assertiveness.  My wife's confidence seems to really be accelerating.  A confident, sexy wife makes for a very happy husband.  I love you sweetie!! I realize this is a bit unorthodox, but it is working for us, and I am really enjoying the journey.


Saturday, October 3, 2015


No, nothing's gone wrong with our relationship.  We simply saw the sex, drugs, and dysfunctional relationship film "Trainwreck".  It had some funny/sexy moments.  The most relevant would be the scene with John Cena (the wrestler).  He has a penchant for dirty talking/smack talking using very gay language.  At any rate, he and the lead character are having sex, he is totally naked and she has most of her clothes on.  She suggests that he does some dirty talking and it is very awkward what he comes up with.  It's pretty embarrassing.

That made me think of the differences between Suzy and I when it comes to sexy talk.  I really like it when she talks dirty to me.  She does not like it as much.  I believe she finds it distracting as she reaches her orgasm.  A good dirty talking usually brings me much closer to climaxing.

Things I enjoy during dirty talking:

  • References to my anatomy, especially in third person: "oh, he seems pretty excited..."; anytime she says "balls"
  • The "do you like..." rhetorical question: "do you like it when I pinch your nipples"; "do you like it when I come...";
  • Femdom orgasm denial smack talking: "too bad you can't experience the pleasure of an orgasm tonight"; "My orgasm should be good enough for both of us"
  • Light humiliation: things like, "good boy"; "take it like a man, I'm not smacking them that hard..."; calling me names like "slave"
  • Double standard: "I was thinking about going to a swinger party where I can have sex and you can't"
  • Cuckolding: just hearing the word "cuckold" from her turns me on
I really do enjoy it when she talks dirty when we are having sex and I'm ready to come.  it intensifies things a lot for me.  I suppose there are other avenues to explore that would turn me on.

I'm interested in what other couples do for this.  What made the scene in Trainwreck funny was that the woman asked Cena to dirty talk and it was super awkward.  I guess sex talk can be awkward.  A lot of times we actually joke around when she has climaxed and she is letting me.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Responses to "Anon" Questions - His Answers

As I've whined about before, I have a hard time with responding to comments in blogger when I am logged in.  So, it's better that I respond in post-format.  His questions are mainly about cuckolding, which hasn't happened much lately.  My Queen is aware I posted recently (she asked me to summarize during our last play session) as well as the comment from "anon" and I discussed over a rare breakfast together that it would be nice if she "guest blogs" to get her perspective.  Not sure if she will or not, but I can hope...

I have been wondering a bit how your wife feels about, has changed, thought processes etc since you started your journey?

I'm thinking about things like:
1. Is your wife more selfish now in bed or in general? 
I wouldn't consider it "selfish".  We are both on board with sex being primarily about her.  It turns me on, and I think she enjoys it too.  I think I am better at avoiding "topping from the bottom", which had been an issue when we first explored femdom.  I prefer long drawn out sessions with lots of teasing, perhaps multiple female orgasms, but it's not our reality right now.  We are a busy couple and sometimes we simply are too tired to play, sometimes I can convince her for a quick vibrator induced orgasm, and rarely we have had sessions when we are home alone that are easily more than an hour.  I don't think this extends into our outside bedroom life at all.  She's a very loving, giving kind soul.

2. Does your "play" extend into your "other" life as well because of your wife?
I'm not sure I really understand this question.  If you mean outside the bedroom, not really.  She will occasionally poke me in the ass in the kitchen, pinch my nipples, and slap my balls discretely if we have a moment of privacy.  We are a very "normal" soccer mom couple and I think most folks would be surprised that we are as kinky as we are.  Our child(ren) are a little sickened at how lovey-dovey we are.  I'm actually a bit proud of that fact, that we are modeling a loving relationship.

3. Does your wife initiate you giving her an orgasm more often now? Is it because she doesn't have to recipriate?
Generally speaking, my wife wants me to initiate sex.  I described a recent session where she woke me up and we had intercourse.  I enjoy her initiating sex a lot, but that doesn't happen that often.  During foreplay, she sometimes says things like, "OK, I want my orgasm now", which is pretty exciting for me.  I do think she's more open to sex because she is not obligated to "deal" with my orgasm.  She likes that the focus is on her.  I am interested in her thoughts on this.

4. How does your wife see you now compared to before?
I've asked her this, and she says she doesn't see me any differently.  Part of me wants to think I'm a candidate for husband of the year, but I am not sure she'd go that far....

5. How has your wife changed since your cuckolds started?
She seems more sensual, more sexual to me.  I believe we communicate better.  She has a different frame of reference.  Being somewhat submissive in the bedroom, I typically ask her if I can do xyz.  She made it clear just the other day that she enjoys that her "friend" is more assertive sexually and wants me to do that too.  Something we will be exploring soon... 

One thing that took me a while to get my head around is that she has made it clear that he is a very good kisser (and, I presume better than me).  It does make me feel a little "funny", but I want her to be honest with me.

6. How does your wife look upon the cuckolds and the inequality that brings?
My wife is NOT on board with me having sex with another woman, and we clearly have enjoyed our initial foray into cuckolding/hotwifing.  I like to be teased about the inequality.  For me, it's a big part of the excitement of cuckolding.  We had a rare moment the other morning and she told me that a) she masturbated; b) she shaved her pussy "for him".  My underwear was quite wet with pre-come by the time I got to work.

7. Is your wife happier now?
This seems like a pretty broad question for her, interested in her response.  If you mean with respect to our relationship, we've had ups and downs like any couple, but right now we are in a huge up.  Sexually, she is quite satisfied.  As a long time observer of her climaxes, I can tell you that her orgasms have never been stronger.  If you mean with respect to cuckolding, I'm not sure I can answer that.  I think it took her a long time to get her arms around that I'm OK with her having sex with another male.    

8. What does your wife want to happen/explore/test in the future?
She definitely wants to have sex with him again.  They've had a lot of "near misses".  She wants him to orgasm with her (he basically claims that he can't come with a condom.  WTF) and she wants to have sex somewhere besides a car.

Assuming they do have sex again, I would like to be locked up.  Idea of her having sex and me being physically unable to is really hot "inequality" dynamic for me.

I would like her to try a younger guy that is OK with playing with me there.  A big turnon is for me to find her "suitor" for her.  I have looked, and there are males out there that I believe would work.  So many things we could do....

