Saturday, January 11, 2014

Periods... and Foiled by topping from the bottom (again)

My Queen's period ended earlier than I had expected.  She texted me that she was ready, then backed a bit and said there might be some 'residual' and asked if that bothered me.  Hell no!  My guess is that there is some built-in societal shame about women and their periods.  My wife actually never talked and didn't discuss it with me through most of our marriage.  She is a "little" more open about it now.  She will usually tell me when it's about to start and so on.  During her heavy flow days she will complain to me about how much she doesn't like it.

My point being, sex is a bit messy to begin with.  So, what's the big deal?  The experience of changing diapers has left me with little else to be truly grossed out by.

Alas, I fell asleep and she woke me up for sex somewhere after midnight.  She started stroking my cock.  During the day, I was really thinking about sex with her on top, cowgirl style.  It's my favorite position for intercourse and the only position that she can climax.  She had me plenty hard, and I was feeling like I wanted to move on to something else.  I mentioned it to her, after I was a bit more awake, that it would be nice for her to climb aboard.  Big mistake.  She said that she was thinking about doing that, but now that I asked, it wasn't going to happen.  Crap.

In my defense, I wasn't totally awake.  I have probably mentioned it before, but my wife has a bit of a fetish for waking me up for sex.  It turns her on.  So, she clearly wanted this, but I blew it by mouthing off.  In general, the agreement we have is that I can discuss sexual desires with her outside of a play session, but not during.  So I screwed that up, and "topped from the bottom".  I did, however, at one time mention that I'd like to be locked up in chastity, and she seemed intrigued by the idea, but nothing came of it.

We ended up with missionary style sex and I came in her.  This was a rare exception that I came before she did.  Afterwords, she took the Hitachi and came as I groped her boobs and inner thighs.

All in all, we were both sexually satisfied.  I need to update my orgasm tracker.  YTD, I have had three orgasms and she has had three.  I was denied during her period, and she had one orgasm.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Vanilla and Back to Kinky

Sex during the holidays had its ups and downs and was mostly vanilla.  Out of (femdom) nowhere, my wife decided that I couldn't come any more in 2013 so I was actually denied orgasm for our last two sessions of the year while I used my "magic fingers" (her words) to bring her to climax.  It was quite nice to get her there manually and her orgasms seemed pretty good.

I got a double orgasm day on new years day: a handjob after our revelry on NYE and intercourse (following the magic finger routine... she does come first!) later that night.  I was quite happy with my stamina.  What added a twist to this dalliance was that we had an unexpected houseguest and my wife is VERY uncomfortable having sex with company over.  I could tell she muffled her own orgasm considerably and as I was penetrating her, I could tell that I would be cut off if I made excessive noise.  It was somewhat surreal having this awesome endurance (for me anyway) but not being able to really let loose verbally once I finally came.

We then had some obligatory things to do and no playtime and no time for blogging due to a lack of privacy.  I became intensely horny.  My Queen actually spent a night away from me and I became somewhat frustrated.  It's been a while since I have been locked in chastity and that was part of our general understanding: that when we are apart is really the only time I'm in my chastity device.  However, I reflected on the fact that this wasn't the only time that we were apart (which is pretty rare) that I wasn't locked.  My dilemma is that I can't "request" to be locked.  That is "topping from the bottom", which my better half so clearly despises.  Sure, I could have "self locked" and actually came pretty close to doing so.  Given my horny state, I had many other fantasies swirling in my head as well.

I made up my mind to "come out" to her again, and tell her that I really felt like I needed to be dominated sexually.

And then...

She went on her period.  Early.  It may seem weird, but I am pretty cognizant of when her periods are.  She texted me, and said Aunt Flo was visiting and I was a bit frustrated.  I really wanted sex.  Ugh.

But then...

I stayed up pretty late in an effort to get some sort of affection with her.  She sort of just obliged initially.  She wasn't aroused and said she didn't want an orgasm.  Ugh.  I caressed her anyway, and used the Hitachi Magic Wand on her padded pussy.  She came HARD.  I mean HARD.  It was as if she combined her previous silent orgasm with this one as far as how verbal she was with her climax.  I LOVED it!!

And next...

She surprised the heck out of me, by telling me she would play with me.  She did everything awesomely.  She was very rough with nipple pinching, alternating this activity with stroking my cock and 'being rough' with my balls.  I was quite stimulated.  She had me really going.

But then...

She denied me release.  Wow.  I was rock hard and wanted to talk to her about my kinky fantasies.  I ended up falling asleep with her in my arms, her sexually satisfied and me horny.  Just the way I was planning on telling her that I "need".

*  *  *  *  *
As it turns out, the last orgasm denial play was during her period and she indicated during that time that I couldn't come until she was free and clear.  I have a suspicion that is what is going to happen, that she is going to tease and deny me until her period is over, which won't be until this weekend at the earliest (she typically has 7 days).  Ugh, be careful what you wish for!!