Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Punished or rewarded with male chastity device lockup?

After a few nonsexual cuddling nights, it was clear we were going to have some intimate times last night as she walked out in her sexy long nightgown.  We did a lot of kissing and head and back massaging and were both getting worked up.  Her clothes really make a big difference to me, not just in the way they look and conform to her breasts, but they even feel sexy.

This translated into my going down between her legs, where I had no panties to fight.  I thought I did everything right, slow caresses around the inner thigh, take a circuitous route to the clitoris and then do some teasing.  She started moaning and even verbally told me it was feeling good.  It did take some time, but I got her hot so she could handle the direct contact with her pleasure center.  It was awesome. It took 5-10 min and then she started to get really rigid around her pelvic area and she came hard.  I don't think there's any single sex act that makes me feel as powerful and masculine as when I successfully bring her to climax with my tongue.  As she basked in her orgasm, I stood up and gently massaged her thighs and pubic area.  She was lost in her own little world and later thanked me for giving her post-orgasmic massage.

I had pussy juices all over my mouth and chin, and believe me, I would have loved to have given her a wet sloppy kiss.  I think sharing sexual fluids is very hot.  But she hates the idea, so I rinsed off and went back in to kiss her and see what she might have in mind for me.

To my great surprise, she said, "well, I haven't been very happy with you, so I want you to lock up now".  I had just given her a fantastic oral orgasm and been denied for almost two weeks, almost a month since I've been in her pussy.  Our relationship is really good, although we did have a minor squabble Sunday night.

I have been "hinting" at a lockup period for a while.  I walk a fine line between expressing my fantasies and "topping from the bottom".  My orgasms have been fewer lately (purely controlled by her) and when I am denied, my sexual fantasies get kinkier.  I don't think I've been locked up since June.  I was starting to think that this was just more my thing and not as much hers.

I nervously assembled the parts to the CB-6000S in front of her.  She watched and snickered about the fact that I was hard and it was going to be difficult for me to put it on in front of her.  Doing so makes me feel a lot more submissive, almost humiliated in a way, because she just watches as I struggle and teases me when I have difficulty.  I have a long standing fantasy of her actually putting the device on my 100% by herself.  I got the ring on OK, with a little pinching (fortunately, I had recently trimmed my pubic hair) but my cock was too stiff to put the cage on in front of her.


  1. Well that seems abrupt but must be a lovely mind fuck at the same time! :)

    Today we start a "no see, no touch" for cagedmonkey for as long as I can manage it. He will be cuffed and blindfolded any time he needs to be out - which will be minimal. I will be removing and putting on his Revenge 100% during this time. It should be very interesting! :)

  2. It's restricting to be locked in a device, and is viewed as punishment by most people. Well, for me, it's really a pleasurable experience. It can be hard to pinpoint all the reasons, but much of the time I prefer to be kept locked in my chastity cage.

  3. Ice packs work every time. I am also hard for my wife many times as I put my chastity device on for her and she locks it. Ice works fast and last for awhile, keeping me soft.