Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Strange Sex"

Chances are, if I have a little time to myself and there is a show about sex on TV, I will watch it.  Such notables include:

"Strange sex" had unusual fetishes or strange sexual situations.  I recall watching a story about a man who was really turned on by his female partner being obese.  He actually wanted her to be so fat that she was bedridden.  That literally turned him on.  Another episode was about a socially awkward dude with a huge cock - something like 13 inches - and how that impacted his relationships.  Tough life, dude.

"Sex sent me to the ER" was fluff.  It usually had someone cheating on someone and in order to avoid getting caught, they take some risks and some mishap ensued.  Or the dude's penis fractures.  Ugh.

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about the female orgasm orgasm show, answering the question, why do women have orgasms?  Basically, evolutionary biology and how men and women are pre-programmed for certain sex preferences and behaviors.  Awesome!

"Sex in the Ancient World" seems hung up on prostitution.  How rampant it was, how married men avoiding getting caught, STDs.... not really my thing.

"Secret Sex Lives: Swingers" was a reality show based in Atlanta.  The dudes enjoyed having sex with non-spouses, but felt really jittery about their wives having sex with other dudes.  There were some awkward moments when one of the wives danced with some other dude and her husband saw photos of it and went ballistic.  Hello.... you are a swinger, yes?  That means you are OK with extramarital sex, yes?  Seemed kinda lame to have that couple on the show.  Maybe I could understand the angst one might feel, but it seemed like he genuinely did not want her having sex with others.  By definition, you are not a swinger.  Not sure why that couple was on the show.

"The Man Show" was generally my kind of humor and mainly centered on dude stuff like beer, women bouncing on trampolines, and surviving in the wilderness.  I miss that show, it made me laugh.

I digress.

I was thinking about my sexual desires the other day and realized that I could be on "Strange Sex".  No, not as the incomparably hung loner.  But I am a pervert.  I have certain fetishes that really turn me on incredibly.

I prefer to have my wife in charge of sex, and get really excited when she comes and I don't.  I love being nude in front of her, and am really excited when she is clothed.  I love giving her oral sex and for some reason I'm OK with her not reciprocating.  I fantasize constantly about her having sex with other men, but it turns me on that I am to stay monogamous to her.  I enjoy when she slaps my balls that would otherwise have me doubled over in excruciating pain.  I am not "normal".

I am delighted that my bride has indulged me in my kinks.  I am still very strange though.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be "normal", but normal is boring.

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  1. i had rubber banded my ball sac for well over 20 minutes, i become so submissive. i never thought that i could become much more submissive, but i did.