Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One month of chastity

As I wrote before, my last full orgasm was on Dec 6, and I was given a "ruined" one on Dec 11.  My Queen seems keen on exploring tease and denial.  Here is an excerpt of our text conversation, following a night of an awesome female orgasm and some passionate cuddling in the morning:

Horny Husband: HORNY!!
Queen Suzy: Good!  That's how I like my man!  I am not officially counting days so let me know when you have reached one month then I will reconsider my options ;)
Horny Husband: ... by the way, I got a boner immediately after I read your text.

There was some discussion about locking up (in my chastity belt) and whether or not she knew where the keys are.  Being locked up appears highly likely.

Queen Suzy: If you are enjoying this talk so much then maybe I should make you go for 2 months instead of 1.
Horny Husband: I am shaky!  Holy smokes!
Queen Suzy: I have to see the shakes for myself.  Haven't seen any shaking yet!  So did you get hard with the last comment about 2 months?
Horny Husband: Yes.
Queen Suzy: If you did, then maybe I will make it 3 months ... oh and you are weird :o  But I still love you!

So, there you have it.  I am still not entirely sure if she is kidding or serious about the ruined orgasm being the starting date for my (one month?) period of chastity.  I was erect almost instantaneously every time she sent a message, and when I was walking around just thinking about it, I had a partial erection.  That's essentially why she brought up the chastity device.  I don't know her progress on finding the key, or when she expects the lockup period to begin.  I will await a direction from her on this.
I love this statue (not sure where it is); it really seems that the Queen is held on a pedestal, doesn't it?
Warning: the rest of this post is sappy.

We followed with a somewhat personal conversation about how our relationship is going well and that it's fun to experiment to "keep the home fires burning".

My Queen's comment about it being "weird" that I am so turned on by this is an interesting one.  Therein seems to lie the paradox of my sexuality: I love sex, I love to orgasm, but I crave for her to control it, tame it.  I feel like she is accepting how sexy I think she is, how hot it is for me to know that she is sexually satisfied, and how much I like her controlling our bedroom activities and my body.  She has done some terrific tease and denial, and she has been very generous with me groping her hot bod (and D-cup breasts) and our cuddling sessions have been terrific (and she is OK with wearing sexy outfits and me being naked).  Neither of us wants to get out of bed, because we are having so much fun holding each other.  Following this love-fest, (perhaps) the next day she will slap my balls like a pinata while she orgasms and then tell me I can't come and that I should go to bed.  My kinky mind sees no contradiction in this... she is very much loving me.  I am horny and excited and in love.


  1. Well, sounds like a wonderful sex life the two of you are having at the moment. Congratulations.