She gave me hope once by saying, "we should go to a cuckold party where I can have sex and you can't".  Made me very hot thinking of that.  Then she said, "stop trying to pimp me out" - and so I dropped that idea.
How do you see yourself in the regards of the above?

Bear in mind that we are very new to this.  She's had sex twice with him.  I have told her that the actual cuckolding was more exciting than the fantasy.  We are having a lot of fun with this...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Exposed and Aroused (CFNM)

Clothed Female, Naked Male has long been one of my top fetishes.  The feeling of vulnerability I get being fully nude, fully exposed to my wife is an adrenalin rush.  As I told her once, if God wanted us to wear clothes, we would have been born wearing them.  LOL

I like the feeling of being "inspected" by her.  When we were first married, during handjobs, my wife would typically tell me, "your balls are creeping up, so you are about to come".  I always found that to be super hot.  First, I didn't know my balls creeped up prior to ejaculation.  Second, it turned me on that my wife was watching my sexual response (which, years later she exploited during our experimentation with "edging" me and ruining my orgasms).  Third, I loved how she verbalized it to me, like a play-by-play of my orgasm.  I like feeling like a piece of meat, especially due to the reflexive nature of sex - I can't consciously "make" myself erect or orgasm - it's purely instinctual and out of my control.

A couple of sidebars about nudity

  • I've never been all that thrilled about being naked in front of other men.  Changing in locker rooms, its hard to avoid seeing other males that are....err... more blessed than I am.  Prostate exams by my male doctor are certainly not sexy (damn the last one I got hurt like hell - he went skimpy on the lube!).  If we ever do have a threesome, I am curious to know what it feels like to see and be seen in an erect state.  No idea.  Part of me thinks I will have a hard time getting it up.
  • Being partially nude in front of others.  I don't really get aroused by going to the beach, I guess because it's expected to have minimal clothing, so everybody does.  In fact, socially acceptable men's beachwear is not very exposing at all, and certainly women's beachwear is much more so.
  • The weather has changed a bit, and in the mornings it's a little cold.  I usually sleep with just some athletic shorts, shirtless.  When I am getting up in the morning, I'm usually horny (I understand that testosterone levels peak in the morning - gosh I wish we could play before work!) and also because of the cold, my nipples are fully erect.  Usually at this point the only one I will see in this state is my wife, who will be fully dressed by this time.  She is usually scrambling around at this point, so there's not a lot of sexy time, but I do like her seeing me with my nipples erect and usually a partial erection from the "morning wood".

So I conclude that it's the power imbalance and the baring of my deepest desires (my reflexive erection for her) that turns me on.

Last weekend, my wife climaxed so I cuddled her until she quickly fell asleep, no orgasm for me.  I couldn't sleep cause I was so turned on.  I was nude and simply walked downstairs to get some water, do a little phoning, and take a sleeping pill.  She'd probably not like that I was nude, for the chance of being "seen" by someone else living at our house.  But it was so late, that the risk was really low.  But I wanted to explain how much it turned me on to be still partially aroused by our sex play and the excitement I get from being naked, from being horny but resisting the temptation to jerk off.

I've told her before, that once we are empty nesters, I'm not wearing clothes inside the house again.

*  *  *  *  *
I realize this is a long post.  Just to catch up, wife denied my orgasm last weekend, during the week she woke me up for some really freaking hot sex (damn, she played with my ass, which felt GREAT), and she denied me last night.  She was "tired" and didn't really want to play last night but I was so horny I persisted with foreplay and you could tell she was aroused.  I realized this was going to be a quickie, so I wanted to do the Hitachi/fingering combo.  She didn't want that, she just wanted an orgasm then sleep.  There was my sexy wife, fully clothed, me fully nude and erect, hovering the vibrator over her pleasure nub, while she grabbed my hard cock and balls during her rather spectacular orgasm.  It was spectacular.  As she said, her orgasm satisfied the both of us.  Hoping for some more extended play tonight, when she is well rested.  Anal play sounds great right now (strapon perhaps?).  Cock and ball torture?  Playing with toys we haven't used in a while?  Spanking?  So many horny thoughts going through my mind right now.  Sex is fun :-)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Talking about her orgasm, being silent on his denial

We have missed playtimes this week, because work has been stressful for both of us.  She either stays up very late one night or crashes early the next.

She's also on her period.  I am keenly aware of her menstrual cycle (it's tracked on my "orgasm tracker" page).  If it appears that I obsess over this on my blog, it's that she has always been VERY guarded about it and it definitely does affect our sex life, I would even say our relationship.  She has fairly long periods, 6-7 days (I googled and average seems to be ~4).  That ultimately represents ~20% of the time.  She will usually only say things like, "oh, I hate my period", or "shit, I hate heavy flow days".  I view this as a part of human sexuality. It may not be pleasant (I cannot relate at all) but it's a factor we have to deal with in our relationship.

Well, we played Thursday night.  She basically interrupted me when I was giving her foreplay, along the lines of "you know I'm on my period, right?".  Yes, my Queen, I am keenly aware.  If you weren't my head would be between your legs (OMG, I crave eating her out right now!)!

The fact of the matter is, she comes nicely with the Hitachi through her pad.  I have read, and believe I have anecdotal evidence myself, that the discomfort of a period - and even it's duration - is lessened through orgasm.  I'd like to do an experiment that she comes each and every day just to collect some scientific evidence for that.

In any case, I completed my foreplay while I was fully nude and she was fully clothed (ah, my CFNM fetish!).  She felt my erection against her during the kissing phase, and made some comment about it (the backstory is that just before her period started, the last time we had played, she deliberately denied me penetration by saying, "you will just have to deal with another week without my pussy".  I LOVE this woman!).  I asked her if it was time for her orgasm, and she said yes.  I got the Hitachi out and put it on full power and placed it over her clit.  She matter-of-factly said, "move it a little to my left" and when I did, the sensations overpowered her, it was like a "pleasure jolt".  It was obvious her orgasm would come soon.  She said she wanted "to hold onto something" and I moved so she had access to my genitals.  She grabbed my balls, and squeezed then quite tightly.  During her orgasm, the pain was intense, but I just "took it like a man".  She made a comment that I didn't moan and I told her I didn't want to interrupt her orgasm.

I had produced a significant amount of pre-come, which she "complained" about.  I got something to wipe it off my cock with, and she was like, "hey, I need to clean it off my hand".  Sometimes I can be thick.  In any case, we simply went to bed together, and there was no mention of an orgasm for me.

