Monday, December 31, 2012

"Your whimpering is really arousing me"

We had a bit of a break in play, but resumed last night.  We started off with groping, kissing, and pillow talk.  She then moved to teasing my nipples and then my genitals.  The focus was mainly my balls, and she alternated loving caresses with aggressive slapping and pulling.  There was no mistaking: I am very hard and aroused by this.

However, the quote above was from Suzy.  She started pushing the limits, crossing the pain threshold level several times.  Make no mistake, it was hurting, but in a good way.  I was whimpering from the pain and then she said: "Your wimping is really arousing me... be careful what you wish for".

I was pretty struck by that comment.  I have been keeping track on an as yet unpublished post of sexy things Suzy has said, but this one seemed to deserve special mention.  I never would have that my wife was kinky.  But she is.  Yay, us!

This followed with back to back female orgasms.  Apparently, she really was aroused by her ball handling skills.  We placed a pillow on my abdomen, then placed the Hitachi vibrator on it and she mounted.  I really like it when she comes this way.  First of all, she is on top of me.  Second, she grinds her pussy into the vibrator.  I feel her hair falling onto me.  And her very sexy heavy breathing is very audible and directly on me.  She didn't even take a break between climaxes.

Following our session, she said that we are probably using the vibrator too much.  I agree.  Hopefully, her next few orgasms will be without the vibe: more than likely fingering since I think she is close to her period and she has turned down oral sex offers from me lately.  I look forward to it.

I asked her if I could enter her and she once again said no.  She then asked, "do you really want inside me, or do you want to hear me say 'no'"?  Actually, the answer is "both".

She seems to like being in charge of my orgasms.

Happy New Year to my readers!  May 2013 be filled with happiness!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Increased Intimacy

ok, i will give You control of my orgasms…
Spending time together has really helped our intimacy
Suzy and I have been like newlyweds lately.  We have been all over each other, cuddling tightly, kissing and holding each other all night and all morning.  With some trepidation, I'd like to explore why this might be:

  • We have both been off work lately, so it's been like a big vacation.  Everyone likes vacation sex, right?  We are basically having vacation femdom sex, so far without penetration (Suzy has refused entry, and it appears that she will go without penetration for her entire menstrual cycle this month).  We are more able to do things we want to do, at our own pace, and our family life is much less frantic.  I have been "all there" when we have gone for date nights, instead of distracted and half asleep.  Unfortunately, that will change in a week or so =(
  • Related to that, we have been going to bed at the same time.  This is a big deal for me, as Suzy has often gone into cycles of staying up until 2am and then falling asleep at 8pm the next day.  I really, really like it when we go to bed together.  I am a wreck if I don't get at least 6 hours of sleep (preferable 7) and Suzy sometimes gets focused on other things.  Then, I have a hard time getting to bed without her.  I am happy we are sleeping at the same time, and I hope that continues.
  • She has been open to being more physical, both ways.  As I had blogged about before, being physical is my primary "love language".  She normally shuts me off at some point from my groping, especially with her breasts.  She has let me roam around her body, pretty much unlimited.  I love that!  And she has been very physical with me.  As an example, this morning she was spooning me, and she has been pretty liberal with heavy petting and nipple play.  I have been getting plenty of erections from her stimulation, too.  Just not being culminated in an orgasm, but perhaps at some point it will =D
  • I have been exercising more lately.  Exercise makes me happy.  I feel like a slug if I just sit in my chair all day, drive home, cook, and go to bed.  Yay exercise!
  • We have been pretty open about sharing our fantasies.  OK, some of mine are out there, but at least she's listening to them and not threatening to call the cops.
  • Related, Suzy seems to be interested in my blog.  I have had some periods of down time, and I've been able to carve out some additional time to blog lately.  It seems to take me about 45 minutes or so to draft a blog post, add the labels, add any photos, proof-read, and then publish.  I am very annoyed when I still have some lame errors in it.  My point being: it's time consuming.
  • Our sexual moments have been intimate.  We have been quite affectionate when we are in bed, and Suzy has been very open to being pleasured.  I like that!  Many times, Suzy will say that she isn't interested, that she is very satisfied, and that's that.  But she never seems to regret going for more.  I hope that continues.
  • If she doesn't want to play, she has said so, so I can do something more productive than wait on her like a puppy dog.  I don't think she really understands how much that helps...
  • I bought Suzy a pajama outfit that is warm enough for her (without that icky flannel!), sexy enough for me, and comfortable for her to wear around the little ones.  I rather feel like I pulled off a great heist or something with this trifecta!  Everyone is happy!  I am a superficial male and it really matters to me what she wears.  I am happy, she is happy.
At any rate, those are the reasons that I think our intimacy has been better.  I fear that due to "life reasons", there will be a dropoff.  What can we do to avoid a sudden crash in intimacy?  Perhaps keep up as many of these as possible.  I hope we can.


