Thursday, October 16, 2014

Origins of my CFNM fetish: the naked male

Being naked has always been taboo for me.  I am a very modest person and as I was growing up, I never really liked to be naked.  As an athlete, that was simply unavoidable.  We were in a locker room and were expected to change from school clothes to gym clothes, and it was totally unavoidable.  To this day, I have a very "quick change" style, where I leave my shirt on to cover up as much as possible when I take my underwear off, then I slip my jockstrap and shorts on, then take off my shirt, all the time, facing away so as to minimize the view to anyone.  Others are not nearly as modest: I've seen men in the locker room walking around completely naked like it was nothing.

None of that is erotic to me, but it gives context as to why being naked is so "naughty" for me.  That moment that I become fully naked and erect demonstrates unmistakably that I am hot for her.  I love it when my wife checks me out, inspecting my body, feeling my muscles, essentially taking inventory of her plaything.  It makes me hot to be thought of as a sex object.  It's about my vulnerability in that situation.    I love it.

The feeling of vulnerability is heightened by the contrast if she is more fully clothed.  This is another case of the "double standard" that turns me on.

When we were first married, it felt like everything was under the covers, and with the lights off.  She rarely if ever gave me any foreplay, because I was young and thrilled to have a woman want to have sex with me.  My erections came very easily.  Now that I am older, it seems that I need to have more of that visual stimulation, and it has surprised me that it is not only me looking at her, but the fact that she is looking at me that really turns me on.

My guess is that when I do orgasm, the majority of the time it is from handjobs.  She often has her head on my chest.  However, there are sometimes when she sits up and looks at my cock.  My arousal just goes through the roof!  There are two origins of this.  When we were first married and gave me handjobs, she would tell me, "wow, your getting close because your balls are moving up".  The fact that she understood something about my sexuality that I didn't know myself really excited me.  Then, more in our femdom days, she wanted to experiment with ruined orgasms and in order to understand the timing of it, she wanted to get a full picture of my arousal state so that she could know when to stop the stimulation.  Something about that made me feel like such a sex object, a toy for her amusement!

*  *  *  *  *

It seems like our society has a general taboo against male nudity.  In the movies, for example, nudity is skewed towards women and full frontal male nudity is very rare.  Most of our society deems Speedo swimwear to be distasteful.  I believe I read somewhere that it was a big deal when Playgirl magazine published its first ever erect model.  I suppose that another aspect of this that excites me is the role reversal.


  1. This was great, thanks!

  2. As I've said on other posts my wife loves to watch me squirt. I can't remember ever having a ruined orgasm. I won't top from the bottom but she does consider things I've asked her to do to me and I've read so much about ruined orgasm I'd love to try some.

  3. I haven't had a ruined orgasm in a while. But wow, it is hot when she watches over me like a hawk so she knows when to stop stimulating. And usually when she does it, I am edged multiple times as she is trying to get it right. Even before we knew about femdom and things like ruined orgasms, she used to tell me that my balls were moving up, which meant my orgasm was shortly forthcoming. pretty hot, because I didn't even know that about myself. It really turns me on when she watches me!