Silly husband, sex is for the wife's pleasure.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Experiencing her orgasm with all 5 senses

On the last night before Suzy's trip, we had a brief bit of "adult time" in our kitchen, where we could take in a non-whispered voice.

Suzy: So, you gonna lock up tonight?
Me: Yes!
Suzy: Good.
Me: Can I go down on you again?  Back-to-back nights of cunnilingus?
Suzy: Who am I to deny you that pleasure?

Wow.  Suzy is obviously comfortable with her orgasms as being the object of my sexual pleasure.  Very hot!

To put it into context, at that point, my last orgasm was the previous Friday night, so it was over a week since my last orgasm.  This was the night before Suzy went on a trip, and I wouldn't see her for about another week.  Suzy is likely to start her period the day she gets back, so I probably won't get her pussy for three full weeks.

And yes, I am locked in a male chastity device.

*  *  *  *  *

But she chose for me to pleasure her another way that night, and it was super HOT.

We were doing pillow talk and she said that she wanted me to finger her.  Usually when i finger her, we are side-by-side and sometimes my arm knocks her left boob.  This time, I positioned myself perpendicular to her crotch and began fingering her with my right hand.  I had to tease her to get her wet and then I was thinking, why not use my left hand in her pussy?  That seemed to add a lot to her arousal level.  I would have liked to have stroked her G-spot but did not think that I could simultaneously finger her clit and pussy at the same time.  So, I simply penetrated her pussy and left my left finger inside.

That's what was surprising.  During her orgasm, her pussy strongly clenched my penetrating finger in a series of contractions.  I have felt this before, but not quite in this way.  I am interested in how the male and female sexual responses are highly analogous, and essentially her rhythmic contractions are analogous to the pulsation that occurs during a male ejaculation.  I suppose that this is one reason why (if she wants) we have a good success at simultaneous orgasm.  When she climaxes, her pussy grips my cock, further stimulating me to climax.

To close the loop on the title of my post, it was really nice to experience her orgasm from a different angle.  In this case, I didn't taste her (that was the night before) but I saw, heard, felt, and smelled her raw sexuality.  I always watch her come, but this was from an entirely new angle - I was watching her pussy and actually saw the contractions of her orgasm.  It is amazing to me that after having sex with my Queen for 20+ years, there are still entirely new avenues to explore.  Onward to set sail on these discoveries!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dining at the Y, Hubby Going into Lockdown

Last night, I was "cock blocked" because we had a guest downstairs.  We hadn't been intimate in about a week (life getting in the way and all) and I was not going to be denied with some intimacy last night (but do read on...).  Suzy was wearing her day to day PJs (which I bought her, they are a unique combo of sexy for me, but warm for her).  She noticed I had the door locked and smugly said, "no sex tonight because of the guest downstairs".

I get her on this.  This is actually how we stumbled onto male orgasm denial in the first place.  Our bed can be loud, and she is very conservative around stuff like that.  But I really had a craving to go down on her.

She would probably never admit it, but I could tell she was horny too.  She was very open to foreplay, and enjoyed it when I sucked her nipple.  There isn't a lot of noise during cunnilingus, except for her orgasm itself, which she can stifle when she wants.

So, I took her bottoms off, and went down on her.  It was great.  I really do feel that "dining at the Y" (my favorite euphemism for cunnilingus by the way) is the best way I can make love to her.  I don't last that long during intercourse, even though we both enjoy that.  But, I like being able to truly make love to her and I feel that I do that in a very loving, intimate way when I perform cunnilingus on her.  She was a lot more verbal with moans during the time prior to engaging her clit.  If I've learned anything about how to increase her to enjoyment of oral sex, it's Rule #1: DON'T GO STRAIGHT TO THE CLITORIS.

She climaxed.  My "success rate" for orally bringing her to orgasm has improved a lot as a result of obeying Rule #1, in combination with Rule #2, MAINTAIN A CONSTANT PACE WITH YOUR TONGUE; my big mistake was that as she approaches her orgasm, I get excited and involuntarily speed up the pace.  She does NOT like that!

Her orgasm was strangely muted.  I guess she did not want anyone to know about the pleasure she experienced, LOL.

She apologized repeatedly for how much "work" it took, etc.  I love it, though.  My worst day eating her out is still better than my best day at work, lol.  During the session, she subtly undulated her hips into my mouth, which was really erotic for me.  I put her clothes back on, as she decided that there was no release for me, and we talked a bit about sex, and then we went to bed.

*  *  *  *  *
Well, I skipped over an important part.  So, I haven't come myself in about a week.  She is going on a trip and will be gone another week.  She told me I'd have to wait until she returns before I can orgasm.  Then, she said that she wanted me to lock up in my chastity device, so that she knows that I will have "behaved myself".  It's been a while since I've been locked, and it will be about a week in solitary for me.

Her acceptance of my kinks has really made me feel closer to her.  I love this woman!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The good, the bad, the ugly

The events of the past week have been pretty breathtaking.  My Queen was very much aware of my posting, and seemed interested to read my perspective on the whole thing, but I doubt she has.  We have actually had a pretty busy summer lined up.  So, for now, I'd like to reflect on:

The Good
I am no less excited after her "tryst".  BTW, she usually refers to him as her "friend", please note the italics.  I know exactly who she is speaking of when she uses that tone.  When we are alone, she will be a little saucier and say, "my lover".  During penetration a few nights ago, as I was about ready to come, we were looking into each other's eyes, and I was thinking, this is a sensual woman that enjoys sex.  The thought that she has a bit more sexual self awareness, a bit more refinement in knowing what pleasures her sexually, crept in my mind.  I quickly ejaculated after that thought.

I enjoy the teasing.  She basically said to me that she was thinking of every Monday being "sex with her friend" day (alas, see below - "The Bad").

When I think of her being interested in other men, I get excited.  I am a middle aged man, and need a bit more attention to get aroused sometimes.  But no joke, I was busy at work, pretty focused.  On my way to take a leak - maybe 30 yards - I started thinking of her playing with her friend.  I was erect by the time I got to the urinal.

The Bad
She is having "boyfriend problems".  That really sounds weird to say.  During our pillow talk, she will lament that once they had sex, he stopped "pursuing" her.  She seriously seemed agitated.  They hooked up again, and it seemed like she enjoyed it.  She wanted to go for a third "playdate" before our recent trip, but it didn't work out.  He is having some personal issues, and thus was not interested in sex.  Weird, because I am always interested in sex.  Barring a death in the family, a 9-11 style tragedy, or some other truly earth-shatteringly bad event, I am open to sex play.  At any rate, she is pretty open to saying, "what do you think I should do"?

