Monday, September 22, 2014

Is this ever going to get old?

Lots of things are swimming through my horny little mind right now.

As for the relationship part: things are going really well.  We both have some external struggles in our careers, which caused some strain a few weeks ago.  Not that we are through that, but my Queen has been able to put that aside and focus a bit on us.  We had a fantastic play session recently (details below) and I am feeling almost euphoric right now.  My wife seems to be enjoying being dominant and I am enjoying submitting to her.

It made me think: is wife-in-charge sex ever going to get old?  It doesn't seem so.  It seems like there are so many avenues to explore right now, and it's constantly exciting.  My Queen has been very wet during our playtime, and her orgasms are easily the best she's ever had.

Down to the nitty gritty NSFW stuff

After she decided to dominate me again, I had a nice quasi-tease from her.  On a lazy weekend, I was laying half-awake and noticed that I had a full morning wood erection.  It was "ready for sex" hard.  My wife began to stroke it through my shorts and then lovingly stroked my balls.  It was maybe a minute, but it's hard to under-state how loved it made me feel.  Firstly, firm and full erections are becoming less common as I age.  In a sense, I felt like she was "celebrating" this in a loving way.  Second, it was a nice, albeit brief, tease.  Third, it played into my "love language" as being physical touch.  It's how I best interpret feeling loved - being touched.

Later, we had a great dominance/submission session.  I was horny and wanted to play.  She had flirted me a bit during the evening, so it seemed possible.  I became tired, and got naked and lit a candle in our bedroom.  I figure that would be unmistakable that I wanted something to happen.

She finally came up and started playing with my back and ass.  It felt SO GOOD.  Remember my need for physical touch?  OMG, I love it when she plays with my ass.  I turned around and she really started stroking my cock.  I was rock hard.  I was more awake at this point, so I got up to try to better play with her.  She then started squeezing my balls hard.  I asked her if she was trying to castrate me and she just giggled.

She had an incredible orgasm and then play time was over.

This is not getting old.


  1. It never gets old, only better after you both retire and can serve her full time. She likes me to wear a little baby doll nightie or a half slip with my panties underneath when I do my housework. She goes golfing or plays tennis every day with her friends, and has lunch and wine afterwards. When she arrives homes, she tells me she wants a massage and then takes a short 1/2 hour nap. I may run errands, fully dressed now, and plan dinner. We either go out with friends or I prepare dinner for us.

    In the mornings, she teases and denies me thru my panties. And if she has approved of my behavior , she may edge me. But no cumming is allowed. She gets her orgasms about twice a week, but she also says orgasms are only for wives. I have not cum at all this year, and she has said that she wants me to go all of 2014 without cumming to see how good I can be. Last year she allowed me to cum 3 times, and she has said there is no guarantee that I will be allowed to cum early January. It depends on my housework and behavior

  2. This is something I have wondered about also. Great to hear from All Hers that it gets even better when you have more time to devote. I am looking forward to that freedom so she can control me even more.

  3. I'm struggeling a bit to understand ALL HERS. I get the fun about wife led sex and teasing and denying. But where is the fun in not getting a release as a fairly regular thing. Where is the fun in doing all the housework and having your wife do fun things all her day and just pay you back with a little teasing in the morning?

    I get that you can get of of the inequality and giving your wife pleasure but what is the fun in just being a wallet and a domestic help?

    To me there has to be something else? The wife needs to put in a somewhat equal effort into the relasionship. What that effort would be can varry a lot from people to people but I find the onesidedness of some WLM to be pointless?

    Anybody care to enlighten me here?

    Great blog by the way?

    1. Good questions. To begin with, I very much would like to cum, but my wife wants me horny. She has a saying,"a horny husband is a good husband". She does not like my down time after she allows me to cum. It lasts maybe 2 weeks. Always being aroused makes me a better slave to my wife. My attitude is better and so is my housework. She dominates me every day, what could be better. And the most dominant thing a wife can do to her husband is to tell him when, how and if he will cum.

      She does allow me to golf once a week if I have pleased her. We do go out with friends. She has many because of her golf and tennis ability. Also she teaches an aerobics class 2 days a week and has a large following. My wife is very attractive with a great body and wonderful tits. She looks very similar to Heather Locklear, the actress. Many men try to hit on her at the golf course. She is polite but not interested. Being allowed to lick her pussy is a joy for me, and I get to do it maybe twice a week. She loves her orgasms. She wears very sexy nighties to bed with sheer tops. In the morning she rubs me and stops just before edging me. She reserves edging for very good behavior.

      I am submissive , she is dominant so we are the perfect couple. I am locked on occasion in my CB 6000 when I ask her to because my cock is just way too sensitive many times. Just reading these blogs could make me cum after 9 months. And she does not want a wet dream so she locks the device on me many nights before she gets her orgasms and then we go to sleep.

      Yes, it is difficult not being allowed to cum. But that is what she wants and that is what makes a good WLM. Doing what she says and wants no matter what I feel. She buys me panties and nighties and I now wear panties 24/7. I had a doctors appointment last week and had on only panties. A female physician. She noticed but did not care. Her female assistant looked a little longer though. They were medium blue with no lace so they could have passed for men.

      Thanks for your questions. A WLM is not for everyone. But when you are in one, there is nothing better.

    2. I get some of what you write but one crusial thing escapes me. What about you? What about your needs? What about the thought that a marriage is a we not an I?

      To me it seems that you are just a slave that your wife does the minimum to keep that way. For me a WLM is a lot different. It meens she decides but you both equaly put effort into it. The effort could be in different ways but it should not be onesided?

      Everything you write except a few things, like rubbing you in the morning (something i guess is very shord since you don't get to cum), is onesided.

      Let me ask you this. Wouldn't your wife be a better wife if she is horny to? I bet she would edge you more often etc...

  4. Hi All thanks for the comments and interest in my blog. It is my general personality that I like variety. I think most people do. My motivation for writing this post was a notion that struck me: there is endless variety in sex play in general, and femdom in particular. I read somewhere that sex is “adult playtime”. I think that aptly characterizes my thoughts: when you were a child, you had neverending fun with your friend, you let your imagination go wild and you loved life. Then you get older and lose that sense of adventure. I feel like femdom has recaptured that for us.

    Housework and chores are a bit of a touchy subject for us. Our femdom play is very much confined to our bedroom activities. I do expect my Queen to assist me in the household chores. I am not a slave.

    My submission to her in the bedroom is extremely exciting for us right now. I get the thrill of being in “sub-space” and I thoroughly enjoy pleasing her. I am a better husband when I am teased and denied. Even though I submit to her, I think it’s implicit that she also needs to “take care of me”. There are times when I pleasure her and then she simply says to go to bed. That’s ok, but I truly “need” the teasing part.

    Not to say that things could radically change if we find ourselves more time to play. I am really looking to being an empty nester. I doubt I will be wearing many clothes around that house! And being retired seems very far off, but I could see myself serving more during that time.