Friday, February 28, 2014

Male Chastity Combined with Multiple Female Orgasms

When we first started playing with female-centered sex, my domme would always have two orgasms per session ~ whether she allowed me to come or not.  It was rather sexy how she would take the reigns and finish herself off with another orgasm using the Hitachi after we were "done".  This was a real turnon and resulted in a disparate orgasm ratio: she would come ten times or more before she would allow me release.

Then she stopped wanting to have a second orgasm.  One time she told me that the second O made her cramp up and upset her stomach.  What's a sub to do?  When I am being denied orgasm, the 'double standard' of her having multiple orgasms sends me into deep subspace.  It makes me feel even more subservient to her when she comes twice in a session but denies me.

That's what she did the other night.  It was a fantastic D/S session.  We started off by me straddling her, my erect cock exposed for her to see (*ahh, my CFNM fetish coming through!).  She then started really punishing my balls.  I tried to stroke her inner thighs and pussy lips to stimulate her, but it was tough with the abuse she was inflicting on my balls.  She started talking dirty... I don't remember exactly what she said but it was to the effect that she was happy with the way I was taking what she was dishing out.

My erection looked bigger than normal.  I was royally turned on.

I then moved into position with her now favorite way to come.  I insert my fingers very shallowly into her vagina and position the Hitachi on her wondrous clit.  I stroke inside, softly towards the top and she comes.  She loves this!  After she came down, we had a little pillow talk.  She thought that my cock could do the same thing as my fingers.  I was really hoping to insert, and I used this as an avenue to do so.

I did.  Lately when she's been denying me orgasm, she seems very possessive and jealous that I might "accidentally" come.  She seems nervous in allowing me insider her.  This makes me feel even more submissive.  I get the feeling that there would be hell to pay if I came accidentally without her permission.

This play morphed into her having a second orgasm, and she ultimately denied me.  It was a very hot session.  There's nothing quite like having your wife's pussy juices all over your cock and her telling you the session is over and it's time to go to bed.  Leaves me a hot mess... in more ways than one!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Three week load release

Suzy never really articulated what her "plan" was for me to have my release.  It could have been what we actually did, but she was very coy about it.

We had a big dinner and when I came home, I crashed on our bed.  I feel asleep but woke up when she came to bed, which I think was around midnight.  She was wearing her sexy nighty and no panties.

I tried very hard to cuddle her but she was playing hard to get.  Eventually, I got completely naked and she let me penetrate her.  It felt so good.  She was wet and readily accepted my cock.  I thrust very slowly and we had some pillow talk.  Just talked about what a turnon it was for her to control my orgasms, things like that.  I withdrew, got the Hitachi, and tried to replicate the fingering action that she enjoyed so much the night before.  She came and it was great.  Like I always say, ladies first.

I inserted back in and she said she wanted me to come in her pussy.  I got a clean white t-shirt and placed it under her.  I was somewhat intimidated.  She was more than sexually satisfied and she invited me to come inside her.  But, I was nervous that I wasn't going to last long.  Well, I didn't really.  She noticed I was slowing down and she started using her kegels to really clamp down on me.  It was pretty erotic, my trying to hold out and her thwarting my efforts.  Eventually, I recognized that I was at the point of no return and so started pumping really hard and fast.  It was excellent.  My cock was still twitching uncontrollably long after my orgasm was effectively over.

*  *  *  *  *
I had mixed feelings about finally ending my period in chastity.  Concerned that the "orgasm hangover" would be a real downer.  Part of me wanted her to deny me further.  On the other hand, I was too horny and started to become unfocused and felt like I needed to come to get back to normalcy.

Even though this wasn't my longest period of orgasm denial, it was a very intense one.  I think we had six tease and denial sessions over a period of two weeks (one of the weeks I was out of town).  I hadn't described one of the CBT sessions yet: but it was an intense out of body experience.

I had an important meeting at work last week, and Suzy very seriously asked me if I was focused enough, strongly implying she would give me a handjob so that I could perform well.  At that time, I felt pretty good and it turned out my meeting went fine.  I mention this just to point out that she is loving to me.  I think she would have been slightly disappointed had I said "yes" because she had a goal for my denial period.  However, at the time of my final release, I really needed to come because I was truly getting out of hand.  I think it was that last denial session that really did it for me: when she kept going on and on about how great her orgasm was.

So: how do I feel post orgasm?  Very good.  I don't really feel much of an orgasm hangover at all.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mysteries of female sexuality

My college roommate gave me a gag gift book of everything that men know about women.  Yes, it was a completely blank book with no text.