The Ugly
Well, she rescheduled play date #3 for this Monday but he "flaked".  Wife was seriously mad.  I was very tired from our travels, and so I went to bed early Monday, with the knowledge that my wife was going to be having sex with her friend (I had to take a sleeping pill!).  She told me her friend had flaked and she was pissed.  I mean really mad.  So that's the ugly part.

We have not had a lot of time to communicate about this.  My Queen in general is not that forgiving for things like this.  My suspicion is that they had some sort of "fight" and she's probably not going to approach him again right away.

*  *  *  *  *
This may be the end of "hotwifing", or we may resume it again.  I suppose I'm OK either way, as long as we follow our "rules".

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Suzy's Hall Pass

My loving, caring wife of ~20 years had sexual intercourse with someone beside her husband, me.  This has been a fantasy of mine for several years now, and it did in fact happen.

Well, it has actually happened twice.

There are a lot of details, but I will try to summarize:

The "Friend"
Her "friend" is about 10 years younger than us.  He pursued her through a work interaction, and they were texting each other quite a bit, often at late hours.  Suzy has some affection for him, but as far as I can tell, she doesn't necessarily think of him as "hot".  (yes, I asked about cock size comparison, and she said we are roughly the same).  He apparently prefers blowjobs (who doesn't?)  but Suzy is not that big on blowies.  He used a condom (this is one of our agreed upon rules, since she is not on birth control) and claims that he has reduced sensitivity to the point that he did not, on either occasion, climax.  This was the big disappointment from Suzy's perspective.  So, I guess you can say, he has good stamina.

Suzy views this relationship as a friend with benefits sort of thing.  She claims not to have "feelings" for him (this is another agreed upon rule).  She has told me that she feels more comfortable playing with someone she knows as opposed to a random guy from Craigslist.

Suzy approached him with the threesome idea (which is more of what I'd like to try) but he was not cool with that.  He does not know that I know about and approve of this.

The venue
They did it in her vehicle the first time, and his the second time.

The lead in
We've tried Craigslist hookups before, but they did not work out.  Suzy is very aware of my fantasy, had some interest in this guy, and she asked me if I was really OK with it over dinner.  I gave her the green light.  

Suzy went out of her way to say she would NOT have intercourse on their first "playdate".  I insisted she take a condom in her purse.  He requested the she not wear panties.  She wore a very sexy outfit (in fact, it was one that she bought but thought it was too sexy for general public wearing).  She looked hot.  She had teased and denied me mercilessly leading up to the date.  I was about as horny as I had ever been.

The playdate
Well, Suzy did in fact have intercourse.  It sounded like he "attacked" her immediately.  She told me a lot of the details - while we have had sex in this particular vehicle, I don't think it's really all that easy.  They tried a couple of positions and he was frustrated that she didn't come.  He fingered her, and she came.

The aftermath
Suzy had refused to give me the details of the encounter until I got home from work.  No detailed texts.  Just more teasing, and I was about to burst spontaneously.  We basically went to a Starbucks, parked and chatted for a long time.  I was surprised that she did it, because she kept saying she wouldn't.  In a bit of irony, it was too early for us to have sex at home, so we parked her vehicle and had sex in her car.  We screwed like rabbits through the rest of the week.  The most sex I think we have ever had.

Things have cooled down a bit since.  We had a family vacation, and she got her monthly visitor.  I don't think either of us regret fulfilling this fantasy.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Freedom for me, Captivity for you! I like that!"

I looked through "cuckolding" tag on my blog, and it appears I've been actively discussing this fantasy for at least 3 years.  I distinctly remember an early conversation we had around it (it was at LL's favorite restaurant, Suzy).  She had a hard time wrapping her head around it.  Suzy was clear from the outset of our dating that cheating on her was an automatic, no questions asked, end to the relationship.  So, me being OK with her "playing" with another man, even encouraging it, was something totally foreign to her.

We dipped our toes in the waters.  Suzy created a Craigslist ad.  There were three "suitors" that she pursued.  Guy #1 chickened out on the way to our meeting him.  Guy #2 was very interested, had the advantage that he didn't know a lot of people in the area (helpful for privacy reasons) but he also chickened out at the last minute.  Suzy had been sexting with him and seemed very excited and she was pretty upset about that one.  We actually met Guy #3 for drinks, but he was a no-go from the get-go.

I guess we kinda gave up on the idea.  My fantasies of her being a "hotwife" certainly never went away.  While we were hunting for a playmate, Suzy seemed very interested, but I think that she was put off by the difficulty in finding a suitable playmate.  She would occasionally tease me about it, and I would say the closest we ever came to this was her going out of her way to tell me she thought a guy was "hot" (she sometimes seemed so excited about a stud that she was uncomfortable - kept staring at him, seemed nervous, etc.), and the time that I used a dildo on her with the Hitachi, and literally seeing a phallus "fuck" her (wow, that was very hot to watch her pussy lips move to accommodate the "cock"!).

There is a bit of a backstory to this, but I'm not sure that it is worth going into ("it's complicated", as they say).  Suffice it to say that Suzy had become close to a male that I will describe as a "coworker".  I could tell that they were texting A LOT.  During an argument, she mentioned that she "was thinking" about having an affair.  I had very mixed feelings around this.  Was she just saying that?  Why would she have an affair when I told her that she can have sex as long as she is open to me about it?  But I also found myself turned on by this.  

After stewing on this for a while, I asked her if she had had an affair.  She said no, but someone had approached her about it.  It was "on the table" so to speak.  We had some issues to work through, but to be honest, I was still very turned on by this.  My wife is obviously married.  This guy was obviously pursuing a married woman.

I think it would take a few posts to explain WHY this turns me on.  But in light of these events, my prevailing thought was: a) Suzy's self esteem seems awfully high (and really, what's wrong with that?); b) I found my self esteem to be improving (yes, I do have a HOT WIFE that someone other than me lusts after.

So after we cleared up the issue around her having an affair.... Suzy brings up the hotwifing/cuckolding thing to me.  Instant boner!  She said, "would you really be ok with me playing with another man?"  I was pretty shocked.  I said that yes I am.

As this post is no running long, I will end it there.  We have talked a lot about this.  We have some ground rules, and she actually does have a date set to meet with him.  And it's soon!

