Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My period of chastity ended early on New Year's Day after we brought in the new year.  Suzy was very demanding and stated that she wanted to come and that I had better quickly penetrate her before she changed her mind.  She did some amount of cock and ball torture, still being rough as she had been lately.  She had a nice, powerful orgasm and then again chided me that if I did not get inside her, it might be too late.

I quickly got up and got a shirt to protect our sheets from the mess I was about to make.  Between the time of her orgasm and when I got on top of her, I lost my erection somewhat, and she also chided me about that.  I quickly got things up to their proper hardness and then inserted.  I am not certain how long I was thrusting... it wasn't that long, but she said later that it was "longer than she expected"... not sure if that's a compliment or she has low expectations for stamina after I have been so teased and denied.

All told, it was a 25 day chastity period.  There were two ruined orgasms mixed in there, and several tease and denial sessions.  We didn't make the 1 month that she was originally asking for, and I wonder how she feels about that?  I would like to have a few more rounds of orgasms, to get that "fully out of my system".  I still felt a feeling of well being and tension release in my groin area, longer after the actual act than I normally do.

How did this orgasm feel?  Terrific.  In spite of not having a great deal of stamina, I did have a very long (in both duration and intensity) climax.  It may have approached the orgasmic bliss that my bride gets on a day to day basis.  It was intense.  I rather suspect that my load was way above average too, although Suzy didn't really say much about that.  She will normally talk about her oozing throughout the day, but she did not this time.  The fate of my semen is a bit of a mystery to me in the sense that some of it seems to be absorbed by her body but (according to her) most of it oozes out, apparently throughout the day.  Like a time-release capsule, lol.

Yes, it was an intense orgasm.  It left me very drained.  I am hoping we can continue the intensity of our sex life, as we being to have to go back to reality of our day to day activities.

Peace! Happy new year!

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  1. Congrats on the release!! I was told on 1/1/13 that 'today was the day' but 'today' came and went without any change. As it turned out my Katie became ill and so 'fun' will have to wait until she is better and then until she decides if there will indeed be another 'today'. Count your blessings!