Saturday, November 22, 2014

Morning Wood, citrulline, semen-less intercourse

Queen had a very busy week, but her milestone is past her, so I suspect that we will be playing more.  I looked at my orgasm tracker page, and it appears that we might have "missed" her ovulation time.  Or maybe not, I'll explain later.

A couple of things related to erections.  I have been taking citrulline for a while now.  Found out about it in the "men's sexual health" thread on  Anyway, I would say that my aging has not been that kind to my erections.  I typically do not have an issue achieving an erection, it's just that I tend to lose them if I don't have direct stimulation.  It's a bummer.  I used to get hard at virtually anything, and stay hard.  Aging sucks, but it beats the alternative.

Well, citrulline seems to have marginally helped me.  I do feel that I hang lower when flaccid, which is a benefit from my standpoint.  No difference in erect size.  I have noticed that my morning wood seems a bit stronger.  Earlier this week, I woke up to a raging boner.  I was fully "tented" in my shorts I asked my Queen to feel it.  I mean, it was "take my pants off and you can ride me to your heart's content" hard.  Well, she did stroke me a bit, but that was that.  As I've said before, I get a lot of pleasure out of simply having a quality erection.  It was blissful.

After that, we had a bit of a fight.  It was more a case where I was mad at her for either ignoring me, or a parenting conflict.  I can't even remember.  We didn't really talk about it much, but she came out wanting to play.  She had an orgasm but then I couldn't get hard.  I think that it was simply because I was mad at her.  Sure, I wanted to have sex (I'm a dude), but it was an unresolved confict.  WTF, I'm a turning into a woman?  Sheesh.  Well, I used the Hitachi on myself, and it still wasn't hard.  I asked her for some "help" (which I usually don't need), and she did in fact stroke me and I finally got my erection.  My erection problem resolved, I asked: handjob or intercourse (this wasn't a femdom session, it seemed).  She said it was up to me, and frankly the idea of penetrating her seemed really good, so that's what happened.

So, two conclusions: I do think citrulline marginally helps with my erections, but I wouldn't call it viagra like (bear in mind, I've never used viagra either).  It seems like a positive cost-benefit from what I can tell now.  Secondly, psychological state does play a role in achieving an erection.  That wouldn't be the case when I was younger.  Pretty sure you could run over my car with a tank, and if my wife wore something sexy, I'd get a boner and want to play anyway.

Well, then we had a femdom session last night.  Since this post is getting longer than I'd like, I will just say that she came out without panties, I gave her a quick orgasm, then she allowed me to penetrate her, but told me in a firm, assertive voice that I was not allowed to come.  She mentioned locking me up, then I said, oh yeah, right now?, and she was clearly displeased that I was "topping from the bottom".  Ugh, well she teased me with some dirty talk and nipple torture and kept taunting me that I should not come, and then ultimately booted me from her pussy.  I'm sure her scent is still on my cock.  Very hot session!  I'm looking forward to more play in the coming week!

My wife gets a little more frisky around her ovulation time.  So... maybe we didn't miss it after all!

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