Saturday, May 3, 2014


One of the many areas we diverge are differences in expectations.  Thinking of the sex play I expect to have tonight makes me hornier.  My Queen, on the other hand, hates any expectation of sex.

We last had sex on Tuesday.  It was a great experience for both of us.  She came quite nicely with my cock in her pussy and the Hitachi on her clit.  She verbally recognized that she liked the slow and deep penetration I did.  I really like it when she gives me feedback like that regarding sex.  For whatever reason, I had pretty good stamina that night and after she came, I got a T-shirt and placed it under her and then finished off in her pussy.

We have not had any sex play since then.  She stayed up really late on Thursday and was therefore too tired to play Friday night.  Today is one of those days that it really feels like we will be playing, with some sexual tension between us:

  • While we were texting about something serious, she made a lighthearted comment about her co-workers enjoying a potluck item she made.  She used one of those emoticons and it seriously looked like a pair of butt cheeks to me and I told her so.  She said, of course I would think that and then sent a bikini emoticon.  Then, she sent a lock and key, a non-subtle reference to me being locked up and I instantly became erect.  Not sure if this will happen, but she clearly was thinking about chastity.  We shall see.
  • We were driving and the Devo song "whip it" came on.  She smiled and sung a little loudly about "whipping it".
  • During our shopping trip she intentionally looked at me smiling and asked if I needed nuts.
  • She has complained several times today that I did not cuddle her last night.  Several times.
  • A child brought up the idea that I could grow out a beard and she very quickly corrected that I could not.  She does not like facial hair on me and it turned me on how assertive she was about that.
  • She has been a little more bossy lately, telling me what to do and so forth.  She texted me last night to make her a drink (not asking, but told me to).

I shaved my chest today, and that act alone, when it is in preparation for sex, turns me on a lot.  When my chest is shaved she almost always runs her hands over it and makes a positive comment.

Sex lately has been somewhat "vanilla".  We tend to go more vanilla around vacations and holidays and sometimes it takes us a while to get back into female domination.  As kinky as I am, it is nice to "go vanilla" periodically.  But I am really hoping to be dominated tonight.  The fact of the matter is, I am really very horny.  I hope she will play with me.


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