Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wartenberg Wheel, Chastity lockup, Anticipation

Suzy made a special request to get the Wartenberg wheel out for our next session.  I was a bit nervous about finding it, but fortunately I did and it was ready for her use on me.  What an intense tease and denial session!

First of all, I love it when my wife "has a plan" for our sessions.  Definite turn on for me.  I'll be honest I don't remember the sequence of events for this session, but I do remember that she didn't spend a lot of time stimulating my cock.  It was mainly teasing with the wheel and cock and ball torture.  She really used the wheel to its maximum use.  The great thing about the wheel is that it can provide a very light "tickling" kind of sensation and if she increases the pressure just a tad, it can really wake your senses with the pain.  Suzy expertly alternated this on different parts of my body.  She used it everywhere from my arms, nipples, groin area, genitals, and I think even my feet.  But what was really intense was when she stimulated my anal area.  She used the lighter touch on that, and it really was intensely pleasurable.  I hope to revisit this again.  Another thing that I really enjoyed about Suzy's teasing session is that she was very assertive in saying that she was done teasing me and it was then time for her orgasm.  We used the Hitachi wand, she had an amazing orgasm and we went to bed, my erection poking her in our spooning position.
Wartenberg Wheel
I highly recommend the Wartenberg wheel.  We have spent a fair amount of money on sex toys, and you get a lot of bang for your buck with it ~it's only $8 or so. 
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Every sub needs a shave
My pubic hair had gotten unwieldy.  I asked Suzy is she wanted me to trim or shave.  She wanted my pubes shaved.  "As you wish".
We had a planned male chastity lockup period, since my wife will be out of town on business.  Suzy prefers me to be on the "honor system" but is cool with me being locked when we are apart.  I haven't been locked up in a while, so I was looking forward to this kinky play.  It turned me on how she mentioned the lockup period to me several times during the week.  She was teasing me about being locked up!  What a sexy, dominant wife! 

We finally got a little privacy and I thought I would just go for it.  I was thinking it would be nice to (attempt) to put it on while she watched me, but she was obviously distracted at preparing for her trip, so I just discretely put the device on and approached her so she could snap the lock shut.  Suzy was still in her work clothes and I was naked except for the Birdlock chastity device.  She looked at me with loving eyes, teased me with the lock a little bit, and then snapped it shut.  She said she would "find a good place for the key".  When we lock my cock, we normally seal the deal with an orgasm for her.  She wasn't in the mood due to her impending period, so we just went to bed.  It was hard for me to sleep ;-)

Our plane for the sex camp leaves in an hour.  We’ll leave the key here at home so we don’t lose it, don’t you agree?
Having my keyholder snap the lock is always an intensely erotic experience.  It says to me: I want complete control of this cock!

*  *  *  *  *

Speaking of toys, we have a few toys on order.  I am thinking of posting some sex toy product reviews, so perhaps these new toys will be the first.  One of them is specifically designed for ball torture.  When I was ordering the "main toy", I thought I would throw this one in there.  Suzy at first seemed squeemish about using it on me, but then we both agreed it would be fun to try.  Suzy told me that when she was driving home, she was thinking about using it on me.  What a woman!  She was nervous, and now she is excited about it.  I anticipate that it will cause me pain and I anticipate that we will enjoy it.  I like it when she has a plan.

An important part of male chastity play (for me) is for her to tease me with the key.  It demonstrates control and a lack of uncertainty as to when the key will be used to unlock me.  The key is both symbolic and literal of her control over my body.

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  1. Beautiful pic of the shaving! I haven't seen one like that before.