Saturday, November 22, 2014

Morning Wood, citrulline, semen-less intercourse

Queen had a very busy week, but her milestone is past her, so I suspect that we will be playing more.  I looked at my orgasm tracker page, and it appears that we might have "missed" her ovulation time.  Or maybe not, I'll explain later.

A couple of things related to erections.  I have been taking citrulline for a while now.  Found out about it in the "men's sexual health" thread on  Anyway, I would say that my aging has not been that kind to my erections.  I typically do not have an issue achieving an erection, it's just that I tend to lose them if I don't have direct stimulation.  It's a bummer.  I used to get hard at virtually anything, and stay hard.  Aging sucks, but it beats the alternative.

Well, citrulline seems to have marginally helped me.  I do feel that I hang lower when flaccid, which is a benefit from my standpoint.  No difference in erect size.  I have noticed that my morning wood seems a bit stronger.  Earlier this week, I woke up to a raging boner.  I was fully "tented" in my shorts I asked my Queen to feel it.  I mean, it was "take my pants off and you can ride me to your heart's content" hard.  Well, she did stroke me a bit, but that was that.  As I've said before, I get a lot of pleasure out of simply having a quality erection.  It was blissful.

After that, we had a bit of a fight.  It was more a case where I was mad at her for either ignoring me, or a parenting conflict.  I can't even remember.  We didn't really talk about it much, but she came out wanting to play.  She had an orgasm but then I couldn't get hard.  I think that it was simply because I was mad at her.  Sure, I wanted to have sex (I'm a dude), but it was an unresolved confict.  WTF, I'm a turning into a woman?  Sheesh.  Well, I used the Hitachi on myself, and it still wasn't hard.  I asked her for some "help" (which I usually don't need), and she did in fact stroke me and I finally got my erection.  My erection problem resolved, I asked: handjob or intercourse (this wasn't a femdom session, it seemed).  She said it was up to me, and frankly the idea of penetrating her seemed really good, so that's what happened.

So, two conclusions: I do think citrulline marginally helps with my erections, but I wouldn't call it viagra like (bear in mind, I've never used viagra either).  It seems like a positive cost-benefit from what I can tell now.  Secondly, psychological state does play a role in achieving an erection.  That wouldn't be the case when I was younger.  Pretty sure you could run over my car with a tank, and if my wife wore something sexy, I'd get a boner and want to play anyway.

Well, then we had a femdom session last night.  Since this post is getting longer than I'd like, I will just say that she came out without panties, I gave her a quick orgasm, then she allowed me to penetrate her, but told me in a firm, assertive voice that I was not allowed to come.  She mentioned locking me up, then I said, oh yeah, right now?, and she was clearly displeased that I was "topping from the bottom".  Ugh, well she teased me with some dirty talk and nipple torture and kept taunting me that I should not come, and then ultimately booted me from her pussy.  I'm sure her scent is still on my cock.  Very hot session!  I'm looking forward to more play in the coming week!

My wife gets a little more frisky around her ovulation time.  So... maybe we didn't miss it after all!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Marathon Femdom session

My Domme and I found ourselves with an empty nest for almost a 24 hour period.  We took full advantage.

I was on my way home and I decided to pick her up a Starbucks.  Funny how a domme and a sub can think alike.  As soon as I got home, she began texting me a series of instructions, one of which was get her a Starbucks.  Check!  She was very pleased.  Beyond that, she told me to get out several toys and to get the under the bed restraints ready.  Awesome!  It had been a long time since I've been tied up (and, btw, I was still locked in my chastity cage, this was the seventh day).

I got the toys out and restrained one hand.  She restrained the other and we started to play.  She was wearing a very skimpy robe-like outfit that didn't cover much, and I was naked except my wedding ring and my chastity device.  She slapped my balls with various implements for quite some time.  She would take occasional breaks to switch toys or torment my nipples.  Testicle torture in a chastity cage adds a whole new dimension to the pain.  When you are unlocked, the scrotum "gives" so that the direct impact to the testicle is reduced.  The cage acts to isolate and present the male organ so that there is more direct impact.  I must be some kind of freak, because I loved it.  She really worked me over, and the diversity of toys really added to it.  I don't know the name of all the whips/corps/paddles, but they have slightly different sensations that drove me nuts (haha).

After quite a bit of this, she told me she wanted my cock inside her.  Yes!  OK, so she told me to retrieve the key, I gave it to her, and she unlocked me.  This was a week in chastity.  I suggested I clean up a bit, so I took a quick shower.  Came back and she seemed willing to let me inside her.  Seemed.