now that your tied, I’m going to go get some things…
Sometimes a well timed spank or nipple squeeze is just the thing to make me feel loved

thank you Goddess for a great afternoon…
Lots of groping goes a long way.

not letting Her out of bed…
Going to bed at the same time really helps

And it seems we can't keep our hands off each other.
Hoping our upcoming returns to work don't make things too hard on our intimate life.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Archived Orgasm Tracker

Nothing new here... just doing some "winter cleaning" on my blog.  I didn't want to lose this "data" :-)

December 2011
Suzy's period: Dec 7-14
Dec 16: 2 female orgasms with Hitachi vibrator; husband denied with light teasing.
Dec 17: 1 female orgasm with husband's fingering. It was a very intense one. husband denied with light teasing.
Dec 19: 2 female orgasms with Hitachi vibrator; husband denied with CBT
Dec 21: 1 female orgasm with Hitachi vibrator with husband fingering; husband allowed penetration but not release.
Dec 22: 1 female orgasm with Hitachi vibrator; attempted fingering. Very powerful female orgasm.
Dec 24: 1 (inferred) female orgasm in the shower, with me not present. She has neither confirmed nor denied this, but she did admit that she "took a long shower".
Dec 26?: 1 female orgasm
Dec 27: 1 female orgasm, making it ten female orgasms in a row; followed by male penetration until orgasm; described in Dec 28 blog
January 2012
Jan 1: 1 female orgasm, 1 male orgasm (handjob); described in Jan 6 blog; during this cycle, she had 11 orgasms and I had 2.
Suzy's period: Jan 2-8; no sex play during her period =(
Jan 9: 1 female orgasm with Hitachi vibrator while she lay on her side. Very hot hip undulations just prior and during her orgasm. Suzy accepted her pleasure and fell asleep happy, with her husband's erect cock poking her =)
Jan 11: 1 female orgasm with Hitachi vibrator after serious "edging" and cock and ball torture.
Jan 16: simultaneous male and female orgasms during man on top missionary; described in Jan 17 blog.
Jan 20: 1 female orgasm with hubby locked in new Birdlock chastity device.
Jan 22: 1 male orgasm (I came first =P) and 1 female orgasm, with me fingering her pussy with my come in it.
Jan 25: 1 female orgasm; tease and denial of husband and wife feel asleep clutching my cock(!)
Jan 26: 1 male orgasm (I came first =P) and 1 female orgasm, with the Hitachi Magic Wand
January cycle: 7 female orgasms, 3 male orgasms
Suzy's period: Feb 1-Feb 6
February 2012
Feb 1: 1 female orgasm, male tease and deny (mainly squeezed my sack).
Feb 2: 1 female orgasm (vibrator), male orgasm between her breasts, described in Feb 3 post.
Feb 6: 1 female orgasm, 1 male orgasm: simultaneous during intercourse, described in Feb 7 post.
Feb 13: 1 female orgasm, via cunnilingus, described in Feb 14 post. My first time wearing my new thong, I got some light stimulation as she drifted to sleep.
Feb 21: 1 female orgasm with the vibrator, described in Feb 22 post; male tease and denial, with aggressive ball torture during her climax.
Feb 23: 1 female orgasm via cunnilingus. I was locked in the Birdlocked beginning Feb 22 evening.
Feb 24: 1 female orgasm with the vibrator
Feb 26: 1 female orgasm with vibrator, male orgasm in pussy
Feb 29: 1 female orgasm with vibrator, male orgasm via handjob
February cycle: 9 female orgasms, 3 male orgasms
Suzy's period: Feb 29-March 5
March 2012
March 5: 1 female orgasm with vibrator
March 9: 1 female orgasm with vibrator
March 11 (or so): 1 male orgasm, a handjob
March 14: 1 female orgasm with cunnilingus
March 16: 1 female orgasm with vibrator (pussy was sore); male teasing, mainly of the balls
March 17: 1 female orgasm with vibrator (pussy still sore); male teasing, nipple and ball torture
