Saturday, April 19, 2014

Locking up in a male chastity device: reward or punishment?

My Queen locked me up in my CB-6000 for the longest time I've been locked, about ten days.  It came as a bit of a surprise and I locked up as commanded, putting the entire device on in front of her as she watched.  The lockup time went ok, I didn't have any significant issues with rashes or anything like that.  I have had to do some mental yoga to figure out what I thought of the whole thing.  This is my attempt to do so.

The two best parts of this lockup period were the beginning and the end.  Why?  In both cases, I didn't know what was going to happen, and my Queen was firmly in charge of both outcomes.  It's not that hard to imagine why I enjoyed the inital lockup: I would like to play with chastity more than we currently do.  But the reason I enjoyed the unlocking wasn't so much because I got to come (although that was awesome) after a decent denial period.  Rather, it was the way in which she decided to give me release.

We had one of those nights when it was obvious we were going to have sex play.  I prepped by getting fully nude (except for my chastity device, of course), and she came out in a sexy outfit.  I spread my legs and she began to tease me, stroking my inner thighs.  I could feel my cock filling the cage, trying in vain to get erect.  Being "fully nude" and vulnerable to her was a big turnon (my CFNM fetish).  I had no idea if I was going to be let out.  She teased me, and I was really enjoying it.  She then said it was time for a release. I had not been asking to be unlocked, I was really letting her lead.  She came out with the key, teasing me a bit about it, making it more obvious that she was in charge of my sex.  I love "key teasing".  She put the key in the lock and teased me more by saying she had changed her mind and was going to leave me locked.  I was in deep sub-space.  I would have been fine with that, extending my chastity further, and still would have loved this session because I finally was getting a good, solid physical teasing from her.  Ultimately, she unlocked me, and I came inside her pussy.  After we settled back down, I told her I enjoyed being locked and asked her if she would be locking me more, which she said yes.

Alas, my main motivation for this post was to think through the pros and cons of me being locked in a physical device.  Here goes:


  • Male chastity is more real to me when I am locked up in a device.  Literally not having control over my own body is very hot.  One time when I was locked at work, we had to evacuate work due to a weather issue.  It was a rare time that I came home early and was alone.  Being locked was ideal, as I was horny and at most risk to "taking matters in my own hands".
  • I have never really minded sleeping in the device and waking up to morning wood.  I have heard men describe this as feeling like your balls are being ripped off.  Not for me.  I actually like the feeling of straining futilely in my cage.  Makes me feel manly and virile.
  • Endless teasing opportunities, particularly around the key and lock metaphors.  Love it how she safety-pins the key to her bra.  Very sexy.
  • The theoretical "double standard"/cuckolding.  If Catherine Zeta-Jones showed up and I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck her, I simply couldn't.  However, my wife is fully capable of copulation with other men.  Turns me on a lot!
  • Sex play while locked is unique.  I generally assume that I will not be unlocked and therefore my cock is "off the table".  It's hard to describe, but I find that being locked seems to improve my focus when I go down on her.  It's a very real way of focusing on her for sex, and when she is done, she can decide to unlock me or not.  There's a natural law of inertia, and being locked seems to make it easier for her to deny me, as an action that only she can do (unlocking me) has to take place before I am released.  In the absence of no action, I remain chaste.


  • Far and away, hygiene.  I did a prior review between the Birdlocked Mini and the CB-6000S.  I am glad that I can choose which device I wear now, and it is definitely the CB-6000S, because of hygiene issues.  I had a hard time lining up my urethra in the Birdlocked, but this lock up period, I did much better with that.  Even still, I would not feel comfortable with her giving me a "locked BJ" (even though that would be incredibly hot) due to hygiene issues.  I'm near OCD when it comes to being clean for sex.  She also seems to recognize the hygiene issue.  We had a conversation around this and it was mildly implied that if I could maintain better hygiene, I might be locked more often.
  • Being locked at work.  Not a fan.  What makes being locked really fun for me is the bondage aspect, the straining in my cage.  Work is just not a sexy place for me.  I never really get an erection and have no real temptations.  While I believe I am better at it, urinating is more of a chore.  I have a job where I mostly sit, but by far the worst part is working out.  Yes, you CAN workout with a chastity device, but it is far more tricky in the locker room.  I have told my wife this, that I don't like being locked up at work, and she said matter of factly that that feedback made her want me to lock up at work more.  That's just her - Be careful what you wish for.
  • For me, successful lockup periods require a degree of maintenance (teasing) that my Queen is probably not willing to take on.  During this last lockup, we didn't really play that much.  We already have a significant libido imbalance, and me being locked exacerbates that.  I want to play, just about every day.  She gets lost in her world and as far as I can tell, forgets about my "situation".


  1. That was a good description of what it is liked to locked. Does she plan to do it again soon for more than 10 days? I guess it is unfortunate that she forgets about your situation instead of teasing you all the time when you are locked.


  2. Very interesting article. I can relate to all those feelings. I am not required to wear a cage very often and when I am, it feels like an old friend once it is on. Later on the normal "I WANT THIS THING OFF" mood sets in.

    Unlike, chastity for me is more real being unlocked. I also love being required to be nude in the presence of my Mistress. The worst of all time is "ignore and denial"

  3. 3 days without an orgasm can be a long time for young guys but as an older guy, I do not need to be locked up if denial is only a week. We normally go for at least 3 weeks and are shooting for two months over the next few months. It gets easier to go longer each time. I find that after two weeks I lose interest in sex and if it were not for my wife teasing me twice a week, I would not be bothered about my lack of an orgasm. The teasing brings my penis back to life though and I get horny again and have to suppress that feeling again.

    We used to have three teasing sessions a week but we reduced that to two and I am able to go longer. We are going to reduce it to once a week and then once a month to see what happens.

    I do not need a cage until after a week but my wife wants me to wear it right after teasing. It tends to make me horny so it is sort of counter productive.