Saturday, February 22, 2014

Three week load release

Suzy never really articulated what her "plan" was for me to have my release.  It could have been what we actually did, but she was very coy about it.

We had a big dinner and when I came home, I crashed on our bed.  I feel asleep but woke up when she came to bed, which I think was around midnight.  She was wearing her sexy nighty and no panties.

I tried very hard to cuddle her but she was playing hard to get.  Eventually, I got completely naked and she let me penetrate her.  It felt so good.  She was wet and readily accepted my cock.  I thrust very slowly and we had some pillow talk.  Just talked about what a turnon it was for her to control my orgasms, things like that.  I withdrew, got the Hitachi, and tried to replicate the fingering action that she enjoyed so much the night before.  She came and it was great.  Like I always say, ladies first.

I inserted back in and she said she wanted me to come in her pussy.  I got a clean white t-shirt and placed it under her.  I was somewhat intimidated.  She was more than sexually satisfied and she invited me to come inside her.  But, I was nervous that I wasn't going to last long.  Well, I didn't really.  She noticed I was slowing down and she started using her kegels to really clamp down on me.  It was pretty erotic, my trying to hold out and her thwarting my efforts.  Eventually, I recognized that I was at the point of no return and so started pumping really hard and fast.  It was excellent.  My cock was still twitching uncontrollably long after my orgasm was effectively over.

*  *  *  *  *
I had mixed feelings about finally ending my period in chastity.  Concerned that the "orgasm hangover" would be a real downer.  Part of me wanted her to deny me further.  On the other hand, I was too horny and started to become unfocused and felt like I needed to come to get back to normalcy.

Even though this wasn't my longest period of orgasm denial, it was a very intense one.  I think we had six tease and denial sessions over a period of two weeks (one of the weeks I was out of town).  I hadn't described one of the CBT sessions yet: but it was an intense out of body experience.

I had an important meeting at work last week, and Suzy very seriously asked me if I was focused enough, strongly implying she would give me a handjob so that I could perform well.  At that time, I felt pretty good and it turned out my meeting went fine.  I mention this just to point out that she is loving to me.  I think she would have been slightly disappointed had I said "yes" because she had a goal for my denial period.  However, at the time of my final release, I really needed to come because I was truly getting out of hand.  I think it was that last denial session that really did it for me: when she kept going on and on about how great her orgasm was.

So: how do I feel post orgasm?  Very good.  I don't really feel much of an orgasm hangover at all.

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  1. Each time i am allowed to orgasm after having been denied for weeks, i too am conflicted and also secretly hope that she will deny me again. i get a kind of panic when i know i actually will be allowed to orgasm. Conflicted between the sheer joy of being allowed and the fear of the hangover effect. Each time, as we move forward in our D/s marriage, the hangover effect gets less and less, which is a good thing!

    Love your blog!