March 20: 1 female orgasm with vibrator; some male body caressing, nipple play, and ball torture
March 21: 1 female orgasm with vibrator, 1 male orgasm in her pussy
March 27: 1 female orgasm with vibrator
March 28: 1 female orgasm via cunnilingus; 1 male orgasm in her pussy
April 1: 1 female orgasm with vibrator, 1 male orgasm in her pussy
March cycle: 10 female orgasms, 4 male orgasms
Suzy's period: April 3-April 10
April 2012
April 5: 1 solo female orgasm with vibrator
April 11: 1 female orgasm via cunnilingus
April 21: 1 female orgasm via vibrator and 1 male orgasm in her pussy (quickie sex in the morning)
April 27: 1 female orgasm via vibrator and 1 male orgasm in her pussy
May 1: 1 female orgasm via vibrator and pussy fingering
May 4: 1 female orgasm via vibrator
May 6: 1 female orgasm via vibrator, intense cock teasing
May 7: 1 female orgasm via vibrator (she broke her consecutive day rule)
April cycle: 8 female orgasms, 2 male orgasms
Suzy's period: May 2-May 8
May 2012
May 10: 1 female orgasm via vibrator and pussy fingering
May 12: 1 female orgasm via vibrator and pussy fingering (included a long session of cunnilingus that didn't quite get here there); male nipple pinching for me
May 13: 1 female orgasm via vibrator
May 16: 1 female orgasm via vibrator
May 19: 1 female orgasm via cunnilingus
May 20: 1 solo female orgasm in the shower
May 20: 1 female orgasm via vibrator, male orgasm in her pussy
May 26?: 1 female orgasm via vibrator, male orgasm in her pussy
May 30: 1 female orgasm via vibrator, male tease and denial
June 1?: 1 solo female orgasm in the shower
May cycle: 10 female orgasms, 2 male orgasms
Suzy's period: June 2-June 7
June 2012
June 3:1 female orgasm with vibrator, 1 male orgasm between her breasts, 1 male orgasm via handjob
June 9: 1 female orgasm with vibrator, 1 male orgasm in her pussy
June 16: 2 female orgasms, 1 via woman on top intercourse, one via vibrator; male tease and denial
June 17: 2 female orgasms via vibrator, intense dominance/submissions session with CBT, T&D
June 19: 1 female orgasm via vibrator; male tease and denial
June 22: 1 female orgasm via vibrator (cunnilingus didn't work), male tease and denial
June 26: 1 female orgasm via vibrator, 1 male orgasm in her pussy
June cycle: 9 female orgasms, 4 male orgasms
Suzy's period: June 28-July 5?
July 2012
July 6: 1 female orgasm with vibrator
July 7: 1 female orgasm via vibrator; male tease and denial
July 12: 1 female orgasm via cunnilingus, 1 male orgasm in her pussy
July 13: 1 female orgasm with vibrator
July 17: 1 female orgasm with finger her pussy
July 19: 1 female orgasm via cunnilingus, 1 male orgasm in her pussy
July 21: 2 female orgasms with vibrator, male tease and denial
July 24: 1 solo female orgasm in the shower
July 26: 1 male orgasm via handjob
July 29: 1 female orgasm via vibrator
July cycle: 10 female orgasms, 3 male orgasms
Suzy's period: July 23-July 29
August 2012
August 1: 1 female orgasm with vibrator, 1 male orgasm inside pussy, with her on top

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Femdom Bait and Switch

First of all, I hope my readers all had a very Merry Christmas.  We had a nice one, spending it with both sides of our family and having some good times.

As a result of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we hadn't had much time to play.  I bought her a nice pajama set that was good for both of us.  It was nice and warm ~ Suzy is always cold ~ but had some options for being sexy also.  The warm part is that it has a long sleeve top (and it is NOT flannel!!).  The sexy part is that it came with a matching camisole, which I found to be very sexy.  I was very proud that when the sales woman asked me if my wife was "busty", I said yes (and was very proud about it).  Anyway, it was a hit - warm for her, sexy for me.