Likewise, I have been having sex with my wife for around 20 years.  I still don't have her figured out, sexually speaking.  For example, there are times when I will go down on her, I feel like I am bringing my cunnilingus A-game, and she doesn't come.  There are other times that she comes after maybe just a minute of pussy eating.  I have a vague notion, but nothing really concrete.

The mysterious nature of female sexuality is addicting to me.

Last night we played and I really wanted to eat her pussy.  She flat out said no.  I have no idea why.  I really wanted to and started moving my head down to her pussy and she got really mad.  I thought our night was over.  She perked up a bit and then acted like she wanted to play.  I was intrigued.

I rubbed my hardon against her pussylips and then got the vibrator.  I fingered her for a bit.  She made some motion like she didn't like how I was fingering her (no idea why), so I backed off. With the vibrator on her clit, I re-strategized me fingering ~ very light, shallow strokes at the entrance of her vagina.  She came HARD.

But here's the deal: my wife is usually very demure about sex, especially right after she comes.  We call it "basking in the glow" of her orgasm.  She will sometimes say something like "wow, too bad you don't experience that sort of pleasure" - orgasm smack talking, which really turns me on.

However, last night following her orgasm, she wouldn't stop talking about how pleasurable it was.  It wasn't so much to brag about it, but rather it was her wanting to make sure I understood that she wants me to do it THAT WAY.  Basically, coaching me on how to best pleasure her.

My mind is racing over this.  It turned me on how vocal she was about it.  I really like it when she is assertive, and that's what it was.  She wanted me to not lose this lesson for further pleasuring.  I suspect that we will play tonight (being Valentine's Day and all) but I know that I won't be coming or penetrating her.  I feel obliged to replicate what I did with her.  The thing is, I am not entirely sure I understand what I did that was such a turn on.  That's the best I can describe it: that she liked the very shallow and slow fingering with the vibe on her clit.  I don't want to disappoint her, I want to hear her extolling the virtues of her pleasure again.  What husband doesn't want a wife that brags about how hard she comes?  Hot stuff!

*  *  *  *  *
I contrast this with my own sexuality, which is much more cut and dried.  My orgasms are most intense when:
  • There is lots of foreplay (teasing).  The intensity of my orgasm is directly related to the duration of our session, particularly if she edges me close to the brink a few times.
  • She strokes the underside of my cock (most sensitive part)
  • She plays with my balls (smacking, squeezing, or gentle caresses)

As implied above, my orgasms are more intense with handjobs than coming in her pussy.  The fact is, we don't have as much penis in vagina intercourse these days.  My last orgasm was in her pussy on January 23rd, so it's been over three weeks since I've been inside her pussy.  We have had six sex sessions and she's come six times to my zero.

I am not that sure what's going to happen this weekend.  She has told me she "has a plan" but I'm not sure what that is.  She hasn't specifically told me that I would come, but the implication is that I will be allowed to penetrate her.  I don't have any sexpectations, so I am thinking it will be awesome.  Can't wait!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Flooded with Oxytocin

We have played four times within the past week and three out of the past four days.  I'm thinking it's looking pretty good for this weekend also.  In a rare moment of wife feedback, she told me that she really enjoys playing with my nipples and ramping up the cock and ball torture.  She is really enjoying witholding my orgasms and is being more open about the pleasure she enjoys.  She is not much of a dirty talker, but she told me she enjoys the "orgasm smack talking" she's doing (bragging about her powerful climaxes and telling me it's too bad I can't feel that pleaure), as do I.

Last night was particularly spectacular.  She woke me up for the session by pinching my nipples hard.  She carressed my body and then played with my balls and was really rough with them.  She smacked my hard cock around.  I was in deep sub-space.  It felt so good to be so controlled by her.  She has a knack for pushing my limits just a tad beyond what I would have asked for, but nevertheless it is thrilling to "take it like a man".

Back to dirty talking: she has been assertive about telling me that she is ready for her orgasm.  I find that to be very hot.  After she was done playing with me, she said she wanted to climax and wanted me to finger her (she was very wet from dominating me).  We ended up with me fingering her pussy with the Hitachi on her clit.  Awesome.

We cuddled ALL night last night.  As we were waking up, we were still all over each other.  I feel flooded with oxytocin.  Oxytocin is the "love molecule" in our body.  Brain levels increase with physical touching, and creates a feeling of trust.  It is our chemical way of bonding to one another.  Various blog posts I've read postulate that when we orgasm, the oxytocin gets broken down.  That is responsible for the post orgasm crash.  Being denied for 15 days, I've not experienced that crash at all but rather am madly in love (lust) with her.  I feel very emotionally close to her right now.  Isn't that what marriage is about?

