Monday, September 29, 2014

30 orgasm free days for me... not her

This latest femdom session came out of nowhere; we had been playing very "vanilla" for some time.  I don't know what sparked this for her, but I am more than a willing 'victim' of her control of my cock.

We last had intercourse on September 11, which was just after her cycle was over.  It is entirely likely that I will not penetrate her until her next cycle is over.  During our "pillow talk" she has expressed interest in keeping me chaste for a full month.  She has asked me a few times how long it's been since I've come, and I have immediately told her (it's been on my mind, lol).  At first I thought she was just kidding around, but it does seem that our bedroom will be semen-free for another two weeks (I'm about halfway into this "sentence").  She will respond with something like, "Aww, that's not very long; I guess you've got to wait longer".

I have been pretty good about not topping from the bottom.  I asked her once if I could lock up and she sort of deflected it.  There may be a chance if she goes out of town, so it's possible she will lock me.  I definitely would enjoy that.  The fact of the matter is, I am coming to accept that she enjoys seeing and feeling my erections, so use of the chastity device will be a rare event.  I think maybe 3-4 times per year.

To sum up, since our last coupling on Sept 11, we've had six play sessions and she has had 8 orgasms (obviously, to my zero).  The longest streak that I can recall is 11 female orgasms in a row, so that record will likely be broken.

I just wanted to mention that she came via cunnilingus last night!  I was on the top of my game, and during her basking, she said that it was the best orgasm of her life!  Yes, I am a proud husband.  If you have followed my blog for some time, we normally are very tired when we play, and often times my Queen does not have the patience for me going down on her; besides, it's not always successful.

She had been shaving her pussy more lately, and when I saw she did a touch up last night, I knew I had to get between her legs and orally pleasure her.  It was awesome.  I love that she enjoyed herself so much.

I wanted to talk about the two teases she gave me:
  • Two sessions ago, she fell asleep after her orgasm and didn't tease me much.  As we were waking up in the morning, she started really stroking my cock through my shorts.  She got me reasonably close to orgasm, maybe 70% there.  It turns out, that she was in a dream or something, and didn't realize it was the next morning.  She simply thought it was a continuation from our playtime.  Wild!
  • Last night, after my successful practice of cunnilingus, she stroked my cock and slapped my balls through the thong I wore to bed.  I like wearing thongs, I like the feel of the fabric up my ass crack, and I like how it is so skimpy.  But in both cases, it is frustrating to get teased through the fabric, with no skin to skin contact.  An added benefit is that my pre-cum mess is contained.  I think she appreciated that.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ritual: undressing and dressing her

One time I had a day off and went to Target for a few things.  Nearly 90% of the shoppers were women.  It was a little cold, but not that big a deal for me.  Just about every woman was walking around shivering.

My Queen is one of those women that are "always cold".  Her normal nightwear includes her panties, PJ pants, a camisole, and a button up cover up top.  She always has a heavy comforter on top of her, and she remarks how hot I am when she cuddles with me.  In contrast, I usually wear a pair of gym shorts (no underwear) and shirtless (although sometimes I sleep nude).

A big turn on for me lately has been a near ritualistic act of undressing and then re-dressing her.  I suppose it's nothing new that a male helps his lover out of her clothes for sex play.  When we have intercourse and I ejaculate in her, she normally cleans things up a bit, and puts her clothes back on by herself.  She is in a better position to figure out what to do with "the mess".

However, our bedroom has recently been a semen-free zone.  I told my Queen that it really turns me on to dress her after she is done being pleasured.  I feel like it emphasizes that the sex is really all about her.  She only has to lift her legs up to assist with the undressing and re-dressing, and everything else is performed by me.

In our last play session, I really wanted to go down on her.  She had just shaven her pussy and that makes me lust for going down on her.  However, she wanted to come fast, and my initial tongue/clit interaction was bothering her*.  So, I took the Hitachi on her clit, and licked her pussy lips and vaginal entrance.  She came HARD.  She explicitly told me how much she enjoyed that orgasm.  She then told me to dress her.  That made me melt.  I am not all that familiar with panties and how to orient them.  I've had my difficulties undoing her bra before.  It was extremely erotic for me to have to "figure out" how to get the panties in the right orientation and then guide them through her legs, allow her to adjust her hips, and then finally positioning them perfectly on her.  Next, I did the same with her PJ bottoms, which were a lot easier for me.  I am doing this while fully erect and denied orgasm.  She then told me to put my shorts on.

