Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is getting interesting: rubber bands, ball torture, male orgasm denial, and a long awaited lockup

When I was younger and exploring my sexuality (e.g., masturbating, which is no longer allowed), I was interested in adding additional pressure to my genitals.  I found ways to add additional pressure to my erection using a jock strap (I have a post drafted about jockstraps that I will publish eventually).  I also have enjoyed constricting my scrotum with rubber bands.  This gives me a pleasant feeling of "tightness" and improves my erection strength.

I have wanted to introduce this into our play session, thinking the additional pressure in my scrotum would have a unique feeling during ball torture.  It did.  My Queen really roughed me up, so to speak and left me denied orgasm.  In a moment of pure horniness, I asked her about locking me up in the chastity device.  To my surprise, she said that she wanted me locked up.

I tried to get the CB-6000S device on, but my erection was too strong.  I could have resorted to drastic countermeasures such as icing myself down, but She told me that it could wait until the morning.  I made her breakfast and then got the cage configured and let her snap the lock shut.

The following night, I did convince her to have another orgasm, a "quickie" as it were.  This was eye-opening to me in that my wife usually only allows sex play right before she goes to bed.  This was an unusual case in that she had a quick Hitachi orgasm, we cuddled for just a few minutes, and then she got up and went to work, and I fell asleep.  This hit me on two levels: the obvious, I enjoy her orgasms; but secondly it felt very dominant for her to come and then leave.  That's a dominant wife!

During our "pillow talk", I convinced her that it would be fun to have a female orgasm every night.  While not my favorite way to make her come, the vibrator is all she will allow when she has her monthly visitor and it is surprisingly quick and effective.  It makes us both feel better.  I have read several articles saying that female orgasm eases cramps and PMS type of syndromes.  Who am I to argue with that?  Works for me!

So, I am locked in the chastity device, more than likely until the weekend, when she should be in the clear from her period.  She seems to be enjoying it, and so do I.  Well, I don't really like wearing the device to work, because I sit all day and it ends to get a little uncomfortable.  But, I am happily locked for her.

I sent her an email about my thoughts on the matter but have not really had much feedback.  There is a possibility we will have some alone-time this weekend, and I have kinky thoughts on my mind.  Daytime, plenty of light sex in different parts of the house sounds awesome to me!


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  1. I remember the adding tightness teenage phase. no rubber bands but wearing multiple pairs of little brothers underpants. Sometimes I would put on a pair of babies plastic pants. in those days my legs were slim enough to fit through the leg holes. then the multiple pairs of tight undies. then see how long I could hold off cuming. only in school holidays though. term time at boarding school was 15 or so weeks of abstinence and wet dreams.