Monday, September 29, 2014

30 orgasm free days for me... not her

This latest femdom session came out of nowhere; we had been playing very "vanilla" for some time.  I don't know what sparked this for her, but I am more than a willing 'victim' of her control of my cock.

We last had intercourse on September 11, which was just after her cycle was over.  It is entirely likely that I will not penetrate her until her next cycle is over.  During our "pillow talk" she has expressed interest in keeping me chaste for a full month.  She has asked me a few times how long it's been since I've come, and I have immediately told her (it's been on my mind, lol).  At first I thought she was just kidding around, but it does seem that our bedroom will be semen-free for another two weeks (I'm about halfway into this "sentence").  She will respond with something like, "Aww, that's not very long; I guess you've got to wait longer".

I have been pretty good about not topping from the bottom.  I asked her once if I could lock up and she sort of deflected it.  There may be a chance if she goes out of town, so it's possible she will lock me.  I definitely would enjoy that.  The fact of the matter is, I am coming to accept that she enjoys seeing and feeling my erections, so use of the chastity device will be a rare event.  I think maybe 3-4 times per year.

To sum up, since our last coupling on Sept 11, we've had six play sessions and she has had 8 orgasms (obviously, to my zero).  The longest streak that I can recall is 11 female orgasms in a row, so that record will likely be broken.

I just wanted to mention that she came via cunnilingus last night!  I was on the top of my game, and during her basking, she said that it was the best orgasm of her life!  Yes, I am a proud husband.  If you have followed my blog for some time, we normally are very tired when we play, and often times my Queen does not have the patience for me going down on her; besides, it's not always successful.

She had been shaving her pussy more lately, and when I saw she did a touch up last night, I knew I had to get between her legs and orally pleasure her.  It was awesome.  I love that she enjoyed herself so much.

I wanted to talk about the two teases she gave me:
  • Two sessions ago, she fell asleep after her orgasm and didn't tease me much.  As we were waking up in the morning, she started really stroking my cock through my shorts.  She got me reasonably close to orgasm, maybe 70% there.  It turns out, that she was in a dream or something, and didn't realize it was the next morning.  She simply thought it was a continuation from our playtime.  Wild!
  • Last night, after my successful practice of cunnilingus, she stroked my cock and slapped my balls through the thong I wore to bed.  I like wearing thongs, I like the feel of the fabric up my ass crack, and I like how it is so skimpy.  But in both cases, it is frustrating to get teased through the fabric, with no skin to skin contact.  An added benefit is that my pre-cum mess is contained.  I think she appreciated that.



  1. Is she interested in intercourse, where you're not allowed to ejaculate? We've done it a lot. CH really gets off on the fact that she can enjoy a thorough fucking without having to worry about me and my orgasm. I get off on it as well, like you did when you satisfied your wife so well with your mouth.

    To accomplish it without me spurting almost immediately (I'm usually denied for months at a time, so I have very little stamina when it comes to PIV sex), we use Anbesol numbing gel and a condom or two.... It works like a charm.

    It sounds as if you're both enjoying the kink...


  2. Sexual tension is so much fun. You are lucky!

  3. My Mistress denied my request to wear my cage during this long bout of chastity too. She said that it's more of a "saving grace" than a punishment, and she wants it to be difficult for me.
    So far I'm a little over a month in without cumming.
    She has fucked me some in the ass and has used my cock too. It's extremely hard to not cum when she's riding me! Somehow I've managed to hold out.

  4. During intercourse last week I was lamenting the fact that I could not give my wife the good fucking she wanted since I had to stop to prevent my orgasm.
    She asked if I had a big dildo since she wanted to be filled. I got out a hollow dildo with straps that I can put my cock inside and wear it while fucking her good. I can't feel anything so have no problem with lasting for her and giving it to her as long and hard as she likes.

  5. I have not been permitted intercourse or even to sleep in the same room with my wife for longer than either of us can remember. My guess is 30+ years of our 42 year marriage. Not a D/s or cuckold thing. It is a bisexual preference of my wife and her girlfriend. I am on week 5 of a six week chastity period. It may be extended for another month as my wife is enjoying being semen free.