*  *  *  *  *

One last word: Suzy did say something along the lines of this post's title.  She was giddy about this crazy double standard that turns me on so much: that I remain monogamous to her, but she can play.  I think she might have said "prison" or something like that, but I didn't want to confuse my readers, since she was not (in that moment) referring to me being locked in chastity, but rather the "double standard".  

Things are getting VERY interesting!

I described how Suzy denied me in my last blog post, and she suggested not letting me have release until Father's Day.

Since then, we have had two sessions and no release for me.  I fingered her to orgasm one session and performed cunnilingus on her last night.  Both of her orgasms were spectacular.  I haven't been real great at keeping up with the orgasm tracker, but since her period was over a week or two ago, we had intercourse once where we both climaxed and then three straight sessions where she climaxed but I did not.  She "edged" me last night after I was done "dining at the Y" and she said that it wasn't time for me yet.

Well, a fair amount has been happening around a long held fantasy of mine.  I am actually still processing some of what's happened, but it's all VERY good, and we are both enjoying ourselves.

To set some sort of context, though, I should clear the air out a bit.

I started blogging in order to process my own fantasies, but more importantly as a communication mechanism for Suzy.  I think it served its purpose for a while.

Long story short, my blogging got to be a source of friction.  She told me to stop.  I did for some time, and you can see a several month gap in my post history.

HOWEVER, we still were enjoying femdom sex play during this time.  She still seemed turned on by asking, "when was your last orgasm" in a teasing way (believe me, this turned me on a lot too!).  So, the only place where it seemed reasonable to keep track was in this blog.  So, I did.

In the mean time, I would check out some fellow bloggers and enjoyed the "camaraderie" of other femdom couples.

I broke the silence and began rattling off a few posts - because I was so excited at what we were doing in our sex lives that I wanted to document it.  I enjoy getting feedback from others.  I enjoy writing about our sex life.  Suzy saw that I had still been posting and didn't seem super happy about it.

Up until the very recent past, we struggled with communication.  Things shifted a lot on that front, and when I have time, I will set that up.

Please stay tuned... things are about to get really interesting in our bedroom!  If you read this Suzy, I love you so much!  I wouldn't want to go on this journey with anyone else!  LOVE!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Access Denied

We've both had hot and heavy issues at work, so our bedroom has not been hot and heavy.  But we both had some milestones completed, so we had some time to play last night.  Suzy was being very flirty with me, so I figured we would play.

I haven't done a great job of keeping up with my orgasm tracker.  She gave me an incredible CBT handjob that resulted in a fantastic (and very messy) orgasm for me during her period.  She has done this before, where she edged me and then increases the pain applied to my balls to the point where I really want to come just to avoid the pain applied down there.  If you are at all interested in CBT, I recommend you try this, as it is an intense experience for a masochistic sub male.  I really don't know how she stimulates my cock and tortures my balls at the same time with one hand.

After her monthly visitor left, she did allow penetration.  In fact, my Queen has been strongly preferring PIV (penis in vagina) sex to get off.  I think she would prefer me to hold off on orgasming, but I don't have the endurance, especially with the verbal teasing she does (the soft moans, and how she "demands" that my penetration be a certain speed... so hot when she tells me how to fuck her).  However, we have been pretty consistently coming at the same time, which is something she really does enjoy - it's a very intimate experience.  I guess when she starts to come, I get more and more excited and I thrust harder.  At that point, pretty much everything is involuntary - purely instinctual/animalistic.

So she was "in the mood" last night.  She was showing me some skin and I was nude giving her foreplay.  I love it when she assertively tells me, "I need an orgasm".  She did not want oral sex, she wanted to come right then.  I was rock hard and figured she wanted to come with me inside her again. She did not open her legs for me, which I figured meant I would be denied.

I scrambled for the Hitachi (it was twisted around something, and I knew I was "on the clock" to get her off) and I pulled her PJ bottoms down and fingered her pussy with the Hitachi on her clit.  I was a bit surprised how long it took her to come, but it was well worth it.  It sure seemed like it was one of the longest orgasms she'd had.  She LOVED my fingering, and said she had a wonderful climax.

I gave it a good try to get inside of her.  I was rock hard, her pussy was wet and ready for me, but she simply didn't want me to come.  Whether it was to avoid my post orgasm hangover, to show that she's in charge, or she simply was tired and wanted to go to bed or not deal with my mess... not really sure why.  But as a submissive male, I respect her decision and helped her put her PJs on, then dutifully cuddled her as she went to bed.

She implied that I wouldn't come until Father's day.  And since her workload has been lessened, it seems plausible that we will be playing more between now and then.  My guess is she will be having a lot of orgasms between now and Sunday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Accidental ruined orgasm

Wife-centered sex has picked up again in our household, much to my liking.  I haven't had a lot of time to blog, and consequently, I am not sure my Orgasm count is up to date.  It feels to me like it has been about two weeks since I have had an orgasm.  I am outrageously horny right now.

As I had discussed before, my Queen has been requesting my cock inside her during her orgasms (as opposed to a particular fingering pattern she liked).  I love penetrating her, but I feel some anxiety because I don't have a lot of stamina, especially with increased length between male orgasms.  I do NOT want to come before her.

This particular time, I was having a really hard time holding off.  She did come, and I was about to proceed to my own orgasm.  She said something along the lines of "OK, since you haven't come yet, you don't get to come tonight, so get out of my pussy".  As I withdrew my penis (or, she kicked me out, not sure) I began to have a ruined orgasm.  I ejaculated - semen came out - as my cock was outside of her pussy, with no stimulation (other than the mental stimulation of her having just climaxed and her telling me I can't).

It was a WTF moment.  I thought I just sprayed come on her, but didn't really feel it.  Basically, just like a ruined orgasm.  It's been a long time since we've played with ruining my orgasms, and every time we had tried that, it was via a handjob and my Queen would withhold the final friction on my cock.  Being on my back, I felt the semen spill out (ruined ejaculations don't travel nearly as far as full ones, in my experience, rather it just sort of dribbles out).

It took us a while to figure out what happened.  As I was on top of her, I re-entered her and reasoned that since I was erect enough to penetrate her, it must have been a ruined orgasm.  With a normal orgasm, I become flaccid almost immediately, and my refractory time is now several hours.  I ended up penetrating her and having a "normal" orgasm inside her pussy.

So, I had both a ruined orgasm and a normal orgasm in the same session.  As you might imagine, there was a big mess.  In hindsight, I feel guilty about this situation.  My Queen told me I couldn't orgasm, and I effectively went against that.  But, "for science" I learned something about my body.  So that's something we can play around with in the future, hopefully.

