Friday, October 31, 2014

Falling to the communists

It's the SEXIEST holiday of the year, and my wife has fallen to the communists.  Getting a visit from Aunt Flo.  Paying her monthly bill.  On the rag.  Or as we most commonly refer to it in our household, she is "out of commission".


The night before last, she went to bed really early.  Really early for her and said she wanted to "cuddle".  We did cuddle, but it made me super horny.  I guess I had a huge oxytocin build up and yesterday I was horny all day.  We did some sexting and she told me she was out of commission.  I thought it was about time, so it was not a surprise.  Then I thought, shit, why didn't we play that night?  She does tend to avoid sex play right before her period.  I guess I thought it was all about me, her wanting to intentionally deny sex play until the week that she will be on her period.  But then I thought that since she seems to do this every time, it might not be about me: rather, she just simply does not want to play just before her period.  Pre-menstrual syndrome if you will.

She had a really good night sleep Wednesday night, and I thought at least we could play with the vibrator and perhaps she could tease me or give me a handjob Thursday night.  nope.  She was up really late.  I can't stay up that late, so I took some sleeping pills and went to bed.  I have no recollection of her sleeping in our bed.  Sometimes she sleeps downstairs.  Maybe she pulled an all-nighter.

Given the nature of today (activities being very late) AND the fact that a child is having a friend over for a sleepover, this is NOT going to be a sexy day for us.

During our sexting, I asked her to wear her yoga pants.  When she is on her period, she generally likes to wear tighter pants that I find very sexy.  I know she has purchased yoga pants, but I do not know if she has ever worn them.  She did not give me a reply to that.

Alas, it appears tonight in the alcohol vs. sex quandary, I will have to go with alcohol, with a hope that she will be tired enough to at least let me hold the vibe against her pad and let her fall asleep.

I hope you have a sexier Halloween than what I foresee for me!


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