We played last night.  Suzy was doing her computer stuff and I kept fantasizing about playing with her in her new outfit.  I came down to check on her and she mentioned she had read my last blog post and that she was going to check the threesome section of Craigslist for a boy toy.

She was down there a while (apparently, there are a lot of men that want to play with a married couple, lol) and she came up and mentioned that she replied to an ad.  She then did her bedtime routine as I lit a candle, got naked, and waited for her.

As had happened in the past, Suzy got horny from reading the ads.  As I groped her body, she told me about it and I asked questions about what we would do if this male was interested.  Perhaps that is a story for another time, but I was getting hotter and hotter and Suzy said she was horny and wanted to fuck.  I was on top of her, grinding although not penetrating her yet.  She was assertive that she wanted an orgasm NOW (I love it when she is demanding) and seemed annoyed that I wasn't getting to it.  I asked her how she wanted to come and she said she wanted the vibrator and wanted to squeeze my balls.

She came very hard.  She had a nice orgasmic afterglow and I caressed her body.  She then said that she "changed her mind" and didn't want intercourse anymore and didn't want me to orgasm.  She said, "maybe tomorrow".

We flipped over and she teased my cock for about 5 minutes.  Because I was so horny, I felt close to the edge almost right away.  I love it in particular when she stimulates the underside of my cock and my scrotum at the same time.  I was grateful for the tease and she decided it was time to go to bed.

I was very turned on by her dominance.  I am out of my mind horny and I definitely want to come.  But it is alluring to me that she is in control of our sex life.  As weird as this may sound, her dominance is more alluring than my orgasm.  And her orgasm was definitely powerful enough for the both of us.  She is so hot and sexy right now.

I can't help to think that Suzy is getting more comfortable with female domination.  In the past, she seemed embarrassed by her orgasms, but I think she understands how exciting they are for me.

I really have no idea if I will come tonight or there will be another tease.  We shall see.

*  *  *  *  *

For those keeping score, since my last orgasm (which was be a handjob on Dec 6), she has had 6 orgasms and I have had 0, with 2 ruined orgasms.  I have been thinking about revamping my Orgasm Tracker page (perhaps for the new year) to keep track of our orgasms better.  The last time I was inside her was sometime before that, but I am not sure.  It's been a while.  I am about three weeks into orgasm denial, which I believe is about tied for my longest period of chastity.  Not sure what's going to happen, but sex is definitely about her pleasure right now.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Interview with a submissive husband, part 1

I have stated that I would like to interview Suzy about our sex life in the past, but things are pretty busy in her life, and I am not sure when I would be able to get to that.  Probably the best I can hope for is to email her some questions and when she gets around to it, she will respond.  Since I am out of the roof horny, I have a lot of pent up energy right now, and thought that I might conduct a "self interview".  Here goes:

How important is sex in your relationship with Suzy?
I have an above average libido, which can be a source of conflict.  Suzy will sometimes minimize this by saying, "you just want sex", as if it is no big deal.  Sex is a very big deal to me.  If it were up to me, we would end each day with sex, whether it be intercourse, heavy petting, or a full Femdom scene.  I love other people, but my relationship with Suzy is special... she's the only person I have sex with, and the intimacy we create during our sex play is creates a powerful bond.  It's difficult to get angry and petty with someone who has just rocked your world sexually, even, say, if she doesn't see eye to eye with you on financial matters.  There are so many benefits that sex provides.  I consider myself to be a highly sexual person.

I feel a sense of urgency around sex.  I suspect that once our children leave the nest, our dynamic will change a lot (I'm thinking I won't be wearing clothes that often...).  But why wait?  Sex is fun, free, and good for you.  Do it now!!!  Our daughter gets annoyed and embarrassed when we are affectionate; but it's better than fighting, don't you think :)

But, as described in this blog, you don't always orgasm during these intimate times.  Is that a contradiction?
One thing this blog has done for me is to tie threads in my life that point to the fact that I enjoy submission.  A way that is manifest in our current sex play is that I don't take for granted that I will come each time we have sex.  I think our past history suggests that Suzy climaxes about four times more often than I do.  During those times when I don't ejaculate, I am very stimulated and I feel very intimate and close to her.  This has been a journey, with many ups and downs, and I very much appreciate the fact that Suzy is game to try out female domination.  There are times when I really really do want to come and she says no.  In the old days, I would probably just sneak off and masturbate.  But submitting to her includes accepting her decisions.  I agree that my femdom desires aren't always rational, but ever since I have made a concerted effort to stop "topping from the bottom", things have gone much better.  I am enjoying her being in charge, sexually, and I think she likes it too.