I can't be sure of the timing of when this session happened.  Since that time, she started her period, and we've had two female orgasm sessions since then.  The first was no real teasing on me.  She came very hard, and repeatedly stated that she couldn't believe how long her orgasm was.  Then she pretty much went to sleep.

The second session was much hotter.  She had her orgasm (me holding the Hitachi over her pad, her grabbing my scrotum and squeezing tightly).  Then, she said that she would "take care of" me.  I laid on my back, fully naked.  It was the first time in a while that she smacked my balls.  She started up again, and then stopped the stimulation, got up from the bed, and said, "I changed my mind.  You can wait a little longer".  I got up and kissed her, fully erect, then we cuddled to sleep, my hard on still pressing against her body.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lusting after my wife

The aftermath of the prior session in which she let me in her pussy but denied me orgasm was that I had very strong erections during our evening/morning cuddle sessions.  During my commute to work I had near constant erections with accompanying wetness from the pre-come.  I have had this level of desire for her before, but like 20 years ago.  I am now a fully middle aged male and do not get the kind of spontaneous erections that I did as a younger man.

My Queen was gone for a couple of days this week, and that made the desire for her even stronger.  I don't know if other men do this, but I could practically feel the testosterone flowing through my veins.  My beard seemed to be growing stronger.  I needed her.  She sent me a photo of her and I wanted to jack off to it (but of course I didn't).

During our time away from each other, I "suggested" wearing the chastity cage but she did not go for that.  I guess it was an example of "topping from the bottom" and I should not have brought it up.

She told me after the fact that she wasn't really horny when she came into the bedroom (remember, she's the one that's getting the orgasms!), but that I did a good job with foreplay and after a few minutes of kissing and caressing and groping, she said assertively, "I want an orgasm now".  Obviously intrigued with her decision, I asked her how?  Oral?  She said that she wanted my cock in her pussy, but she wasn't ready for me to come just yet, so she told me to use the Hitachi on her clit and finger her.  When prompted like this, a gentlemen must do these sorts of things!

I carefully disrobed her and played with her pussy, then combined my fingering of her wet pussy with the Hitachi on her clitoris.  She came nicely.  She said it was a "short" orgasm and almost seemed disappointed.  We cuddled extensively after that and I had suggested that I get a few strokses inside her, which she did not go for.  I think she realizes that my horniness is such that I won't last long inside her and she clearly wants to delay my orgasm out further.  My guess is that I won't come until maybe next weekend (which would make it about 15 days).

I suppose one of the hottest things about this session was putting her panties and PJ bottoms back on.  There is almost humiliating for me, when you the husband have not had any direct cock stimulation and you are essentially helping the session to be over.  It is an erotic sensation, because you have full knowledge that your marital pussy is not yours to play with for this night.  So I undressed her and she was gleeful that there would be no more orgasms for the night.

The next morning, I got up before her, made her breakfast in bed and I ate by myself downstairs.  My Queen loves breakfast in bed, and I like to make her happy.  I also picked up a Starbucks for her as I was doing errands for the day.  We've had some nice embraces and we've tried to talk about her hotness.  She has mentioned that she'd like my cock in her during her orgasm, but she "doesn't think she can trust me to hold out".  It is very hot to me how she is so possessive of my orgasm right now.

*  *  *  *  *
We had another session since I wrote this, and I did put my cock in her pussy.  I barely made it through, frankly.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Back to wife-centered sex and husband orgasm denial

There are times when you just "know" you are going to have sex.  It was a lazy Sunday and we spent a lot of time together.  I shaved my chest and she took a pretty long shower, so I figured she was doing some maintenance on her pubic hair.  We went shopping and I behaved pretty well.  We went out to lunch.  While that may seem like no big deal, we actually rarely do things like that together.  While we probably have more date nights than the average couple, they are usually very rushed and limited in some way - usually a late dinner only.

Things were going great.  We had a fair amount of Easter related stuff from the shopping trip and as we were trying to get them in the house, my hands were full and she needed to get the keys, which were in my pocket.  In public, she reached into my pocket and "fumbled around" for my keys, lingering for some time and "accidentally" groping my balls.  It is a flirtatious move for sure, and not something she would normally do outside the house.

I knew chances were pretty good that we were going to play.

She came out of the bedroom with her top on, but no panties and no PJ bottoms and of course I was naked.  Yes!  We engaged in a nice foreplay session and I felt her pussy area and she was bald down there.  I sucked on her nipples once again, which is unusual because they are so sensitive that they are usually "invitation only".  But when she does allow that, she almost always demands that I alternate boobs, which I find wonderfully dominant, for her to tell me how to service her.  She gave me awesome foreplay too - she sucked/bit my nipples and gave me a blowjob - yes, another blowjob.  We kissed passionately after she sucked on my cock, which turns me on a lot.

I entered her and she was SUPER wet.  Her being wet makes me feel so virile.  I penetrated her for a little bit, then she said she wanted to come, so she "kicked me out" of her pussy (I don't know what muscles she does to do this, but she's quite effective at it) and I went down on her for oral sex.  She was really worked up at this point, and I knew she was going to come.  In hindsight, my Queen does not like fast clit licking, and this is a mistake I always make.  She likes firm tongue pressure on her clit, but wants the speed to be constant.  The mistake I tend to make is that I get really excited as she is approaching climax, and instinctively speed up.

Well, she came hard, in spite of my exuberance.

I caressed her body as she was "coming down" from her orgasm, but maintained my erection and after a while, I got on top of her.  She assertively said that we were done, that I wasn't going to come tonight.  I was a little shocked, but given what I said in my prior post, it seemed like denying me was on her mind.  She did some mild teasing, saying something to the effect of how nice it is to have sex without the mess of a male orgasm.  I had to calm down and take a sleeping pill, then we cuddled through the night and into the morning.

*  *  *  *  *
Alas, this post is running a little long, but a quick "aftermath" seems in order.  We have not played since Sunday night, but I have had seemingly limitless erections and pre-cum "messes" just thinking about it.  My Queen sort of blew this off a bit, saying something like, I don't get how something so simple is such a big deal to you.  I woke up this morning with a major hard-on and she coyly said that if we had played last night, I wouldn't have come, and that "you are going to have to wait".  

I love this woman!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Her changing preferences

We had a bunch of near-miss nights of sex play.  One night she falls asleep early, the next night she's up really late and I have to get to bed.  We had been out of sync, again.

