Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cuckold fantasy "pillow talk"

Suzy is denying me again, after two great sessions of ejaculating in her pussy.  We've 'only' had two sessions since then, but she made it clear that she had no intention of letting me come.  My thoughts naturally turn to my more intense fantasies, my biggest of which is for her to enjoy another cock while I watch.

There have been two things that made me think about this even more than normal.  First, our child has a new friend, the parents of which are divorced.  I have met the dad and I know that Suzy has interacted with him on a few occasions.  Suzy said that she has been texting him for pickup times and such things like that.  Perhaps I am reading into things, but the thought of her texting with another male strikes me as somewhat intimate.  Intimate in the sense that it is private between her and who she is texting, whereas with email, we share an account.

I am not one to say whether said divorced man is "handsome" or not.  He was nice, and I would think that a recently divorced man is probably not having a good sex life and therefore would be "available".  He splits weeks with his ex-wife, so there would be a readily available location for play.  He is probably older than we are, which kind of goes against my fantasy of her playing with a young stud.  On the other hand, perhaps he would be vasectomy safe, which would be a big plus.  I have not mentioned the idea of playing with him to Suzy.

My phone was low on batteries last night, so I picked up her phone and started going through her facebook.  She seemed strangely nervous about this.  She regularly checks my phone and I just found out that she had unfriended some people on my facebook account and without telling me about it.  I guess this is another example of our "double standard".  I did notice that she had been exchanging messages with someone we went to college with, a male that I believe she "liked".  They have been trying to get together to see each other.  In that case, however, I was aware that she was contacting him.  I have no problem about that.  The thought of her contacting other men is arousing to me.

After our last session, out of the blue, Suzy said, "maybe it's time to look for a boy toy for me again; we came so close last time we tried".  This was after she had climaxed and it really kind of stunned me.  I told her that I would enjoy that, and the topic kind of stopped there.

*  *  *  *  *
I had recently re-read her blog postings and was struck how much she really, really hates "topping from the bottom".  A significant reason for this blog was for me to share my fantasies with her, but she has basically stopped reading it.  I don't think that purpose was being met.  It seems like if I bring up fantasies to her, it's almost a sure-fire way to ensure what she WON'T do.  So, I am not sure what to do about this. Probably no action is the best action.  If she wants to post an ad looking for a 'boy toy' to play with, I would support her.  However, I don't think that bringing it up will be a good idea.  Sometimes being a sub is tricky and full of contradictions.  Ugh.


  1. I am male and a fan of being cuckolded. I do hope it will happen to you because it is one of the most intense experiences one can have -- certainly the mots intense I have ever had.

    But if I understand well, you are sure that it will not happen if you talk about it with your wife. It has to happen "naturally" or it will not happen at all, is what you seem to be saying. Good luck with this.

  2. My new partner has a bit of a cuckold fantasy, as in talking about it but not meeting up in the flesh and having sex with another man.

    Actually, it's the only way he can get off, if I tell him what I've done or plan to do with another guy (but won't actually be doing, it's just talk) while he masturbates. I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around this entire concept and really need someone to talk to about it.

    We tried it last night and it almost worked, but then I drew a blank (being new to this means I run out of things to say) and his arm got tired.

    If you could be so kind as to drop me a line with some resources and appropriate language, etc, I'd be eternally grateful.


  3. We have not dabbled in cuckolding yet, and may never will. My Queen knows this is something I really want to do. At times she seems open to it but last time I brought it up she really shut it down. I have a link to "" on the Interesting Links section and it is probably the best place to start. Good luck!

  4. I just read all of your posts related to Cuckolding. I share all of your thoughts and feelings. I have a strong desire to be cuckolded by my wife and still have hope that in may happen someday soon. You have never mentioned "clean up duty" and wondered if that plays into your fantasies or your wife's?

  5. D,
    I have expressed fantasies of having to clean up my own mess to my Domme, but she is not interested in that. My wife thinks my semen is disgusting to begin with, and I think she views that as a "gay" activity. I am presently not interested in cleaning up another man's semen. So, no, that isn't something either of us have fantasized about.
    If you dont' mind, can you recount your interactions with your wife on your cuckold fantasy? Always curious about other couples' experiences...

  6. We aren't in a full fledged FLR, but I wish it was. I have expressed to her that cuckolding is a real turn on for me, but she hasn't really shown much interest at this point in time. She does like orgasm denial and having me lick her pussy clean when she allows me to cum in her. This Valentines Day, I plan to suggest cuckolding once again to see her reaction. If it's positive, I'm sure it will be a submissive rush. I really enjoy your blog and wish you & your wife the best!