Friday, December 28, 2012

Increased Intimacy

ok, i will give You control of my orgasms…
Spending time together has really helped our intimacy
Suzy and I have been like newlyweds lately.  We have been all over each other, cuddling tightly, kissing and holding each other all night and all morning.  With some trepidation, I'd like to explore why this might be:

  • We have both been off work lately, so it's been like a big vacation.  Everyone likes vacation sex, right?  We are basically having vacation femdom sex, so far without penetration (Suzy has refused entry, and it appears that she will go without penetration for her entire menstrual cycle this month).  We are more able to do things we want to do, at our own pace, and our family life is much less frantic.  I have been "all there" when we have gone for date nights, instead of distracted and half asleep.  Unfortunately, that will change in a week or so =(
  • Related to that, we have been going to bed at the same time.  This is a big deal for me, as Suzy has often gone into cycles of staying up until 2am and then falling asleep at 8pm the next day.  I really, really like it when we go to bed together.  I am a wreck if I don't get at least 6 hours of sleep (preferable 7) and Suzy sometimes gets focused on other things.  Then, I have a hard time getting to bed without her.  I am happy we are sleeping at the same time, and I hope that continues.
  • She has been open to being more physical, both ways.  As I had blogged about before, being physical is my primary "love language".  She normally shuts me off at some point from my groping, especially with her breasts.  She has let me roam around her body, pretty much unlimited.  I love that!  And she has been very physical with me.  As an example, this morning she was spooning me, and she has been pretty liberal with heavy petting and nipple play.  I have been getting plenty of erections from her stimulation, too.  Just not being culminated in an orgasm, but perhaps at some point it will =D
  • I have been exercising more lately.  Exercise makes me happy.  I feel like a slug if I just sit in my chair all day, drive home, cook, and go to bed.  Yay exercise!
  • We have been pretty open about sharing our fantasies.  OK, some of mine are out there, but at least she's listening to them and not threatening to call the cops.
  • Related, Suzy seems to be interested in my blog.  I have had some periods of down time, and I've been able to carve out some additional time to blog lately.  It seems to take me about 45 minutes or so to draft a blog post, add the labels, add any photos, proof-read, and then publish.  I am very annoyed when I still have some lame errors in it.  My point being: it's time consuming.
  • Our sexual moments have been intimate.  We have been quite affectionate when we are in bed, and Suzy has been very open to being pleasured.  I like that!  Many times, Suzy will say that she isn't interested, that she is very satisfied, and that's that.  But she never seems to regret going for more.  I hope that continues.
  • If she doesn't want to play, she has said so, so I can do something more productive than wait on her like a puppy dog.  I don't think she really understands how much that helps...
  • I bought Suzy a pajama outfit that is warm enough for her (without that icky flannel!), sexy enough for me, and comfortable for her to wear around the little ones.  I rather feel like I pulled off a great heist or something with this trifecta!  Everyone is happy!  I am a superficial male and it really matters to me what she wears.  I am happy, she is happy.
At any rate, those are the reasons that I think our intimacy has been better.  I fear that due to "life reasons", there will be a dropoff.  What can we do to avoid a sudden crash in intimacy?  Perhaps keep up as many of these as possible.  I hope we can.


now that your tied, I’m going to go get some things…
Sometimes a well timed spank or nipple squeeze is just the thing to make me feel loved

thank you Goddess for a great afternoon…
Lots of groping goes a long way.

not letting Her out of bed…
Going to bed at the same time really helps

And it seems we can't keep our hands off each other.
Hoping our upcoming returns to work don't make things too hard on our intimate life.

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