Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Early release: final score Wife 9 husband 1

I got an earlier release than I was told.  It was a fun night, and had some humiliation components to it.

My Queen is on her period and hadn't felt like playing.  She was very loving to my Sunday and made it clear she wanted to be sexually pleasured.  I was quite excited.  It was about 24 days since my last orgasm, and she had told me I wouldn't get released until it had been a month, which would have been on Thursday.

She came out topless, which is very rare.  My wife does not like to be cold and so she is usually fully dressed.  I love her breasts but nipple sucking is by invite only.  She told me to suck them, so I did, with the passion of a male who hasn't orgasmed in over three weeks.

Finally, it got to the point that I couldn't wait any longer, so I got out the Hitachi and pressed it against her pad.  I tried to suck her nipples at the same time, but since I kept getting the vibrator out of place, I just stopped.  She came while stroking my cock.

Little did I know that she wanted me to "titty fuck" her.  This is not something we do a lot.  She told me that she wanted me to either wear a condom or get a bunch of tissues out to contain my "mess".

This caught me quite off guard.  I wasn't expecting to come, so I jumped at the chance.  I chose the condom route.  Condoms have an erotic appeal to me.  I am a snipped male, so there is really no reason to use condoms except to limit my pleasure or to limit the mess I make.  My wife has never been all that shy about telling me how much she dislikes my semen (and pre-cum also).

So, fully erect, I got up and went to our toy chest to get a condom.  It aroused me a lot to put it on in front of her with her watching.  I mounted her and she immediately pressed her D-cups together to create friction for my cock.  As soon as I began thrusting, she looked down and said something like, "wow, I get to watch".  I didn't last long at all.  I began to unload my 24 day load into the prophylactic and had a wonderful orgasm.  I looked down and the condom was quite full.  She told me that it was really exciting for her to see me fill it up spurt by spurt (well, those weren't exactly her words, but I don't remember exactly what she said).

This made for an easy clean up.  I got some tissues to wipe the condom lube off her twin peaks and then threw the condom and wrapper in the trash.  What a lovely night!

*  *  *  *  *
Condom play is something that I have talked to Suzy about.  We typically only use condoms when she is not quite off her period but wants intercourse or if we are away from home and want to avoid a clean up mess.  Being that I have undergone a vasectomy, it does feel a tinge humiliating to me to wear a condom.  Doing so is clearly not for birth control.  I believe that condoms can be quite erotic with accompanying dirty talk.  I asked her to put it on me, which she didn't.  That would have given me the same submissive thing as her putting a chastity cage on me, which she also has not done.

I fantasize that she makes me wear condoms more, perhaps allowing me bareback sex as a "treat" and while doing so saying things to me like "I don't want your filthy come in my pussy".  Just a thought from a kinky submissive male.


  1. Do you feel that you are slowly going deeper into the FLR lifestyle?
    Is your wife walking this path with you? Mening is she doing more and more dominating of you?
    Does she come upp with new ways of dominating you?
    Does your wife begin to like the new relasionship "model" more?
    Anything new on your cuckold fantasies? Have your wife expressed anything new regarding cuckolding you?

  2. Thanks, you make me feel better about my Wife wanting me to wear a condom to avoid my "mess" as well. Glad i'm not alone! sara