Monday, September 2, 2013

Orgasm Denial Angst

I realize it's been a long hiatus since I last posted.  There are many reasons for this, that I perhaps may share at a subsequent post.  Even though I haven't blogged, we have continued to explore female dominant sex play.  I suppose it comes and goes, but my Domme Wife has done some amazingly kinky things, which makes me very grateful.  It has affirmed (as if I needed this) that I am a true submissive and long to satisfy her sexually and have her in control of my sexuality.

Take our play session last night.  I was very horny, and was thinking of sex all day (isn't that what 3 day weekends are for?).  We had one session of sex since her period was over just a few days before, and I was really lusting after her.  To amp up my desire even more, the prior night we had a fun date night (she described it as "creative") but we were both very tired when we got home, and didn't have sex.  But we were all over each other cuddling the entire night and morning.

I texted her that I wanted some kinky sex, so she knew what was on the agenda.  As bedtime approached, I discretely shaved my face and chest and put on a tight pair of thongs.  One thing I have noticed lately is that the actual prepping for sex turns me on quite a bit.

We did a lot of groping and kissing, and I began sucking her left nipple.  I could tell it was turning her on, and starting touching her crotch (no panties!). I got on top of her in a 69-ish position to prep her and I was really turned on by going down on her.  I switched positions into a 'normal' cunnilingus position with her on top and me on my stomach, between her legs.  She really gave me a lot of good nonverbal feedback, and - for whatever reason - I could do no wrong going down on her that night.  She was moaning, arching her back and hips ~ it was fantastic, and I knew she was going to come.  And she did.

When she comes from my tongue, I feel virile and on top of the world.  She "came down" from her climax, and I was hoping to get into her pussy.  She said no.  I tried to ask if I could just get a handjob or at least dip into it and she was clear that she wanted me to be all over her the next day, so no orgasm for me.  I got the impression that an orgasm today is not a sure thing either, so I am not taking it for granted.

*  *  *  *  *

So, the angst?  I really, really wanted to fuck her last night, but she turned it down.  Why?  She does prefer me horny.  Because she can.  The angst I feel is illogical to me: I am frustrated that I didn't get to enter her, but highly turned on that she dominated me.  Positioning myself between her beautiful pussy and getting her to the 'promised land' is just about the most satisfying sexual act I can do.  The contrast between my love of cunnilingus (although I do admit, I am not always successful with it, but I still enjoy it) and the fact that she rarely gives me blow jobs anymore.  The contrast that I was the one horny and she was the one who experienced the climax.  It really hit my submissive 'buttons'.  I am a happy sub.


  1. Glad to see you back, and that your life is working out well (sounds like it anyway).

  2. Good to hear and such a sexy report

  3. unbelievable you posted. amid the almost destruction of the Femdom blog scene those of you who disappear into thin air should just be hard spanked by a cruel Mistress!

  4. Mr. L2S,

    I often go to bed horney after getting my wife off. Normally, I work her up with oral and then she uses her bullet to get her over the top with me having a finger inside her and my face on her pussy. She seems to have grown to enjoy this pattern.

    For me, it has become the highlight of my life as of late.

    One time recently, she breifly played with one of my nipples before I got her off. As she drifted off to sleep, I could not help but to reflect on the roll reversal of her getting good and sexually satisfied and then drifting off to sleep while I was left to enjoy the memory of only a brief moment of one of my nipples being brushed. Is that not just a completely 180 from normal M/F sexual roles?



  5. All: I appreciate the comments! I miss the Femdom blogging world.

    Alex: your comment cracked me up. I suppose I do deserve a spanking! Or maybe I just want one! Ha!

    S-H: The role reversal is a big key to my kinky desires. I suppose that the stereotypical view of sexuality in the prior generation is that the husband was entitled to sex on demand. When we are 'playing' it is quite evident that the focus is on her. The 180 from the 'norm' is quite a turnon to me. At this point, I don't have a clue as to when I will be getting release. She verbally teases me about her control of my orgasms and her liking me better when I am in the horny state.

    I do have a hard time getting to sleep after sexual denial, but she just rolls over and passes out immediately.

    And, likewise, my wife has taken a fondness to playing with my nipples.

  6. Good to read about your fun night and not permitting you to finish yourself was a great tease on her part.

  7. Welcome back. Don't feel too guilty about're not the only one! Look forward to your new posts. Hope she keeps you wanting!