Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Origins of my CFNM fetish: the clothed female

When I was horny pre-teen or teen, I used to ride my bike everywhere.  One of the places I frequented was a bookstore.  In the "coffee table" section, there was a bikini book.  Nothing but women in bikinis.  There were a couple topless photos, but I wouldn't call it pornographic.  I nervously went up to buy it.  I wasn't sure if they would allow me to purchase it, but they did.

I masturbated a LOT to this book.  It had all sorts of women, mostly model types, but also had "girl next door" women.  No men at all.  I got a lot of mileage out of that book, and I wonder where it is now.

I still have a fascination with women who wear bikinis.  If you gave me a choice, look at a woman in a bikini or the same woman nude, I'd pick bikini.  Why?

That's what I've been reflecting on.

  • Just barely covering up her girly parts implies a significant amount of confidence to the wearer.  As I've said before, confidence is sexy.
  • It's a visual, almost passive, tease; and if you've read my blog for any length of time, you must know that I love to be teased.
  • It leaves something to the imagination.
  • Generally speaking, clothing designers accentuate the natural curves of a woman, and therefore clothing makes the woman more feminine.
  • Tan lines - enough said
  • It's another form of denial

*  *  *  *  *
I don't have to stop there.  There are plenty more examples of women that have turned me on wearing just barely there types of clothes.  Dungeons and Dragons breast plate armor anyone?  Catwoman?  Female wrestlers?  

To bring back to the main focus of my life at this point, my wife.  Bear in mind, she is one of those types of women who is "always cold".  I bought her a decent combination of sexy/warm PJs that she almost always wears to bed.  When I play with her, I usually remove the pants and her panties but her camisole top usually stays on.  There is also a "coverup" but it's usually unbuttoned.

She has D-cup breasts that I adore.  We do some dirty talk that they are too big for me, that I don't deserve such hot tits.  It drives me crazy, but I love it at the same time.  I do caress them during foreplay but only suck on them when she asks.  When that happens, I just slip her camisole off and suck, and when done, the camisole goes right back on.  She is rarely fully naked when we play.  It amounts to a huge mental tease for me, and I love it.


  1. You know, you and I just exchanges nice message over on my blog about bucket-list items. For me, I can't believe that I did not include CFNM in that conversation (I'll go back right after this and do that).

    In my house, when we are alone and there is no chance that the kids will emerge, I am required to be naked. She shouldn't have to ask and shouldn't have to be reminded. I am expected to just become that way the minute we are alone, as a default. I absolutely love being naked in the presence of my fully clothed Mistress Wife.

    Yesterday afternoon, after Mistress dropped the kids off at an activity, we were going to be alone for two hours. My instructions were to wear only my pink lace panties that Mistress had me wear under my clothes yesterday. It was wonderful. It was natural and we carried on as husband and wife as if everything was the way it should be, except I was standing there in sexy, pink lace panties like a slut.


  2. I suspect that men build up their ideas womens feelings about their bodies and exposure and so on a lot more than women actually feel. I think guys think that women go around worrying that their skirt may blow up or what not.

    In reality I suspect that men are a lot more fearful of nudity or scanty clothes than women.

    On the turn on thing, I agree that some clothing on a woman for me is more of a turn on than pure nude. In fact for me a short skirt is very enticing or arousing. Swimming costume is a modest way of showing a beautiful body and a nude is also beautiful but bot as alluring or arousing. Tracksuit though is boring.

  3. Lets just be honest. Both men and women are nicer to look at when there is some clothes covering them. I mean how good looking is a penis? Not very if you are honest. The same goes with a womans private parts. When they get older the breasts starts to hang a bit lower and their sex is not all that beautifull either. So a bit of clothing covers up the not so beautifull parts and even helps placing them in the "right possition". It also leaves a bit to the imagination...

  4. You and I are a lot alike when it comes to the breasts thing. My wife and I had these same conversations years ago, but she actually decided to forbid me to see her topless except on very rare occasions. It was very intense but also one of those "be careful what you wish for" situations. Now I'm not even allowed in the same room while she changes clothes.