OMG, I am getting hot just thinking about this.  I do feel some sense of humiliation.  Humiliation that I am essentially cleaning up for sex even though the "traditional" male mess was not made (of course, pre-cum was spewing everywhere).  I think one time she did this, she said, "good boy", which also made me melt into sub-space.  Apparently, there will be more opportunities for me to perform this ritual, as it doesn't appear she's ready for me to orgasm anytime soon.

* Of great mystery to me is the fact that she was bothered by my tongue being too "harsh" but jamming that super high intensity Hitachi on her clit didn't make her flinch.  Go figure.  I realize that I needed to give her more foreplay down there, something I hope to do tonight (can't stop thinking about her shaved pussy).  She and I both really wanted her to come!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Is this ever going to get old?

Lots of things are swimming through my horny little mind right now.

As for the relationship part: things are going really well.  We both have some external struggles in our careers, which caused some strain a few weeks ago.  Not that we are through that, but my Queen has been able to put that aside and focus a bit on us.  We had a fantastic play session recently (details below) and I am feeling almost euphoric right now.  My wife seems to be enjoying being dominant and I am enjoying submitting to her.

It made me think: is wife-in-charge sex ever going to get old?  It doesn't seem so.  It seems like there are so many avenues to explore right now, and it's constantly exciting.  My Queen has been very wet during our playtime, and her orgasms are easily the best she's ever had.

Down to the nitty gritty NSFW stuff

After she decided to dominate me again, I had a nice quasi-tease from her.  On a lazy weekend, I was laying half-awake and noticed that I had a full morning wood erection.  It was "ready for sex" hard.  My wife began to stroke it through my shorts and then lovingly stroked my balls.  It was maybe a minute, but it's hard to under-state how loved it made me feel.  Firstly, firm and full erections are becoming less common as I age.  In a sense, I felt like she was "celebrating" this in a loving way.  Second, it was a nice, albeit brief, tease.  Third, it played into my "love language" as being physical touch.  It's how I best interpret feeling loved - being touched.

Later, we had a great dominance/submission session.  I was horny and wanted to play.  She had flirted me a bit during the evening, so it seemed possible.  I became tired, and got naked and lit a candle in our bedroom.  I figure that would be unmistakable that I wanted something to happen.

She finally came up and started playing with my back and ass.  It felt SO GOOD.  Remember my need for physical touch?  OMG, I love it when she plays with my ass.  I turned around and she really started stroking my cock.  I was rock hard.  I was more awake at this point, so I got up to try to better play with her.  She then started squeezing my balls hard.  I asked her if she was trying to castrate me and she just giggled.

She had an incredible orgasm and then play time was over.

This is not getting old.

Monday, September 15, 2014

"Silly husband, orgasms are for wives"

We had a lull in our playtime and my wife's period came and went without me so much noticing.  Alas, life has gotten in the way.  Thursday, I took care of her with the vibrator and lay on top of her, my cock throbbing and I told her I really wanted her to dominate me.  She was too tired for that, but gave me the OK to come inside her.

Saturday night came around and I got my wish.

She was being a little more directive with me during foreplay, which I liked.  As I was caressing her back, I grabbed her ass and she asked if I noticed her panties.  Her panties said "In your dreams" (I believe from VS).  She told me that as she got dressed in the morning, she picked those panties out, deciding I wasn't going to come during our session.  She even said she "might" go for two orgasms.

During our pillow talk, she took it once step further and said that I wasn't going to come for a month.

As a submissive male, I was really turned on by this.  She let me suck her nipples and I could tell she was really hot and bothered.  I got the impression that she did not want to take her panties off, so I used the Hitachi on her clit and she came nicely.  I then gave her post-orgasm caressing and she seemed to back away from going for a second orgasm.  I was having none of that.

Her second one was hot also.  I straddled her torso with my erection revealing my excitement of her domination.  She swatted my balls a bit, but then did something she doesn't normally do: she played with my loose scrotum skin as opposed to my balls.  I took the hitachi and reached around (a behind the back orgasm!) and as she was coming a second time, she pinched the loose skin on my scrotum and pulled on it.  Her second orgasm seemed longer than the first one.

I realized she meant business about denying me, so I turned off the lights and cuddled her until she fell asleep.  I was so aroused by her dominating me that I could not fall asleep, so when she was asleep, I got up to take a sleeping pill and then cuddled her.

*  *  *  *  *
What a difference submission makes!  I cooked a great dinner Sunday night, put away the dishes she had done, and then finished off the new dishes.  I wanted to play again but she didn't seem to want to so I just went to bed.  As we were waking, I had what seemed like an unusually strong morning wood erection.  She lovingly stroked it and played with my balls.  So, I guess I got my teasing session after all.  I am one happy sub!