What is the most surprising thing you've discovered about yourself and about Suzy that you learned from Femdom play?
For me, it's that the brain is the biggest and most important sex organ.  When we were first married, I was very driven to climax.  It's like I had an itch to scratch.  It did matter to me that she came or not, and in fact, I introduced her to becoming orgasmic.  She was very reluctant to try various tools, but I was very persistent.  I digress.  I am constantly surprised at how communicating my desires to her, and embracing my own sexuality has lead to such fulfillment.  As I was saying, my main focus used to be on getting to the finish line.  But with sex, the journey is even better than the destination.  The all day foreplay (now accomplished mainly with sexting) that builds an intense desire and anticipation, the intimate communication in sharing our fantasies, the roleplaying or dressing up that adds to that simmering tension... it's what makes sex fun and exciting.

The extent to which she has taken up to cock and ball torture has really surprised me.  To the outside world, Suzy is a sweetheart, she's a wonderful mom, and has such a big heart ~ basically a PTA soccer mom type.  I think people are always a little bit different in day to day roles vs. in the bedroom (I know I am; I am pretty driven at work but want to submit to her for sex).  But Suzy truly enjoys being rough with my genitals.  You tend to know what you like to do by seeing what you naturally gravitate towards when you have a choice.  Suzy chooses to bust my balls.  It's something she is drawn to and enjoys.  I am not asking or cajoling her to do that, she does it because she likes it.  And I like to submit to it.  Cock and ball torture is a great fit for us; it is rare that it is not a part of our play.  The contrast of this good girl/naughty girl is very arousing to me.

Do you hold back on this blog?  Is there anything sexually that you have not discussed with Suzy?
To a certain extent.  I consider myself a "trysexual".  I will try anything a few times (if it isn't fun the first time, it could have been we didn't know what to do, so I want to leave some room for learning).  There are some things I've fantasized about that she didn't seem to receive well.  I don't want to push if it's a definite "no".  There are some very powerful fantasies that I have that I will try to incorporate here and there, to give some color as to why they turn me on.  Just like with the vibrators, she is sometimes resistant to try things until she wraps her head around them.

Is there something that you don't feel Suzy "gets" that you'd like her to better understand about your sexuality?
I guess it's similar to the last notion.  I think Suzy over-thinks things sometimes (what does this mean about him or about me?  What if it makes me look stupid?).  Most of my fantasies have a common theme of being "forced" into something; a role reversal; or just being nasty/kinky. 

Just because I want her to fuck me in the ass with a strapon doesn't mean I am interested in being with a man or having a real penis fuck me in the ass (I don't at all!!).  Similarly, I fantasize about being "forced" to consume my semen (either following a ruined orgasm or a combined mixing of our juices in her pussy, which is called a "creampie" and a seemingly common submissive male fantasy).  I have from time to time thought it would be fun to be "forced" to wear her panties, but I don't really have any desires to be "feminized".  I get the sense that Suzy thinks these things say something more about me than are really there.  It could be that being fucked in the ass is painful and not pleasant; that I concur with Suzy that my semen is toxic waste; and that we both think I look ridiculous in her panties.  But it could be that Suzy feels empowered and dominant with a cock of her own; that she is turned on by "making" me clean her pussy (and appreciates the lack of oozing the next day); or she thinks it's fun to reverse roles by making me wear her panties.  I think it would be fun to try, and figure out if we both enjoy it or not.

The other thing I would say is that she might not appreciate the importance of the visual aspect to male sexuality.  To me, sex is the "main event" of the day.  She looks great with makeup and her work clothes; why not begin a session with a hot theme around that?  Lots of role-playing opportunities there!  We can put up the clothes later (I am somewhat accustomed to putting toys away after we are done with sex).  The really sexy clothes I like to see her in...I hope she wears them!

