Monday, February 3, 2014

Sex for her

We didn't play last night at all.  In fact, my wife was up really late and I know she is going to be tired tonight.  Although we did cuddle in the morning, it was nonsexual.  As she left for work, we embraced and I whispered in her ear: "Sex tonight?"

Without hesitating, she retorted, "For me, not for you!".

I instantly became erect.

I suppose that I was a little bummed out about not having penetrative sex and an orgasm following my business trip.  Absence makes my dick grow harder.  This happens EVERY time we are away from each other.  I wanted her in a bad way, and I was a little bummed out about having to wait until circa Valentines day for my next orgasm.

And yet, now I am really turned on by it.  She is dominating me, and that's exactly what I want.  I want her to control my orgasms and the 'double standard' of her having as much sexual pleasure as she desires is thrilling to my as a submissive male.  In fact, I am becoming erect now just thinking about it.

Apart from that little interaction, we didn't see each other much.  She is still on her period, and that normally means she is the bathroom a lot.  I made her an omelet and was hoping she would join me as I made mine.  She was still upstairs and so I just decided to walk it up there, with a fork and napkin, sort of like a weekday version of breakfast in bed.  As I reflected on this, I thought of two things:

Control of my orgasm leads to "courtship behavior".  When we were dating (courting), I cared a lot what she thought of me.  I kept my dorm room tidy and made my bed.  I was on my best behavior with her.  I didn't fart or belch in front of her.  I was a gentleman.  I would do things for her "just because".  True, there was a sexual driver for it (hormones were going wild then!), but ultimately I enjoyed pleasing her, making her happy.  Making her omelet (without her asking) was an example of this.  I have been chaste for about 10 days now, and I felt "driven" to make her breakfast because I saw that it would please her.  I don't even feel like I had a choice, I felt compelled to do it, like a bird feels compelled to make a nest.  This is probably the biggest benefit we as a couple get out of rationing my orgasms.

Secondly, I came to that somewhat sad conclusion that our marriage quality appears to be inversely proportional to how many orgasms I have.  If I am kept denied, we seem to be happier and get along better (in large part due to the courtship behavior described above).  This is exasperating because I am a dude, I have a high sex drive, and I really want to come.  I suppose that's the key: I want to orgasm, but I need to have my Queen direct it for the benefit of our marriage.  Therein lies my submissive angst.



  1. One thing I love about owning my slave is how just one statement from me can make him erect too. Don't you just love that? Just one simple sentence can not only result in a rapid erection but also a nice reminder of your status.

  2. I have been getting constant, spontaneous erections within the past week. It's as if I'm a teenager again. This is a bit distressing to me, as I really do want to come, but I am quite happy with my Queen controlling when I ultimately will. My erections over our tease and denial play are obvious signs I enjoy being under her control.

  3. I definitely agree that limiting my orgasms makes me a better husband and lover. The funny thing is that I am the one who is generally controlling it. She doesn't tell me I can't come and in fact I am often struggling not to when she is doing all she can to cause me to. So am I under her control? I am at my happiest when she controls me.