Suzy was on her period last week, and she did not want to be sexual - at all.  The weird thing is that she can have tremendous orgasms with the Hitachi while she is menstruating.  I don't get why she doesn't accept this pleasure, as it is exciting for both of us.  She simply did not want to be sexual at all.

But we did a tremendous amount of cuddling - non-sexual touching.  We would typically wake up all over each other and her alarm would go off, she would hit snooze, and then we'd change cuddle positions.  For a couple of days, we were late to work because we were so into this.  My understanding is that such touching releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone.  It made me very horny.  I could feel the testosterone flowing in my body.  My beard grew extra thick.  I needed sex.

We finally synced up for sex on Thursday.  It was a passionate sex session.  I initiated foreplay by sucking her nipples.  She was getting super hot, undulating her hips and moaning.  She told me to move to the other one.  I really didn't get any foreplay myself, but as I entered her, she was super wet - more so than usual.  I love it when she is ready to accept me.

I penetrated for a while, and I was surprised at how much endurance I had.  I hadn't come in a while, and I was super pent up.  I figured I would blow my load soon.  I pulled out to get the vibrator and was going to finger her with the vibe, then she said she wanted my cock in her while she came.

So that's what happened.  We had near simultaneous orgasms, which is always awesome.   Her orgasm began before mine, and the excitement of her climax simply was too much for me, so I came inside her, mid-climax.

What struck me is that for a number of months, our go-to sex move for her orgasm was me to have the Hitachi on her clit and me to slowly finger her pussy in a particular way that made her come very hard. It was like we had "discovered" a great orgasmic experience for her and it was fantastic.  Lately, as with our last session, she has preferred my cock to the fingering.

This of course helps my ego a lot.  She really likes my cock inside her.  We don't always come at the same time, I usually try my very best to hold out as long as possible, let her calm down after her orgasm, and then re-enter her (assuming she has given my permission to come).  But it is always satisfying when we do come together.

Bottom line, things are looking good sexually, but not that much Femdom... yet.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Waking husband up for sex

It's been a long time since I've posted anything.  Basically, life has gotten in the way.  2015 started well, then took a turn for the worse - life stuff that didn't have anything to do with Femdom or sex at all for that matter.  I suspect that we didn't have any sex at all in February :(

Things picked up over the past couple of weeks.

My wife and I have very different sleeping patterns.  I am a complete wreck if I have anything less than 6 hours of sleep, but I really need 7-8 hours to function best.  My wife, on the other hand, retains the same sort of sleeping pattern than in our 20s, and I think that she even pulls all-nighters every now and then.

As is "normal" for us, I went to bed before her but this time, she woke me up for sex.  I am a heavy sleeper, so I can't say I am fully cognizant of all the details of how she woke me up, but she got me up and we had intercourse, her coming with my cock in her pussy.  I asked her permission to come and she granted it.

She did this again about a week after, but it was a hotter session, more passionate (although I had some "problems").  She woke me up and started sucking my dick.  You have to put this in perspective.  I really can't remember the last time she gave me head.  I used to get it on my birthday, our anniversary, and Father's day, but I think it's been over 2 years since I've had a blowie.  It was awesome.  This session had a lot of nipple sucking as well.  It was a hot, passionate session.

Some Femdom play came into play.  She mounted me on top, cowgirl style and reached around to smack my balls a couple of times.  I love woman on top sex.  I was afraid that all this hotness would result in premature ejaculation.  I started thinking about non-sexual things to avoid that.  She was getting pretty close to her orgasm, then things didn't feel quite right.  It turned out, I got soft.  I was pretty freaking embarrassed about that.  I am still sort of having some anxiety over this.

The recovery was OK.  She got up and then I fingered her pussy and used the vibe on her clit.  She had a great orgasm.  By that time, I was hard again, and then I came inside her.

*  *  *  *  *
My thoughts?

  • Wife-initiated sex make sex so much hotter.  When I reflect on these sessions, she clearly wanted sex with me.  And that is awesome.  I would say I initiate sex 99% of the time.
  • The blowjob?  I don't know what to say.  Perhaps she wanted to take matters into her own hands to get me harder, faster.  I loved it.  Will she resume to giving me head from time to time?  No clue.
  • I am very embarrassed about losing my erection.  My wife rarely gets on top.  It's the only way she can come from intercourse.  I am pretty upset that I blew this.
  • The femdom aspect of sex?  I truly think she enjoys inflicting pain on me.  I see that picking up in our future.  If you are a long time reader of my blog, you will probably know that my Queen had a spell where it turned her on to wake me up for sex.  One of the hottest sessions we had was when she woke me up, fucked me cowgirl style until she came, and then said, "too bad you can't come; good luck getting back to sleep".  Wow, that was a hot experience!  Would love to do this again!

Monday, January 12, 2015

"You need to get a paddle ready"

Wife-initiated sex is the best sex, period.

After having our "vanilla orgasm denial" session Saturday morning, my Queen strongly implied that we would be having sex that night.  It didn't quite work out, she want to bed really early.  She then made several references to us having sex Sunday night.

As an aside, we have had a pretty long history of sex on Sunday night.  It seems that sex is going to be mostly deferred until the weekends, for now.  Something to look forward to, of course.

At any rate, my chest was reasonably shaved and I took a shower to be ready for what was in store.  She came up and was doing her nightly routine, then peaked out of the door and said, "you need to get a paddle ready".

I got an assortment of paddles/whips/floggers and was wearing my thong.  She came out in her sexy outfit.  It is an elegant black number that I bought her, it goes down to mid calf.  Her cleavage is visible, but the top is tight, and it's harder to get direct breast access.  She was not wearing panties.  We did some foreplay and I could tell she was really excited.  I ended up getting between her legs, ready to finger her with the Hitachi when she said, "don't you want to stick your cock in me"?

Indeed I did.  I pushed my loincloth to the side, inserted my cock in her.  It felt great.  She then said, "Let's see if you can hold off while I come", and with that, she took the Hitachi and I penetrated her until she had an orgasm.  At some point, I removed the thong (the feeling of the cloth on my ass is quite arousing to me) so that I was fully naked but she was mostly clothed.

She did not require a break to bask in her orgasm, like she usually does.  She did make sure that I got a T-shirt to catch the semen, and then she took the paddle and as I resumed penetration, she began to paddle my ass with one hand and pinch my nipple with the other.

