Sunday, February 2, 2014

Failure to lockup and resultant punishment

I recently went on a business trip and my domme wife told me to lock up in my chastity belt between the plane flights.  Simple enough instruction that avoids the potential embarrassment of a nosy TSA agent.  As a quick reminder, I would like to lockup more often, but the use of my chastity device is generally limited to times when we are apart, such as this business trip.  Well, I forgot to pack my chastity device.  I really did "forget" ~ the notion of being locked up is an exciting one for me, and opportunities do not come up that often.  I had a few glasses of wine that night, and not only did I forget to pack my chastity belt, but I also forgot my electric razor.  Ugh.

In most circumstances, my wife prefers me to remain chaste using the "honor system" precisely because it is more difficult for me AND she enjoys feeling my wanton lust poking her in the backside.  However, when we are apart, she likes having proof that I have not taken matters into my own hands.  Couple this with the fact that the airport security on the way back didn't have one of those body scanner thingys and I more than likely would have been fine traveling back to my domme completely locked up.  And, it could have been fun to Facetime her an image of my caged cock.

It was not to be.  I plain forgot.  Damn.

Well, I returned, and my domme meted out my punishment.  Due to my failure to lockup, I won't be coming until after Valentines Day.  My sense is that she may even delay my orgasm longer than that.

As a masochist, submissive male, one would think that I enjoy the idea of being punished, but this is not something I am enjoying.  For one, I disappointed my Mistress, which sucks.  For another, I really do crave coming.  We last had intercourse on the 23rd, so I am incredibly horny.  My domme started her period during my trip, which means that our sexy reunion was limited to use of the Hitachi and her having a lovely orgasm while she had one hand squeezing my balls and the other hand tightly holding my hard cock.  I offered (begged?) to lock up but she refused.  I must pay the piper, and accept my punishment.

*  *  *  *  *
In a moment of irony, my domme said that she "didn't feel dominant" to me.  I asked her why, and she said that she didn't feel creative in dominating me.  I said, "do you like to control my orgasms"?  "Yes".  "Do you like to cause me pain with my nipples and my balls?"  "Yes".  She seems pretty dominant to me!  I feel like we should pursue this discussion a bit more.  It felt like she had a dominant wife esteem issue.  After she punished me for failure to lockup!

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