Sunday, January 13, 2013

Being Her Plaything

Suzy seems to enjoy watching my reactions to her dominance.  I sometimes feel like I am her plaything.  I like this... a lot!
My release was followed by another session of intercourse.  These two sessions were wonderful.  After that, Suzy and I needed to have an intimate connection and we communicated that it was going to happen.

We started with the usual foreplay, groping one another's bodies.  She then moved to my genitals and got me very well ready to go.  Suzy directed the session entirely. It seemed like it was one of the sessions where she was going to give me a handjob and then we would go to bed.  But she had a twist in mind.  She seemed to have finished with the ball torture, and was moving towards stimulating me to orgasm.  But the twist was: instead of stroking my shaft up and down, she moved the stimulation exclusively to the head of my cock.

From time to time, she has stimulated my head and seems amused at my involuntary reactions, the slight twitches.  But the entire finale was this type of stimulation.  I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the physical and psychological sensations that I was going through.  She asked me how it was feeling and I think I said something like "interesting".  She seemed to have this giddy fascination with what she was doing.  I think she just wanted to see my reactions to this, and I don't think my feedback would have mattered at all.  She wanted to do this intense cock head stimulation for her amusement.  Only afterwards, did I find some words to describe the sensation.

I came and the orgasm was intense.  I think the psychological element was the key.  Even though I was having a hard time with the intensity of the stimulation, I was very turned on by her dominance, the agenda she had, and how much she seemed to enjoy toying with my body, and being a keen observer of my reactions.  I was her plaything, and it felt great!

After I was trying to put myself together, Suzy said that she wasn't that interested before, but watching my reactions turned her on so much that she changed her mind and wanted to come.  She took the vibrator and guided herself to a strong climax (it is relatively unusual for her to use the vibrator on herself, but I think she realized I was a mess, literally and figuratively and would likely not get things sorted out fast enough for her).

*  *  *  *  *
I can't say that her stimulation was painful or I didn't like it.  It was just so intense.  Too intense.  After a few days, I think I can draw a parallel.  For cunnilingus, Suzy has given me feedback not to go to the clitoris too soon, because the feeling is to intense and sensitive that it hurts her.  She needs more foreplay, usually in her inner thighs and then the outer pussy lips.  Only after I've done a good job properly warming her up, is she ready for direct clit stimulation.  Well, I think that's what happened here, except I certainly had enough foreplay.  I think my cock head is so sensitive that that the direct stimulation was a little "too much" for me.  But make no mistake: I am quite happy with this session.  I came, so obviously I liked it.  And the psychological part, feeling watched and dominated was absolutely thrilling.  Would I like her to do this again?  Certainly.  It feels great to be her plaything.

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