I told her that it turned me on for her to always come first, and she said something like, that's the way it should be.  I had pretty decent endurance on this occasion, and then had a really nice orgasm inside her.

*  *  *  *  *
Prior to our femdom adventures and when we had smaller battery operated vibrators, this is how we pretty much always had sex.  I would penetrate her, and try to hold off my orgasm until she came from the combo of my thrusting and the direct clit stimulation from the vibrator.  With the Hitachi, there is less room, but we can make it work.  While not easy, we can climax simultaneously with this arrangement.

I am feeling pretty awesome today.  I haven't showered yet, and I rather like knowing that my Queen's musk is still on my cock.  Certainly my tangible lust for her is still inside her.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vanilla orgasm denial

I woke up earlier than my Queen this morning, who as usual went to sleep after me.  I need my sleep, and she acts like she is still in college, up late every night.  She asked me to unlock the bedroom door.  You have to realize what that means: that she wanted sex last night.  My wife still INSISTS on having the door open, "just in case" a child need to come in.  So for her, the only reason to lock our bedroom door is for sex.

So, I am waking up and realizing that we had a chance for sex last night.  We had no sexual contact since last Sunday's itchy cunnilingus affair.

We started cuddling and I got an erection.  She started playing with it, and then started jacking me off, through my shorts (I don't really wear PJ's to bed, but rather athletic shorts ~ they're more comfortable for me).  I would say I got about 50% of the way to an orgasm, although there was no skin to skin contact.

She then told me that jerking my cock made HER horny.  Or possibly she was horny from last night, when she wanted sex but I was "unavailable".  Or both.

So, I told her that she should have one.  She hesitated a bit, as she is very nervous about the noise (her orgasm noise, not that of the vibrator!).  It didn't take much, but she said, OK.  I went to lock the door, with a serious tent in my shorts.

I knew she wanted to come right then, so I got the Hitachi out, and placed it under the comforter.  She had a wonderful orgasm while she squeezed my dick.

We sort of cuddled a little bit, she acknowledged my erection, but there was no smack talk about denying my orgasm.  I didn't ask for an orgasm.  I knew intercourse was out of the question, as she does not like morning sex.  We just sort of went about our day.

As I was showering with her putting on her makeup, she made a slight comment about her being happy, but there was really no dominant talk about me not "deserving" an orgasm.  It's as if my orgasm just wasn't on the table.  It was a pretty "vanilla" orgasm denial session.

If I were to predict, I would imagine that my Queen will kick it up a notch.  Maybe being overtly dominant to me tonight.  My forecast for tonight is: another orgasm for her, a slight chance of dominance for me, but it doesn't look good for a full orgasm.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Post-Cunnilingus Itching?

Sunday night we were able to play and I went down on my Queen.  Beforehand, I did a touch up shave job, specifically to be smoother for oral sex.

She let me do so.  She gave me a LOT of verbal feedback (no words, just moans of pleasure).  I loved it.  It did take a while to bring her to orgasm, but we ultimately had success.  How long did it take?  Honestly, I think I am a poor judge of that.  Time seems to stand still for me during any sexual encounter, but especially during cunnilingus.

Afterwords, she let me penetrate her and I came in her pussy.

But as we were cuddling the other night (nonsexual), she mentioned that her pussy was itchy.  I am therefore having a bit of a crisis.  I feel like she is FINALLY getting more comfortable with me performing oral sex on her, she is giving me the feedback I feel I need to be successful, and I am getting more in tune with how she likes it.  And now this?  She sort of implied, "I'm not sure I want you going down on me if I'm going to itch like this".

Has anyone had experiences with this?  Where did I go wrong?

The facts are, I was very clean shaven.  My guess is that it had probably been a week since she had shaved her pussy.  It didn't bother me, as her pubes were longer than the itchy-stubble phase.  In spite of my inability to calculate the time, I was down there for a while, and my chin was buried in genitals.  Maybe 10-15 minutes.

Ugh, what can I do?


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy new year!

Well, we did not have a lot of play at the end of the year due to her period starting right around Christmas and she got mad at me about something on Christmas Eve.  IMO, her periods are getting more and more emotional, and I think this was a manifestation of that.  I used to barely even know she was on her period, she would just say no touching her pelvic region when I tried to grope her.  A difference is that in the first 10 years of our marriage, our birth control was oral contraceptives and in the last part it's been my vasectomy.  I have had a few male friends attest to the fact that oral contraception helps to mellow out the PMS/irritability.  I have tried to ask her if she would do that but she refuses.  I suppose that I just need to be more sensitive around this time of month.

We had a party on NYE, dancing, drinking, and when we got back, she tried to give me a handjob.  She was still on her period and didn't want an orgasm.  I didn't have one either.  She jerked me off for a long time, but I guess the excess alcohol gave me super endurance.  I just couldn't come - I have heard of something called "whiskey dick" where you have extra endurance.  She was mildly annoyed about this (she doesn't like me drinking that much), but it is what it is.  I was "denied" in some way, although it was unintentional and not erotic sexual denial.

We did play late on New Years.  She said she might have some residual flow and didn't want me to finger her during her orgasm*, which is her favorite method.  She came HARD on the Hitachi wand over her PJs.  It had been a long time since she had climaxed, and this one just seemed to go on and on.  Honestly, it seemed like one of the longest orgasms she'd had.  She loved it.  I did give her a fair amount of foreplay and I was ROCK HARD, and it had been a long time since she'd come.  Possibly why the orgasm was so intense for her.  I could tell she needed a bit more time to come down from her orgasm, so I caressed her more.

Then, she started to talk and said something like, "what if I don't want you to come tonight"?  I was a bit struck by this, and I thought to myself, holy shit, I love her denying me especially after she had such an intense orgasm, but sheesh, this is New Years.  I just responded back with, "I guess I wouldn't get to come, because you are in charge".  Ultimately, she did let me come.

* I asked her why is it OK for my cock to penetrate but not my finger?  She didn't really have an answer.  I didn't follow that logic, but it is what it is.  My wife if VERY skittish about sexual fluids generally.  Oh well, it didn't much matter.

I penetrated her and I lasted longer than I had expected.  We did a lot of dirty talking about how it turns her on to cause me pain.  She didn't really do anything overtly kinky, no nipple play or anything like that.  I came and she did tell me the next day that my semen was oozing out of her pussy so much that she had to change panties.  I think she realizes how much that turns me on, and she usually makes a comment about it the next day.

Well, any way: Happy new years!  Hope 2015 is the kinkiest year ever!