*  *  *  *  *

My Queen has reiterated several times that I am not going to orgasm until Valentine's Day weekend. During our play session last night, she implied that she had a special plan on how I would be released but it was on a need to know basis, and I don't need to know yet.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sex for her

We didn't play last night at all.  In fact, my wife was up really late and I know she is going to be tired tonight.  Although we did cuddle in the morning, it was nonsexual.  As she left for work, we embraced and I whispered in her ear: "Sex tonight?"

Without hesitating, she retorted, "For me, not for you!".

I instantly became erect.

I suppose that I was a little bummed out about not having penetrative sex and an orgasm following my business trip.  Absence makes my dick grow harder.  This happens EVERY time we are away from each other.  I wanted her in a bad way, and I was a little bummed out about having to wait until circa Valentines day for my next orgasm.

And yet, now I am really turned on by it.  She is dominating me, and that's exactly what I want.  I want her to control my orgasms and the 'double standard' of her having as much sexual pleasure as she desires is thrilling to my as a submissive male.  In fact, I am becoming erect now just thinking about it.

Apart from that little interaction, we didn't see each other much.  She is still on her period, and that normally means she is the bathroom a lot.  I made her an omelet and was hoping she would join me as I made mine.  She was still upstairs and so I just decided to walk it up there, with a fork and napkin, sort of like a weekday version of breakfast in bed.  As I reflected on this, I thought of two things:

Control of my orgasm leads to "courtship behavior".  When we were dating (courting), I cared a lot what she thought of me.  I kept my dorm room tidy and made my bed.  I was on my best behavior with her.  I didn't fart or belch in front of her.  I was a gentleman.  I would do things for her "just because".  True, there was a sexual driver for it (hormones were going wild then!), but ultimately I enjoyed pleasing her, making her happy.  Making her omelet (without her asking) was an example of this.  I have been chaste for about 10 days now, and I felt "driven" to make her breakfast because I saw that it would please her.  I don't even feel like I had a choice, I felt compelled to do it, like a bird feels compelled to make a nest.  This is probably the biggest benefit we as a couple get out of rationing my orgasms.

Secondly, I came to that somewhat sad conclusion that our marriage quality appears to be inversely proportional to how many orgasms I have.  If I am kept denied, we seem to be happier and get along better (in large part due to the courtship behavior described above).  This is exasperating because I am a dude, I have a high sex drive, and I really want to come.  I suppose that's the key: I want to orgasm, but I need to have my Queen direct it for the benefit of our marriage.  Therein lies my submissive angst.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Failure to lockup and resultant punishment

I recently went on a business trip and my domme wife told me to lock up in my chastity belt between the plane flights.  Simple enough instruction that avoids the potential embarrassment of a nosy TSA agent.  As a quick reminder, I would like to lockup more often, but the use of my chastity device is generally limited to times when we are apart, such as this business trip.  Well, I forgot to pack my chastity device.  I really did "forget" ~ the notion of being locked up is an exciting one for me, and opportunities do not come up that often.  I had a few glasses of wine that night, and not only did I forget to pack my chastity belt, but I also forgot my electric razor.  Ugh.

In most circumstances, my wife prefers me to remain chaste using the "honor system" precisely because it is more difficult for me AND she enjoys feeling my wanton lust poking her in the backside.  However, when we are apart, she likes having proof that I have not taken matters into my own hands.  Couple this with the fact that the airport security on the way back didn't have one of those body scanner thingys and I more than likely would have been fine traveling back to my domme completely locked up.  And, it could have been fun to Facetime her an image of my caged cock.

It was not to be.  I plain forgot.  Damn.

Well, I returned, and my domme meted out my punishment.  Due to my failure to lockup, I won't be coming until after Valentines Day.  My sense is that she may even delay my orgasm longer than that.

As a masochist, submissive male, one would think that I enjoy the idea of being punished, but this is not something I am enjoying.  For one, I disappointed my Mistress, which sucks.  For another, I really do crave coming.  We last had intercourse on the 23rd, so I am incredibly horny.  My domme started her period during my trip, which means that our sexy reunion was limited to use of the Hitachi and her having a lovely orgasm while she had one hand squeezing my balls and the other hand tightly holding my hard cock.  I offered (begged?) to lock up but she refused.  I must pay the piper, and accept my punishment.

*  *  *  *  *
In a moment of irony, my domme said that she "didn't feel dominant" to me.  I asked her why, and she said that she didn't feel creative in dominating me.  I said, "do you like to control my orgasms"?  "Yes".  "Do you like to cause me pain with my nipples and my balls?"  "Yes".  She seems pretty dominant to me!  I feel like we should pursue this discussion a bit more.  It felt like she had a dominant wife esteem issue.  After she punished me for failure to lockup!