I told her I wasn't going to last long and that perhaps she should come first.  She was pretty worked up at that point, I did a lot of nipple sucking and kissing, so we went to the Hitachi and I fingered her.  I caressed her post-orgasmic body and thought she was about ready for me to mount her, so I started stroking my half-erect cock to insert.  But then, WAMMO!  She had other plans.

This blew me away.  She told me "not so fast" and then started playing with my ass.  She hasn't done this in a while.  She took the aneros prostate toy and started teasing my butt with it.  I suggested that an ass-up position might work best, and she agreed.  She had it lubed and then stuck it in me.  She put it in the "wrong" way and the twisted it around, which was a great sensation.  She mentioned I was making a mess, so we re-positioned the T-shirt to catch fluids.  She got out the Hitachi on my cock, but the sensation was simply too intense for me, I told her I would come in seconds.  She then started stroking my cock and pushing the aneros in my ass, like she was fucking me with it.  She later told me that she wasn't moving it that much, just a half inch or so.  The feelings were "complicated".  I didn't know what to make of things.

I had an orgasm/ejaculation - that was clear from the huge mess on the T-shirt below.  But it wasn't that pleasurable.  I am still a little confused about this.  Psychologically, this was a very pleasurable experience.  I love being on my hands and knees - it is such a vulnerable and submissive position.  My Queen said that the semen came out all at once, not like a normal spurting ejaculation.  It didn't feel bad, but it wasn't the most intense orgasm I've had either.  It was not a "ruined" orgasm, because I felt pleasure, there was a big load, and I went into the refractory period.  I think that I was frankly confused by the stimulation.  I would definitely try it again.

She came again with the vibrator.  I mentioned that within an 18 hour period, she had more orgasms than I had had in about two months (she came the night before too).  Obviously, she has been enjoying limiting my orgasms, so I suspect that this is a "be careful what you wish for" public service announcement.

We had a social engagement and some errands to run, so that was it for the night.  She allowed me insider her in the morning.  Alas, our empty nest was soon filled.  I love my Queen.  Long live the Queen!

*  *  *  *  *

I realize this was a long post.  But this was about a 2.5 hour lovemaking session.  During the femdom session, I had not come inside her, but rather had a mildly humiliating orgasm and she had two.  I suppose from an outsider, it might seem cruel, but I like this form of sex.  BY FAR, the hottest thing about the session was when she specifically told me she wanted my cock inside her, and then she told me no.  Did she do so because I made the "assumption" that I was allowed to enter her, and started stroking myself?  Not sure.  But, she really dominated me, telling me what to do, and directing how I orgasmed.  What a night!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Sports and Sex: Pugilism

I have been a sports fan my entire life, participating at the HS level in two sports, one of which I was quite talented in.  I never really "got" boxing and now ultimate fighting.  It still seems awkward to me to have a "sport" where the object is to beat the shit out of the opponent.

I don't really like the idea of this, but don't have any problem with those that do.  But, there is something about it that turns me on.  What makes this sport that I don't like sexy?  Here goes:

  • There seems to be a general element of sex to the sport.  The fighters have chiseled bodies.  They are almost nude at the "weigh-ins", and surrounded by scantily clad women (which activates my CFNM fetish).
  • For male events, there is a bikini clad woman that displays the rounds to the crowd.  For female events, the women wear sports bras, which I always find to be sexy.
  • Dudes that like Ultimate Fighting, no big deal, a dime a dozen.  Have you ever heard a woman really into this, screaming for a dude to beat the shit out of some other dude?  I find that sexy, that a woman could be so into such a brutal sport.
  • The trash talking that often accompanies this sport is arousing to me.
  • Few fights are ambiguous as to who wins, there is a clear winner and a clear loser.  That is, for ultimate fighting, a "submission" hold unambiguously ends the fight.  The idea of "submitting" is arousing to me.  When you "submit" to your opponent, you recognize that he or she has dominated you and losing the fight is a better alternative than what he or she could do if the fight were to continue.  For regular readers of this blog, it should come as no surprise that I am turned on by the idea of submission.  It draws a very real parallel to me, for example, when I submit to my wife.
I do not "follow" boxing or ultimate fighting.  There is something animalistic about it that does pique my curiosity: if there is an article about it, I will usually read it.  The past fights I was made aware of had to do with Anderson Silva breaking his leg in a brutal fashion, and Ronda Rousey defeating an opponent in a longer time than was the expectation.  I find a couple of things interesting about Ronda:
  • She has made it well known that she wants to have as much sex as possible before a fight
  • She seems to be a prodigious trash talker
  • She is apparently the most dominant fighter by a mile, her arm-bar being considered a deadly move that everyone she faces succumbs to.
  • Knowing that there is a woman that could quite literally kick my ass is humbling (which brings elements of my role reversal fetish).
Wonder if anyone has any interest or feedback on this?  My next topic is wrestling.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is getting interesting: rubber bands, ball torture, male orgasm denial, and a long awaited lockup

When I was younger and exploring my sexuality (e.g., masturbating, which is no longer allowed), I was interested in adding additional pressure to my genitals.  I found ways to add additional pressure to my erection using a jock strap (I have a post drafted about jockstraps that I will publish eventually).  I also have enjoyed constricting my scrotum with rubber bands.  This gives me a pleasant feeling of "tightness" and improves my erection strength.

