Sunday, March 24, 2013

Orgasm Denial Play Resumes

I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately, nor read very many other blogs.  A quick recap:

I disappointed Suzy during my period of male chastity device lockup.  She said that I should masturbate, which I did, to get my head cleared up.  I will let my orgasm tracker page speak for itself, but there had basically been a long time since I had experienced a truly satisfying orgasm.  My time with myself was no exception, it was not that pleasurable, maybe a 3-4 on a scale of 10.  But I did experience relief enough to the point that I could focus more on my job instead of sex.

Not much had happened since then.  I had a business trip and Suzy went on her period during the time I was gone.  She gave me a handjob after I got back (our absence had made both our hearts fonder for one another, but she was still on her period), she came with the Hitachi through her pad.  What was noteworthy about the handjob was that after a while, Suzy went back to ball torture.  It seemed like she felt I wasn't going to come very quickly, and decided to speed things up by giving me that added stimulation.  What was somewhat amusing about this, was that she was slapping my scrotum like a metronome, at very regular intervals.  I came pretty hard, probably a 7-8.  I figured that the added stimulation of the ball slaps increased the intensity of my orgasm by 2-3 'points'.

As I was groping her during bedtime a few days later, I realized her period was over, and I think the next day, we had a 'quickie' sex - not much foreplay, I didn't last that long insider her, but it was still a decent '6' orgasm.  One of the joys of sex for me - feeling that my partner doesn't have that bulge in her crotch, but it's smooth and sexy and feminine.
Before we go on our trip, we will have a day without kids.  During our pillow talk, Suzy mentioned that I might need to be naked, except for maybe an apron that day.  My CFNM fetish will be going wild!
We went on a day trip yesterday, and I could sense she would be up for some sex play.  She stayed up quite late working on our next outing, and then we got to some playing.  She surprised me.  I figured we'd have some more extended intercourse, with some foreplay, and longer endurance from me, since it hadn't been that long since I had orgasmed.  She then made it clear that she did not want me to come and did not want me to penetrate her.  I accepted this, and uttered a bunch of horny dirty talk to her.  I poked her with my erection (which felt really good), and then she didn't take much persuading to allow a quick vibrator orgasm.  She then teased me a bit, being rather aggressive with a nipple, and talked about her plan for our trip.

*  *  *  *  *

It doesn't seem that I will be coming until we go on our 'mini honeymoon'.  We will be without the kids for the first time in ever.  During this trip, we will get out some of the toys we bought via mail order.  She made it clear that intense ball torture would occur.  She suggested locking me up in chastity leading up to the trip, even specifically calling out the Birdlock by name.  In my horny dirty talk rage, I mentioned that I would like to play with the male chastity device more.  Sometimes I feel like I will regret what I say when I am really horny like that.  At any rate, I told her my high level thoughts on the device, that I don't particularly like to be locked up during the workweek, and that I would enjoy a weekend of chastity whereby Friday night I might be locked, and if she doesn't want me to orgasm, she simply keeps me locked through Monday morning, and then unlocks before work.  Perhaps I should expand on this a bit more, but I can tell this post is getting long winded.  So that's all for now.  We closed our play time with her agreeing that she likes 'sex for the wife's pleasure' and that we would probably be using a lot of toys on our trip.  Can't wait :-)

Suzy alluded to the fact that we will be bringing some toys on our trip, and some of them would be causing me pain.  Make it hurt so good, sexy goddess!!!


  1. Glad to see that things are getting back on track for you two. I am glad. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Glad to see you are over the "bump in the road". We have something in common in that many things I say when we are playing seem to come out wrong. Later when she tell me what I said, I say that's not what I said, and the argument starts. We have had lots of set backs that way. So much so that, now, if I have something really important I want to say to her, I will write it in a note and leave it on her pillow with a rose or something. It may seem silly, but I am paranoid about being misunderstood these days. Hope things keep getting better for you.

  3. I think I may be suffering from the same "unclear" head when I go about 6 weeks plus with denial but am hoping to push through it. Recently my wife discussed with me the idea of cutting back my orgasms even further. She allowed my input on this. We threw the idea of around of limiting me to 4 orgasms per year since as recently as 2 yrs ago I would occasionally masturbate as often as 4 times a day so it seemed kindof fitting that now release will only happen 4 times per year. My longest denial period had been 8 weeks and my head does seem to get "cloudy" although I was never 100% sure that is was b/c of the denial - just curious if that is the same feeling you get after a lengthy denial??

  4. I just started practicing orgasm denial as a 60 yr old triathlete. My energy levels are sky high! I think the women at the gym sense pheromones! I am getting hit upon! Interesting!

  5. Muy buenoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!