Sunday, December 16, 2012

Orgasm Inequity

A very happy problem to have is that our femdom play is moving faster than I can blog about it.  I have a post in queue but will have to defer it over a more pressing and exciting matter to discuss.

Suzy gave me a ruined orgasm on December 11.  She came first ("ladies first"...and it was a great one, btw) and then she expertly teased my cock and balls for what seemed like an hour.  I think my body language tells her when I am nearing orgasm, and she would move away from my cock when she sensed that I was close, and then squeezed and pulled my balls.  Right before I "ejaculated", she really grabbed my scrotum and pulled it downward, stopping all contact on my cock.  I was passed the point of no return, and I spewed semen onto my abdomen and could feel my cock twitching, but not to the strength of a full, complete orgasm.  My horniness dropped momentarily, I guess mainly from the shock of what had just occurred, and I do get some relief from horniness following a ruined orgasm... but that quickly dissipated and I was once again lustful.  It had been a long time since she ruined an orgasm.
I’m hungry for you.
As a submissive male, I relish releasing control to my dominant wife
Suzy taunted and texted me as if this was a "release".  As far as she is concerned, I was sexually satisfied from the ruined orgasm she gave me, and that should be counted as such.  From our "sexting" records, I had my last complete orgasm on December 6.  So, as of last night, one could say I have been denied orgasm for either nine days or four.  Suzy says, it's four, and she rules this rooster.

Suzy was aware that I was very horny and had blogged about our prior sexual experience (my last post) and that I was fantasizing a lot (which is what my post in queue is about).  She came out "to play" late last night.  She was dressed in her sexy bedtime top (which I love!) and tight fitting pants (she is still on her period).  We kissed and caressed and talked about my fantasies (most of which is drafted in a forthcoming post).  I pulled out the vibrator and she came to a thunderous, long orgasm.  In contrast to some of her recent orgasms, she seemed very confident and proud of her orgasm.  Sometimes she is embarrassed about it, even though I have told her it is the most erotic thing for me to watch in the entire world.  She seemed to acknowledge that this time - "yes, I am a hot, sexy wife and my orgasms are a site to behold.  I just gave you a huge treat by coming hard.  Don't forget it!"  Ha! I won't!

When she was coming, she grabbed my erect cock HARD.  It hurt.  She gave one final squeeze as her orgasm was tapering off, and I thought my dick was going to get yanked out.  Obviously, she was in complete sexual ecstasy.

After her orgasm, we played and she teased me that I just had a release recently (referring to my ruined orgasm, four days before) and that I wasn't shaking enough for her to release me so soon.  I must say that that kind of dominance really turns me on!  She ultimately played with my cock and balls for a few minutes, occasionally complaining about the volume of pre-cum leaking from my dick and then said it was time to go to bed.  She went to sleep happy, I went to sleep extremely horny and denied.
I’m hungry
Fruit is an important part of a well balanced diet
As she was reading my blog before our playtime, she noticed Subservient Husband's post about a year long orgasm denial.  She brought it up during our tease and denial time.  She thought that was too long, but also seemed intrigued by it.  Uh-oh.


  1. "and then she expertly teased my cock and balls for what seemed like an hour. "
    You are one lucky guy.
    All that attention.
    Give me attention I am quite willing to forgo the actual orgasm.
    It sounds like you had a great time.

    1. I sure like the attention, and any time that I am naked when we play. We are having fun together!