I have wanted to introduce this into our play session, thinking the additional pressure in my scrotum would have a unique feeling during ball torture.  It did.  My Queen really roughed me up, so to speak and left me denied orgasm.  In a moment of pure horniness, I asked her about locking me up in the chastity device.  To my surprise, she said that she wanted me locked up.

I tried to get the CB-6000S device on, but my erection was too strong.  I could have resorted to drastic countermeasures such as icing myself down, but She told me that it could wait until the morning.  I made her breakfast and then got the cage configured and let her snap the lock shut.

The following night, I did convince her to have another orgasm, a "quickie" as it were.  This was eye-opening to me in that my wife usually only allows sex play right before she goes to bed.  This was an unusual case in that she had a quick Hitachi orgasm, we cuddled for just a few minutes, and then she got up and went to work, and I fell asleep.  This hit me on two levels: the obvious, I enjoy her orgasms; but secondly it felt very dominant for her to come and then leave.  That's a dominant wife!

During our "pillow talk", I convinced her that it would be fun to have a female orgasm every night.  While not my favorite way to make her come, the vibrator is all she will allow when she has her monthly visitor and it is surprisingly quick and effective.  It makes us both feel better.  I have read several articles saying that female orgasm eases cramps and PMS type of syndromes.  Who am I to argue with that?  Works for me!

So, I am locked in the chastity device, more than likely until the weekend, when she should be in the clear from her period.  She seems to be enjoying it, and so do I.  Well, I don't really like wearing the device to work, because I sit all day and it ends to get a little uncomfortable.  But, I am happily locked for her.

I sent her an email about my thoughts on the matter but have not really had much feedback.  There is a possibility we will have some alone-time this weekend, and I have kinky thoughts on my mind.  Daytime, plenty of light sex in different parts of the house sounds awesome to me!


"Strange Sex"

Chances are, if I have a little time to myself and there is a show about sex on TV, I will watch it.  Such notables include:

"Strange sex" had unusual fetishes or strange sexual situations.  I recall watching a story about a man who was really turned on by his female partner being obese.  He actually wanted her to be so fat that she was bedridden.  That literally turned him on.  Another episode was about a socially awkward dude with a huge cock - something like 13 inches - and how that impacted his relationships.  Tough life, dude.

"Sex sent me to the ER" was fluff.  It usually had someone cheating on someone and in order to avoid getting caught, they take some risks and some mishap ensued.  Or the dude's penis fractures.  Ugh.

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about the female orgasm orgasm show, answering the question, why do women have orgasms?  Basically, evolutionary biology and how men and women are pre-programmed for certain sex preferences and behaviors.  Awesome!

"Sex in the Ancient World" seems hung up on prostitution.  How rampant it was, how married men avoiding getting caught, STDs.... not really my thing.

"Secret Sex Lives: Swingers" was a reality show based in Atlanta.  The dudes enjoyed having sex with non-spouses, but felt really jittery about their wives having sex with other dudes.  There were some awkward moments when one of the wives danced with some other dude and her husband saw photos of it and went ballistic.  Hello.... you are a swinger, yes?  That means you are OK with extramarital sex, yes?  Seemed kinda lame to have that couple on the show.  Maybe I could understand the angst one might feel, but it seemed like he genuinely did not want her having sex with others.  By definition, you are not a swinger.  Not sure why that couple was on the show.

"The Man Show" was generally my kind of humor and mainly centered on dude stuff like beer, women bouncing on trampolines, and surviving in the wilderness.  I miss that show, it made me laugh.

I digress.

I was thinking about my sexual desires the other day and realized that I could be on "Strange Sex".  No, not as the incomparably hung loner.  But I am a pervert.  I have certain fetishes that really turn me on incredibly.

I prefer to have my wife in charge of sex, and get really excited when she comes and I don't.  I love being nude in front of her, and am really excited when she is clothed.  I love giving her oral sex and for some reason I'm OK with her not reciprocating.  I fantasize constantly about her having sex with other men, but it turns me on that I am to stay monogamous to her.  I enjoy when she slaps my balls that would otherwise have me doubled over in excruciating pain.  I am not "normal".

I am delighted that my bride has indulged me in my kinks.  I am still very strange though.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be "normal", but normal is boring.