Friday, February 14, 2014

Mysteries of female sexuality

My college roommate gave me a gag gift book of everything that men know about women.  Yes, it was a completely blank book with no text.

Likewise, I have been having sex with my wife for around 20 years.  I still don't have her figured out, sexually speaking.  For example, there are times when I will go down on her, I feel like I am bringing my cunnilingus A-game, and she doesn't come.  There are other times that she comes after maybe just a minute of pussy eating.  I have a vague notion, but nothing really concrete.

The mysterious nature of female sexuality is addicting to me.

Last night we played and I really wanted to eat her pussy.  She flat out said no.  I have no idea why.  I really wanted to and started moving my head down to her pussy and she got really mad.  I thought our night was over.  She perked up a bit and then acted like she wanted to play.  I was intrigued.

I rubbed my hardon against her pussylips and then got the vibrator.  I fingered her for a bit.  She made some motion like she didn't like how I was fingering her (no idea why), so I backed off. With the vibrator on her clit, I re-strategized me fingering ~ very light, shallow strokes at the entrance of her vagina.  She came HARD.

But here's the deal: my wife is usually very demure about sex, especially right after she comes.  We call it "basking in the glow" of her orgasm.  She will sometimes say something like "wow, too bad you don't experience that sort of pleasure" - orgasm smack talking, which really turns me on.

However, last night following her orgasm, she wouldn't stop talking about how pleasurable it was.  It wasn't so much to brag about it, but rather it was her wanting to make sure I understood that she wants me to do it THAT WAY.  Basically, coaching me on how to best pleasure her.

My mind is racing over this.  It turned me on how vocal she was about it.  I really like it when she is assertive, and that's what it was.  She wanted me to not lose this lesson for further pleasuring.  I suspect that we will play tonight (being Valentine's Day and all) but I know that I won't be coming or penetrating her.  I feel obliged to replicate what I did with her.  The thing is, I am not entirely sure I understand what I did that was such a turn on.  That's the best I can describe it: that she liked the very shallow and slow fingering with the vibe on her clit.  I don't want to disappoint her, I want to hear her extolling the virtues of her pleasure again.  What husband doesn't want a wife that brags about how hard she comes?  Hot stuff!

*  *  *  *  *
I contrast this with my own sexuality, which is much more cut and dried.  My orgasms are most intense when:
  • There is lots of foreplay (teasing).  The intensity of my orgasm is directly related to the duration of our session, particularly if she edges me close to the brink a few times.
  • She strokes the underside of my cock (most sensitive part)
  • She plays with my balls (smacking, squeezing, or gentle caresses)

As implied above, my orgasms are more intense with handjobs than coming in her pussy.  The fact is, we don't have as much penis in vagina intercourse these days.  My last orgasm was in her pussy on January 23rd, so it's been over three weeks since I've been inside her pussy.  We have had six sex sessions and she's come six times to my zero.

I am not that sure what's going to happen this weekend.  She has told me she "has a plan" but I'm not sure what that is.  She hasn't specifically told me that I would come, but the implication is that I will be allowed to penetrate her.  I don't have any sexpectations, so I am thinking it will be awesome.  Can't wait!



  1. Congratulations with your orgasm yesterday. How about experiencing Her orgasms as yours, so that you don't need to orgasm anyway? Maybe a new challange.

  2. I am not sure how old your wife is, but I am 36, closer to 37 and I have found in the past year that my sex drive is changing. I am not ragingly horny as I used to be, but I am still very interested in sex. However, sometimes I can cum very easily and other times it takes more effort. It also depends where I am in my cycle too. I wouldn't dwell on not having her all figured out as I am starting to see I dont even have have myself figured out anymore.

  3. That was an excellent post brother sub!