Monday, September 15, 2014

"Silly husband, orgasms are for wives"

We had a lull in our playtime and my wife's period came and went without me so much noticing.  Alas, life has gotten in the way.  Thursday, I took care of her with the vibrator and lay on top of her, my cock throbbing and I told her I really wanted her to dominate me.  She was too tired for that, but gave me the OK to come inside her.

Saturday night came around and I got my wish.

She was being a little more directive with me during foreplay, which I liked.  As I was caressing her back, I grabbed her ass and she asked if I noticed her panties.  Her panties said "In your dreams" (I believe from VS).  She told me that as she got dressed in the morning, she picked those panties out, deciding I wasn't going to come during our session.  She even said she "might" go for two orgasms.

During our pillow talk, she took it once step further and said that I wasn't going to come for a month.

As a submissive male, I was really turned on by this.  She let me suck her nipples and I could tell she was really hot and bothered.  I got the impression that she did not want to take her panties off, so I used the Hitachi on her clit and she came nicely.  I then gave her post-orgasm caressing and she seemed to back away from going for a second orgasm.  I was having none of that.

Her second one was hot also.  I straddled her torso with my erection revealing my excitement of her domination.  She swatted my balls a bit, but then did something she doesn't normally do: she played with my loose scrotum skin as opposed to my balls.  I took the hitachi and reached around (a behind the back orgasm!) and as she was coming a second time, she pinched the loose skin on my scrotum and pulled on it.  Her second orgasm seemed longer than the first one.

I realized she meant business about denying me, so I turned off the lights and cuddled her until she fell asleep.  I was so aroused by her dominating me that I could not fall asleep, so when she was asleep, I got up to take a sleeping pill and then cuddled her.

*  *  *  *  *
What a difference submission makes!  I cooked a great dinner Sunday night, put away the dishes she had done, and then finished off the new dishes.  I wanted to play again but she didn't seem to want to so I just went to bed.  As we were waking, I had what seemed like an unusually strong morning wood erection.  She lovingly stroked it and played with my balls.  So, I guess I got my teasing session after all.  I am one happy sub!


  1. Thank you for your blog! My Boss and I are just starting our own blogs:

  2. "Silly husband, orgasms are for wives"

    SO FUNNY! Reminds me of the old Cocoa Puffs commercial:

    "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" pleads the cartoon bird Tucan Sam over and over and over, just to have his bowl of cereal taken away by a child, who admonishes...

    "SILLY BIRD! Cocoa Puffs are for kids!"

    OMIGOSH... it just dawned on me, there must have been subliminal messages in those advertisements teaching young Females on how to prepare the male for future life. Sometimes it is rather embarrassing for a male to realize how greatly the power hierarchy between the sexes has been reversed...