Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rare Male Foreplay

We played on Friday night.  My Queen hasn't been in the mood for sex.  On Wednesday (I think) she teased and denied me but did not have an orgasm of her own (she refused).  It was a pretty hot vanilla denial session.  She said that my moaning really turned her on, but unfortunately not enough to change her mind about foregoing her orgasm.

It started out pretty vanilla.  I was kissing her, getting her in the mood.  She said that she wanted to come.  I did the standard "finger in her upper pussy with the Hitachi on her clit" move.  She had a great orgasm.  I was rock hard and tried to get in her pussy.  She didn't let me in.  I didn't know what to make of that.  Either she needed more time to recover from her orgasm or she didn't think I needed an orgasm.

It was the former.  I laid on top of her, kissing her and allowing her to come down.  I then got up and "displayed" my arousal.  She gave me the most foreplay I have had in a very long time, but one thing that was very erotic about it was that she never physically touched my cock.  She instead administered ball torture on me.  It was mainly pulling on my scrotum.  In doing so, it created an indirect stimulation of my cock.  I was ROCK HARD.  She would slap my balls every now and then as well.  It was an erotic experience, and I wanted to come badly.  I don't often see my own erection, but I couldn't help but look down and see how big and hard it was.

I asked her if I could penetrate her and she said yes.  I got a Tshirt to catch the semen and I began pumping.  As we had an unexpected guest, she wanted me to be quite.  It is hot for me when she demands that I fuck a certain way.  Her demand was that I be as quiet as possible so as not to arouse suspicion.  As if I wasn't horny enough, that really got me deep into subspace.  I started fantasizing about her telling me, "look, you are not fucking me quiet enough, so you are done now".  But she didn't.  I asked her if I cold come and she said yes.

As I approached my orgasm, she started pinching my nipples.  I didn't want to top from the bottom, so I said as generally as I could, "Suzy, I don't think you can pinch them hard enough" and with that she really dug into my nipples and I had a terrific orgasm in her pussy.


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