Friday, November 7, 2014

Sports and Sex: Pugilism

I have been a sports fan my entire life, participating at the HS level in two sports, one of which I was quite talented in.  I never really "got" boxing and now ultimate fighting.  It still seems awkward to me to have a "sport" where the object is to beat the shit out of the opponent.

I don't really like the idea of this, but don't have any problem with those that do.  But, there is something about it that turns me on.  What makes this sport that I don't like sexy?  Here goes:

  • There seems to be a general element of sex to the sport.  The fighters have chiseled bodies.  They are almost nude at the "weigh-ins", and surrounded by scantily clad women (which activates my CFNM fetish).
  • For male events, there is a bikini clad woman that displays the rounds to the crowd.  For female events, the women wear sports bras, which I always find to be sexy.
  • Dudes that like Ultimate Fighting, no big deal, a dime a dozen.  Have you ever heard a woman really into this, screaming for a dude to beat the shit out of some other dude?  I find that sexy, that a woman could be so into such a brutal sport.
  • The trash talking that often accompanies this sport is arousing to me.
  • Few fights are ambiguous as to who wins, there is a clear winner and a clear loser.  That is, for ultimate fighting, a "submission" hold unambiguously ends the fight.  The idea of "submitting" is arousing to me.  When you "submit" to your opponent, you recognize that he or she has dominated you and losing the fight is a better alternative than what he or she could do if the fight were to continue.  For regular readers of this blog, it should come as no surprise that I am turned on by the idea of submission.  It draws a very real parallel to me, for example, when I submit to my wife.
I do not "follow" boxing or ultimate fighting.  There is something animalistic about it that does pique my curiosity: if there is an article about it, I will usually read it.  The past fights I was made aware of had to do with Anderson Silva breaking his leg in a brutal fashion, and Ronda Rousey defeating an opponent in a longer time than was the expectation.  I find a couple of things interesting about Ronda:
  • She has made it well known that she wants to have as much sex as possible before a fight
  • She seems to be a prodigious trash talker
  • She is apparently the most dominant fighter by a mile, her arm-bar being considered a deadly move that everyone she faces succumbs to.
  • Knowing that there is a woman that could quite literally kick my ass is humbling (which brings elements of my role reversal fetish).
Wonder if anyone has any interest or feedback on this?  My next topic is wrestling.


  1. There is a angle of unmentioned sex in many activities. Dance for example. Incredibly erotic. Strong, fit coordinated people in close physical contact. All these TV shows on dance and ballet and no one ever describes either contestant as sexy.

  2. Before even getting to the Ronda Rousey part of your writing, I was already planning on mentioning her in my comment. I absolutely love F/f Femdom, and it turns me on to see her dominate other women. Also, like you said, knowing she could kick my ass is such a turn on.

    Although the idea of submitting to another man is also somewhat of a fantasy of mine, I never really thought about MMA in that sense from the male side of competition. And especially since that douche War Machine domestically beat and almost killed my fantasy Goddess Christy Mack, I haven't really had much interest in watching the men lately.