Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Role Reversal: Men as sex objects

A very long time ago, I watched a moderated debate on pornography.  The main gist of the anti-pornography position was from a feminist whose position was that porn objectified women.  Ron Jeremy, a famous male porn star, responded to that by stating that in his "acting", he was actually much more objectified because the camera really only focused on his genitalia.  This particular actor is not very attractive, so that was an easy argument to buy.  A male porn star is there for his body and ability to "perform" in front of a number of people under hot lights and direction.  He is not there to share his personal feelings or thoughts on environmental policy.  He's there because he can fuck under conditions that most men could not.  If he developed performance problems, he'd be out of that "line of work" immediately.  He is a piece of meat.  The idea of a male being a sex object was something that stuck with me and has been awakened by our femdom play.

I was thinking about this as we were playing the other night.  I sensed that Suzy was going to deny me release.  I was on top of her, and she could feel my erection which was very pleasing to her.  I was supporting my upper torso with my arms, and Suzy commented that she liked my muscles.  I lift weights 3x per week and am pretty focused on improving my physique.  I had made some good strides lately, and it really flattered me that she noticed.

In the context, her actively telling me how much she liked my body but not allowing me sexual release made me think of myself as a sex object, a piece of meat for her enjoyment.  Something to arouse and amuse her, but not necessarily feel an obligation to "release".  Her entertainment.

This is magnified most when she allows me to penetrate her but forbids me to come.  That's when I feel most like a sex object/slave. 

*  *  *  *  *

When I am doing  a difficult set at the gym, I often think about doing it "for" Suzy.  I think of trying to be a piece of eye candy, a "trophy husband", a plaything for her.  This does provide me motivation in the gym.  

So, I was flattered by the compliment around my body, and she was flattered by my erection.

Speaking of sex objects, Suzy is pretty enamored with Channing Tatum.  She is not shy about expressing her thoughts on his... good qualities.  As I have been sick lately, I have been goofing around the internet and read an article that he actually was a stripper and there are videos of him.  Pretty sure Suzy will want to see that.


  1. Nice to be eye candy and a trophy husband. And how difficult it is to penetrate her and not cum and have u ever lost control cum when she told you not too?


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the comment. I'm sure I have. The last time I can recall was when we first started playing with nipple play. She was on top of me cowgirl style, which is a position that I ordinarily have excellent stamina in. She had inserted me into her and then started twisting my nipple and I was so aroused I came before she did. I was rather embarrassed about this to say the least. She wasn't mad, but found it kind of amusing. She hates having her nipples played with and was always reluctant to play with mine because I don't think she *understood* why it might arouse me. I think this was just proof positive as to how much it turns me on - hard to argue with that. Sometimes when I am penetrating her she purposely does this to "distract" me and make me come. I think she likes that level of control.

    That aside, she has been much more possessive of my orgasms lately. She has refused penetration just in case I "have an accident". And when she does allow me, she says things like "you BETTER not come". Needless to say, this makes me anxious and I err on the side of pulling out rather than risking it.