Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cuckold fantasy "pillow talk"

Suzy is denying me again, after two great sessions of ejaculating in her pussy.  We've 'only' had two sessions since then, but she made it clear that she had no intention of letting me come.  My thoughts naturally turn to my more intense fantasies, my biggest of which is for her to enjoy another cock while I watch.

There have been two things that made me think about this even more than normal.  First, our child has a new friend, the parents of which are divorced.  I have met the dad and I know that Suzy has interacted with him on a few occasions.  Suzy said that she has been texting him for pickup times and such things like that.  Perhaps I am reading into things, but the thought of her texting with another male strikes me as somewhat intimate.  Intimate in the sense that it is private between her and who she is texting, whereas with email, we share an account.

I am not one to say whether said divorced man is "handsome" or not.  He was nice, and I would think that a recently divorced man is probably not having a good sex life and therefore would be "available".  He splits weeks with his ex-wife, so there would be a readily available location for play.  He is probably older than we are, which kind of goes against my fantasy of her playing with a young stud.  On the other hand, perhaps he would be vasectomy safe, which would be a big plus.  I have not mentioned the idea of playing with him to Suzy.

My phone was low on batteries last night, so I picked up her phone and started going through her facebook.  She seemed strangely nervous about this.  She regularly checks my phone and I just found out that she had unfriended some people on my facebook account and without telling me about it.  I guess this is another example of our "double standard".  I did notice that she had been exchanging messages with someone we went to college with, a male that I believe she "liked".  They have been trying to get together to see each other.  In that case, however, I was aware that she was contacting him.  I have no problem about that.  The thought of her contacting other men is arousing to me.

After our last session, out of the blue, Suzy said, "maybe it's time to look for a boy toy for me again; we came so close last time we tried".  This was after she had climaxed and it really kind of stunned me.  I told her that I would enjoy that, and the topic kind of stopped there.

*  *  *  *  *
I had recently re-read her blog postings and was struck how much she really, really hates "topping from the bottom".  A significant reason for this blog was for me to share my fantasies with her, but she has basically stopped reading it.  I don't think that purpose was being met.  It seems like if I bring up fantasies to her, it's almost a sure-fire way to ensure what she WON'T do.  So, I am not sure what to do about this. Probably no action is the best action.  If she wants to post an ad looking for a 'boy toy' to play with, I would support her.  However, I don't think that bringing it up will be a good idea.  Sometimes being a sub is tricky and full of contradictions.  Ugh.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Midnight Encounter

Out of nowhere, my Queen re-enacted one of the hottest sexual scenes of our Femdom play - except she let me come this time.

I have been getting over some sort of cold and have needed to sleep a lot more lately, sometimes going to bed as early as 9:30.  Since my Queen will only allow nighttime play, this means our sex life has been in the doldrums.  She stays up quite late, usually doing stuff for work, occasionally watching her "chick flick" type shows.  On one such night, I went to bed and she woke me up for sex.

She stimulated my cock and nipples which roused me from my slumber.  I became erect and was enjoying it, although I was a little bit paralyzed still, perhaps only stroking her back.  She took my shorts off, which really excited me.  Then she climbed on top and inserted my cock in her sweet pussy.  The first few moments are amazing, when her pussy juices begin coating my cock to allow for the deeper, more intense penetration to come.  Wow.

She was quite turned on.  She was panty-less but wearing her top (she's one of those women who are "always cold"), so I could not see her breasts.  Of course, I was fully nude.  I could tell she was getting quite close to orgasm, which was exciting me more and more.  She orgasmed intensely and then collapsed onto my chest, breathing heavily from her exertion.  She told me how intense her orgasm was, and said that she was a little nervous I wasn't going to last long enough for her to come, and she was happy I did.

The last time she did this, she laughed at me and told me that she didn't want me to come, and giggled that she was going to fall fast asleep and it would be tough for me to do so.  This time, I asked her if I could come, and she yes, get a towel to hold the mess.  I climbed on top of her and came very quickly.  We both fell asleep quickly, spooning each other lovingly.

*  *  *  *  *
As is often the case with our relationship, we have not discussed this midnight encounter since it happened.  In the morning she kind of winked at me and told me she had a good time.  I went out of my way to make sure I made her breakfast and texted her during the day.  A criticism she has of me when I come is that I don't do that.

Waking me up for sex has so many elements that turn me on:

  • The role reversal: it seems much more common for a husband to have "sex on demand" like I described above
  • CFNM: It turns me on to no end that my wife took my clothes off.  It's assertive, she wants her man naked to play with his organ for her pleasure.  A very erotic experience, because....
  • Confidence: a confident woman is a sexy woman.  I like it when she communicates what she just takes what she wants in a bold manner.  Woman-initiated sex is rare in our household, but always awesome.
  • It's her fetish: she has told me before that waking me up for sex turns her on.  She can't quite explain it, she just enjoys it.
  • Woman on top/Cowgirl sex is just the best.  When she comes from my dick alone, I feel empowered and virile.  It bruised my ego a little bit when she told me she was worried I was going to come before her.  The reality is, I have quite a bit of sexual endurance when she is on top.  The only time I have come prematurely was when we first started with nipple play.  She was riding my cock and twisting my nipples.  It really turned me on and I came before her.
  • The focus was on her orgasm.  As it should be.  It was nice that she let me come, but really the goal of this play was her orgasm.