Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our unspoken "rules": longing for another sex ritual (please share yours)

It's been about a month since my wife told me to lock up in my CB-6000S.

I have a bit of a love/hate thing with being locked in the actual chastity device.  It happens just about every time.  I want to be locked up.  I get a lot of very tangible benefits from it.  But once she imposes it on me, I want out pretty much right away.  Why?  Mainly due to hygiene and various problems with being locked.

I DO NOT like being locked up at work.  I have a desk job and it gets uncomfortable to sit with the device all day.

I DO NOT like being locked in the gym.  While I have been getting pretty good at peeing, cleaning in the device is a royal pain.  Plus, I don't want to be "found out".

I could go into lots of reasons I like being locked up.  But top on the list is "attempting" to get an erection in the device.  She will often verbally tease me about this, which I love.

We don't have any formal "contract" with our sex life.  She would probably laugh at the idea.  We do have a couple of "understood" rules for sex.  They are sometimes broken, mainly by her.

The first rule is: she comes first.  I would say 90% of the time, my wife has the first orgasm.  After, she either will deny me or let me come  On occasion, she will be turned on by what she does to me and will have a second orgasm.  Sometimes she jerks me off and then falls asleep.

The second rule is: she needs some "downtime" after her orgasm.  She has chided me for trying to get in there too soon.  She does enjoy being stimulated all over her body, just not her pussy (although, she enjoys caresses on her outer pussy lips.

The third rule is: I ask permission to come.  It's an affirmation that she can say no.

I will note that even when she woke me up for sex the other night, I followed these unspoken rules.  I penetrated her, withdrew, then fingered her with the Hitachi on her clit, and she had an unusually long orgasm.  I played with her body, then asked if I could come inside her.  She said yes.

Now to the punchline.  I have been fantasizing about a chastity device ritual for the weekends.  I am expected to lock up on Friday evenings, before bed.  A ritual, just like brushing my teeth.  If she's in the room, she will snap the lock shut.  She normally falls asleep early on Friday nights, and we seldom play on Fridays.  She will expect that on Saturday morning, I will be safely locked in my cage, and with her having access to my key, can unlock me at any time during the weekend, or not.  She could make me suffer through the early part of the week.  But, having a "default" chastity ritual is something that appeals to me.

Do YOU have any sex rituals with your playmate?


  1. Yes ,at the weekend Im "Miss's" crossdressed bitch performing all the household chores and cooking and any other "tasks" ( not penetrative) to her satisfaction. And sitting down at work on a Monday morning is a delightfully painful reminder of my status.

  2. Yes. Every morning I am to present myself naked to my Mistress Wife so she can decide what I will wear on/in my body, under my clothes for that day.

  3. Hi there, new to your blog!

    We have a few as well, I must always ask permission to touch, Him, or myself. Like you, I must also ask for permission to climax. And I am always to thank Him for the pleasure, which I always did anyway. lol.

    Enjoying your blog.


  4. I don't know if I'd call these sex rituals or not but, I want knight to get back in the habit of thanking me after any kind of sex play, whether I allow him to orgasm or not. Knight is required to strip immediately after locking our bedroom door each night. I usually don't undress until right before we go to bed, so most evenings knight is nude and I'm dressed while we talk, watch tv, work on writing projects, or whatever else we do after the kids go to bed.

  5. I don't have a penis cage but we have looked at some and she said they look interesting. At this time she has not told me to order one and we would have to discuss what style she would like me locked up in. There are so many styles. A few rituals we have is before getting dressed I must show her the panties I've selected to wear that day and when we are home I'm only allowed to wear panties it gives her quick access to my body. Also when she spanks me I must thank her after and thank her after she allows me to give her oral sex.