Friday, October 10, 2014

Thanks for the comments

Replying to others' comments on my blog is almost impossible.  I get a weird "half cursor" and it gets extremely slow and unresponsive when I try to type things in.  I can get around that only by typing in an alternate application (such as an email or Word) and then pasting it in.  This is a real pain.  I'm not sure why this is this way.

So, I am not being rude by not replying to comments, its just that my blogging time is very limited and I get frustrated by this.

So, I'll try to reply to two recent comments here.

Harry Haversackers asked about the use of numbing agents on my cock so that we can have intercourse with a reduced chance that I would climax.  This is something that I would really like to try.  I bought some Anbesol and I have two "desensitizing" condoms by our bed.  For some reason, my Queen seems against this idea.  I've talked about it and I wrote a fictional story based on this premise that she opened and got freaked out by.  Why?  It was long and she "thought" that it was too perverted.  I have not brought this up again.  Definitely on my bucket list.  Throughout our sexual history, my Queen almost always has said "no" initially to kinky acts and at some point she allows us to try it and most times she enjoys it.

From my perspective, my Queen's orgasms seem to be much more intense when she receives both vaginal and clitoral stimulation.  She likes my cock in her, and assuming I'm allowed to come, we occasionally have simultaneous orgasms, which is fantastic.  A lot of her climaxes lately have been me fingering the top portion just near the vaginal entrance with the Hitachi on her clit.  She LOVES that!

Anon asked me about femdom and my wife's "uptake" of it and cuckolding.
We are very "vanilla" outside the bedroom, although on rare occasions she will plop her feet on my lap and tell me to massage her.  Her domination of me is strictly around sex.  I think she is genuinely enjoying the concept that sex is for and about her.  She genuinely enjoys being in charge of my orgasms and she is enjoying sex more than any other time in our marriage.  She enjoys my reactions to her inflicting pain on me, and she very directly tells me so.  It is rare that she doesn't twist my nipples AND torture my balls.  Those acts are a regular part of our play, and I would say that she is much more aggressive with me than I would ever have expected.

When she is in the mood to control my orgasms (not all the time, but a lot of the time), she seems protective of my cock and does not want me to have an accidental orgasm.  For example, she has not let me enter her in a month, because she didn't want to "risk" me coming.  In this sense, she is very dominant.

If I'd have my way, I'd really like to explore spanking and restraint play more.  We have done that, but I'm not sure why she doesn't do it more.  We have a Feeldoe strapon that's never been used on me (I bought it with her permission and she has said that she would use it, but it hasn't happened yet).

Regarding cuckolding, I have not discussed this on my blog in a while.  It's something that's "out there" and she teases me about from time to time.  We've had some close calls but nothing really concrete.  I'm trying to stay out of it and let her explore as she feels comfortable.  Generally speaking, I am turned on by the "double standard" of her playing with other males while I remain monogamous.  I would say that the probability of it happening is more now than in the past.  What we've found is that finding a male to play with is much trickier than it would seem.

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  1. I hear what you're saying about the comment section. When I'm on my phone, I have to jump through so many hoops to get my comment sent that I give up most of the time. I'm seriously considering going to Wordpress but I hate starting over yet again. Wow, the comment is finished with no problems! That doesn't happen often.