Friday, January 18, 2013

Condom domination

Condoms: they're not just for birth control anymore
I'll be honest, there are sometimes when I post something that somewhat frightens me as far as what my Queen Suzy will do with it.  This is one such post, and I am nervous about it because of the "be careful what you wish for" aspect of it.  But a primary driver of my blog is to share my deepest sexual fantasies with her.  She is in control of my cock, so she can do what she wants with my kinky desires.

Here goes:

I have been fantasizing about Suzy forcing me to wear a condom, as an alternative or complement to denial.  Basically, she denies me from having "bareback" sex with her for some time, making me really crazy with desire for getting her juices on my cock.

This has nothing to do with birth control.  I was snipped several years ago, and it was a great decision for both of us.  No regrets.  My Queen actually watched the procedure happen, she was right there in the room and she seems to have been grateful that she was there; she has even bragged about it to her friends (not sure how that's been brought up, but I am pretty sure she has told this story to many of her girlfriends).
I'm glad Queen Suzy was there to make sure the procedure went as planned.
It is mildly humiliating (in a good way) to know that Suzy has discussed my little procedure wither her friends.
We do on occasion wrap my cock, mainly when we are traveling and for one reason or another can't afford to make a big mess.  Years ago, we had sex in our van parked in a neighborhood, and we couldn't afford to get my baby batter somewhere we couldn't clean up.  We've had sex at parents' homes, usually with my dick wrapped up.  Sometimes when she is not comfortable that her period is done, she will ask me to put one on (she is worried about the mess to my cock with residual blood).  I always take a condom or two in my suitcase when we travel.

We did have sex a bit before we were married, but always with a condom.  Suzy was not on birth control then, so it was for contraception.  Our wedding night was the first time I had ever gone bareback in a woman.  It was very special.  As my college roommate said, "pussy has evolved for thousands of years to make cock feel as good as possible".  I agree.  I still remember how exciting it was to stick it into her warm, wet pussy, skin on skin.  And that has never gotten old.  I generally read health related articles that relate to sex, and I found this study to be pretty interesting.  Semen has been shown to have an antidepressant effect in women!  That's my kind of medicine!

Looking back on it now, she denied me from her pussy by forcing the use of condoms.  This reminds me of how she used to tease me before we began having sex, which was to frequently touch my skin just above my cock, moving from side to side and only occasionally brushing my erection (wow, in those days, my cock was always hard).  Even though I had not recognized my submissive desires, these two teases did in fact make me really horny.

Why am I thinking of this now?  Why is this erotic to me?

  • Forcing me to wear a rubber would be a dominant act, and my submissive mind would view it as another way to control her cock.
  • Due to the reduced sensitivity, I would be able to last longer during vaginal penetration
  • There would be no mess for her to deal with.  Suzy and I aren't on the same page with regard to body fluids.  This warrants its own post (one that I have been contemplating for a while) but suffice it to say I think our body fluids are sexy and she doesn't.
  • It would be slightly humiliating to me to have two forms of birth control: my vasectomy and a rubber

Further to those points, it would be hot if she "dirty talked" about these points.  Something along the lines of "I need your cock wrapped up so you can last longer"; "I don't want your filthy mess going in my pussy; I don't know where that thing has been"; "I want you wrapped up just to reduce your pleasure".  Things like that.  It would be hot for her to put it on me, without asking and just having to grin and bear it.  Or, forcing me to wrap up myself.

*  *  *  *  *

Humph.  Well, I wonder what type of feedback she will give me on this.  Like I said, I feel a bit excited but a bit scared.  I love sticking my cock in her pussy, and getting those female juices on my manhood.  I was thinking in my last denial period that I came very close to going through her entire menstrual cycle without inserting my cock in her.  During denial periods, she has let me penetrate her, I suppose just as a way to taste what I am missing.  But not the last one, she was adamant until she decided to release me.  This could be another teasing weapon in her dominant female arsenal. 

Even though this is something I fantasize about, I also don't want Suzy to develop depression.  There's plenty of my man medicine to cure her of her blues!

"Hang on a second... I want you to last longer and I don't want a big mess in my pussy."

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Being Her Plaything

Suzy seems to enjoy watching my reactions to her dominance.  I sometimes feel like I am her plaything.  I like this... a lot!
My release was followed by another session of intercourse.  These two sessions were wonderful.  After that, Suzy and I needed to have an intimate connection and we communicated that it was going to happen.

