Saturday, December 22, 2012

Queen Suzy's Sexual Control Continues

My Queen indicated that she "had plans" for a night of sex play.  She simply told me that I would need a blindfold and to get the under the bed restraints ready.  I was very much anticipating what deliciously diabolical scene she had in mind.

Fortunately, I found the restraints and put them loosely under our bed.  I had the limb attachments ready to go around my ankles and wrists, the blindfold by my side, and was naked while I awaited her entry into our bedchamber.  We had some sexts going on, and she instructed that I needed to have the Hitachi Magic Wand ready, as well as something to smack me with.  Obviously, my arousal was heightened: she clearly had a plan.
She came in and quickly affixed the wrist restraints once my blindfold was set.  I had already put the ankle restraints on, to make it easier for her.  She quickly began stimulating my body with the crop that I had out.  She expertly teased me, and made a note of the fact that she enjoyed me not knowing where she was going to stimulate me.  I had some reactions to that that she liked.  She stimulated my feet, my nipples, my inner thighs, and smacked my nuts and cock around.
I love being restrained in a spread eagle position, the wider my legs spread, the more erotic it feels.
Suzy quote from last night: "I like this control"
My response: "I like the surrender"
She then moved to the Hitachi.  We don't typically use the Hitachi on me.  The vibrations are generally on the intense side, but she was an expert in keeping me "on the edge".  I was nervous in that I was at times getting very close to orgasm.  In my mind, I thought she would be disappointed if I came, given the nature of the month long male chastity period she had wanted.  So I tried to hold back and tell her that I was getting close.

I don't think she needed that guidance.  She was watching my sexual reactions like a hawk.  She knows my body very well.  In fact, this was a big factor of what was turning me on so much.  There was the submissive trifecta: I was naked, restrained with my legs spread wide, and she was watching my physical reactions to her teasing.  I very much like being watched.

Since I was blindfolded, it's difficult for me to say exactly what she was doing, but she worked me over.  She would stimulate my cock up and down, then do this intense thing with the head and then move away.  When I was getting a lot of cock stimulation, she would move to the underside of my balls in my perineum area, and I got some good prostate stimulation.  She would comment that I was dripping pre-cum everywhere, and periodically I felt a dollop of pre-cum oozing out on my abdomen.

I was getting more and more nervous that I was going to come.  I kept thinking that she was going to eventually stop stimulating me and start on her pussy.  As I was getting closer and closer to the edge (and mind-blowingly nervous), she kept pushing me towards the edge.  I was getting very, very close, and then she completely backed off and my teased cock fell into a state of limbo for 2 or 3 seconds and then I "ejaculated" but did not orgasm.  Another ruined / abandoned orgasm!  That was her plan all along!
This depicts what happened.  I was stimulated to the point of no return, then my Queen withdrew the stimulation and my cock started shooting out semen... I felt the pulsations but without the intense pleasure of an orgasm.
I shot quite a bit of semen ~ maybe three or four squirts.  It even reached my chest/nipple height, which is rare for me to achieve with a full orgasm.  Suzy was very pleased with herself and had a smug attitude about it.  She made it clear to me that that was her plan all along, that she enjoyed controlling my pleasure and ruining it.

She then lay beside me and turned the Hitachi to herself.  She came pretty quickly and then we talked and she verbally teased me about the predicament I was in (I was still tied up and blindfolded).  She fairly quickly went for another orgasm(!).  She told me afterwords that she was watching my cock and it had gone a bit soft but started to stiffen as she was getting closer to her climax.  Her second orgasm seemed more intense than the first.

She needed a rest after all that tying! They both look very relaxed and comfortable. :)
Following my ruined orgasm, she relaxed a bit, and then had two powerful orgasms, with me still horny and restrained.  While she didn't have a martini, she did check her messages while I was still restrained.

*  *  *  *  *

In the afterglow of this session, we talked a little bit about whether I came or not.  When my orgasms are abandoned or ruined, I feel some "relief" but not anywhere near what it is for a complete orgasm.  My guess is that there is some congestion relief from the movement of my fluids... clearing out the pipes if you will.  You have to bear in mind that she has teased and denied me a few times, and have not had a full orgasm since Dec 6.  I typically do stay erect, whereas I quickly become flaccid after a normal orgasm.  And I stay horny and want to keep going.  I got on top of Suzy, hard as a rock, kissing her passionately, and begged her to let me insert into her pussy.  Suzy was somewhat happy with my affections but then it was late and she said "if you don't leave me alone, I won't do this again"; obviously, I quickly backed off - I definitely want to play again!!

I am not sure what Suzy thinks about this: does the "chastity clock" really restart?  I am still horny and wanting her!!


  1. I've had several dozen ruined orgasms over the past eight and a half months of denial, but only one where it was close enough to the real deal to question whether it was ruined or not. As you experience, I normally stay erect after a ruined one (sometimes she'll start stroking or sucking again right away, and make me "orgasm" again), but with the one in question, I lost my erection almost immediately afterwards.

    What finally led us to declare it a ruined one was that I was as horny as hell the following morning. At my advanced age, it can take several days after a real orgasm to recover and have my libido back at full throttle...

    If your renewed horniness was well inside your typical refractory period, then call it ruined. If not, start the clock again (which is not a bad thing to to anyway).

  2. Love it when our Wives "have a plan" and we...wait.
    Sound like Queen Susy totally had fun playing with you!

  3. Thanks for the comments; Harry, your opinion seemed to carry some weight with Suzy. She acknowledges that I was still horny (and in my view could have gone another round because I was not in the refractory period), and therefore it was a ruined orgasm. By the way, Harry, I can't seem to comment on your blog :(

    SS, Yes, it is most thrilling to me when she has planned things out. Very fun! I have been feeling like a lab animal lately, and she has been conducting experiments on me!