Sunday, March 9, 2014

"I'll let you come when you are ready and you're not ready yet"

Last night started off great with her coming out in her sexy nightgown.  She was very receptive to foreplay.  I groped her shoulders and breasts and then moved to her inner thighs.  She began to moan lightly, which spurred me on.  Her pussy wasn't bald, but her pubes were really fine and I enjoyed stroking it while I was playing with her labia.  She was pretty wet and I noticed her musk was particularly strong (which is always the case just before and just after her period).  I can still smell her on my finger even though I have washed my hands.  Sexy pheromones!

I fingered her pussy and she was moaning, more than normal.  She was getting close and then we switched to Hitachi on her clit and my fingers inside her pussy in slow rhythmic movements at the entrance of her vagina.  I would have loved to have finished her off with fingering but she said it was starting to hurt a little.  She came hard.

What struck me most about this session is how open she was to being pleasured.  What she wore was a clear signal that she wanted to be physical: her sexy nightgown without panties.  She offered ZERO resistance to my foreplay and sexual touches - in fact her body language was telling me that she expected it.  Many times she seems compelled through some inner anti-slut voice that she needs to "play hard to get" and say things like, "I just wanna cuddle tonight".  Sometimes it's fun to overcome her "reluctance" but it was a pleasant surprise for her to be so open to our session.  I love it when my wife is horny!

I asked her if she needed penetration and she said, "you're not ready for that yet".  I realized at that point the chances for me orgasming were really low.  She was practically falling asleep and started playing with my nipples harshly.  She then moved to my thong-covered genitals which is frustrating in not getting full skin contact.  This tease lasted a while, I was getting close and then she'd slow down.

She then moved to direct skin contact, which felt great.  A unique part of this tease was with this particular thong I was wearing.  It is really old and probably a little on the big side (loose).  There is plenty of room for her hand to be in the pouch area, so the thong was never removed.  As she was teasing me, the string part rubbed along my ass with a tension that felt incredible when combined with the cock and ball stimulation with her hand.  She edged me several times and I thought I was going to come or that maybe she was going to ruin my orgasm.  When I was almost there, she would abandon my cock, grab my balls and squeeze hard, which gave the kabosh on my orgasm.  I must have been "edged" half a dozen times.

She finally said I had had enough, that she "didn't want me to explode" and then stopped in a loving but firm manner.  We did some really intimate "aftercare" in which I got on top of her and kissed her all over.  She talked about how much she enjoyed our session and as much as I don't want to press this, I tried to get her to let me know how much longer till I come.  Her reply, "I'll let you come when you are ready, and you're not ready yet".  It seemed so Kung-Fu or Jedi master coming from her.  My thong had about as much pre-come on it as if I had had a full orgasm.  Femdom life is good!

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