We started with the usual foreplay, groping one another's bodies.  She then moved to my genitals and got me very well ready to go.  Suzy directed the session entirely. It seemed like it was one of the sessions where she was going to give me a handjob and then we would go to bed.  But she had a twist in mind.  She seemed to have finished with the ball torture, and was moving towards stimulating me to orgasm.  But the twist was: instead of stroking my shaft up and down, she moved the stimulation exclusively to the head of my cock.

From time to time, she has stimulated my head and seems amused at my involuntary reactions, the slight twitches.  But the entire finale was this type of stimulation.  I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the physical and psychological sensations that I was going through.  She asked me how it was feeling and I think I said something like "interesting".  She seemed to have this giddy fascination with what she was doing.  I think she just wanted to see my reactions to this, and I don't think my feedback would have mattered at all.  She wanted to do this intense cock head stimulation for her amusement.  Only afterwards, did I find some words to describe the sensation.

I came and the orgasm was intense.  I think the psychological element was the key.  Even though I was having a hard time with the intensity of the stimulation, I was very turned on by her dominance, the agenda she had, and how much she seemed to enjoy toying with my body, and being a keen observer of my reactions.  I was her plaything, and it felt great!

After I was trying to put myself together, Suzy said that she wasn't that interested before, but watching my reactions turned her on so much that she changed her mind and wanted to come.  She took the vibrator and guided herself to a strong climax (it is relatively unusual for her to use the vibrator on herself, but I think she realized I was a mess, literally and figuratively and would likely not get things sorted out fast enough for her).

*  *  *  *  *
I can't say that her stimulation was painful or I didn't like it.  It was just so intense.  Too intense.  After a few days, I think I can draw a parallel.  For cunnilingus, Suzy has given me feedback not to go to the clitoris too soon, because the feeling is to intense and sensitive that it hurts her.  She needs more foreplay, usually in her inner thighs and then the outer pussy lips.  Only after I've done a good job properly warming her up, is she ready for direct clit stimulation.  Well, I think that's what happened here, except I certainly had enough foreplay.  I think my cock head is so sensitive that that the direct stimulation was a little "too much" for me.  But make no mistake: I am quite happy with this session.  I came, so obviously I liked it.  And the psychological part, feeling watched and dominated was absolutely thrilling.  Would I like her to do this again?  Certainly.  It feels great to be her plaything.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My period of chastity ended early on New Year's Day after we brought in the new year.  Suzy was very demanding and stated that she wanted to come and that I had better quickly penetrate her before she changed her mind.  She did some amount of cock and ball torture, still being rough as she had been lately.  She had a nice, powerful orgasm and then again chided me that if I did not get inside her, it might be too late.

I quickly got up and got a shirt to protect our sheets from the mess I was about to make.  Between the time of her orgasm and when I got on top of her, I lost my erection somewhat, and she also chided me about that.  I quickly got things up to their proper hardness and then inserted.  I am not certain how long I was thrusting... it wasn't that long, but she said later that it was "longer than she expected"... not sure if that's a compliment or she has low expectations for stamina after I have been so teased and denied.

All told, it was a 25 day chastity period.  There were two ruined orgasms mixed in there, and several tease and denial sessions.  We didn't make the 1 month that she was originally asking for, and I wonder how she feels about that?  I would like to have a few more rounds of orgasms, to get that "fully out of my system".  I still felt a feeling of well being and tension release in my groin area, longer after the actual act than I normally do.

How did this orgasm feel?  Terrific.  In spite of not having a great deal of stamina, I did have a very long (in both duration and intensity) climax.  It may have approached the orgasmic bliss that my bride gets on a day to day basis.  It was intense.  I rather suspect that my load was way above average too, although Suzy didn't really say much about that.  She will normally talk about her oozing throughout the day, but she did not this time.  The fate of my semen is a bit of a mystery to me in the sense that some of it seems to be absorbed by her body but (according to her) most of it oozes out, apparently throughout the day.  Like a time-release capsule, lol.

Yes, it was an intense orgasm.  It left me very drained.  I am hoping we can continue the intensity of our sex life, as we being to have to go back to reality of our day to day activities.

Peace! Happy new year!