Is there a blind spot you have for Suzy?  Something you don't get about her?
The flip side to the prior questions is that I probably under-appreciate her willingness to try out things that she is not as comfortable with.  There have been times that I thought she was cool with certain things and she later tells me it's far outside her comfort zone.  That was a bit of a shock to me.  I don't think I 'get' that part of it.  But I really do appreciate it.  I guess I want more but don't often enough express appreciation for what she does do.  She's an awesome wife, and our sex life has never been better!

I think I often project male sexuality onto her.  For example, barring a death in my family or a national tragedy or a job loss, I am ready to go sexuality at a hint of Suzy's interest in sex.  I think I assume that if it's been a day or two, that she wants me to service her.  It just makes sense to me.  I flip the roles, and think: if Suzy lusted after me every day and wanted to blow me every day, why would I ever refuse that?  Female sexuality is not like that.  I have to remind myself that.  At the end of the day, I do think she likes sex now more than any other time in our marriage (she's hit her sexual peak), and I can do things like sexting and massaging that can get her in the mood, but sometimes she just isn't interested.  I need to respect that better.

*  *  *  *  *
I hope this helps a bit.  As I said before, I hope to "interview" Suzy at some point, and I can follow up with subsequent self-interviews.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Queen Suzy's Sexual Control Continues

My Queen indicated that she "had plans" for a night of sex play.  She simply told me that I would need a blindfold and to get the under the bed restraints ready.  I was very much anticipating what deliciously diabolical scene she had in mind.

Fortunately, I found the restraints and put them loosely under our bed.  I had the limb attachments ready to go around my ankles and wrists, the blindfold by my side, and was naked while I awaited her entry into our bedchamber.  We had some sexts going on, and she instructed that I needed to have the Hitachi Magic Wand ready, as well as something to smack me with.  Obviously, my arousal was heightened: she clearly had a plan.
She came in and quickly affixed the wrist restraints once my blindfold was set.  I had already put the ankle restraints on, to make it easier for her.  She quickly began stimulating my body with the crop that I had out.  She expertly teased me, and made a note of the fact that she enjoyed me not knowing where she was going to stimulate me.  I had some reactions to that that she liked.  She stimulated my feet, my nipples, my inner thighs, and smacked my nuts and cock around.
I love being restrained in a spread eagle position, the wider my legs spread, the more erotic it feels.
Suzy quote from last night: "I like this control"
My response: "I like the surrender"
She then moved to the Hitachi.  We don't typically use the Hitachi on me.  The vibrations are generally on the intense side, but she was an expert in keeping me "on the edge".  I was nervous in that I was at times getting very close to orgasm.  In my mind, I thought she would be disappointed if I came, given the nature of the month long male chastity period she had wanted.  So I tried to hold back and tell her that I was getting close.

I don't think she needed that guidance.  She was watching my sexual reactions like a hawk.  She knows my body very well.  In fact, this was a big factor of what was turning me on so much.  There was the submissive trifecta: I was naked, restrained with my legs spread wide, and she was watching my physical reactions to her teasing.  I very much like being watched.

Since I was blindfolded, it's difficult for me to say exactly what she was doing, but she worked me over.  She would stimulate my cock up and down, then do this intense thing with the head and then move away.  When I was getting a lot of cock stimulation, she would move to the underside of my balls in my perineum area, and I got some good prostate stimulation.  She would comment that I was dripping pre-cum everywhere, and periodically I felt a dollop of pre-cum oozing out on my abdomen.

I was getting more and more nervous that I was going to come.  I kept thinking that she was going to eventually stop stimulating me and start on her pussy.  As I was getting closer and closer to the edge (and mind-blowingly nervous), she kept pushing me towards the edge.  I was getting very, very close, and then she completely backed off and my teased cock fell into a state of limbo for 2 or 3 seconds and then I "ejaculated" but did not orgasm.  Another ruined / abandoned orgasm!  That was her plan all along!
This depicts what happened.  I was stimulated to the point of no return, then my Queen withdrew the stimulation and my cock started shooting out semen... I felt the pulsations but without the intense pleasure of an orgasm.
I shot quite a bit of semen ~ maybe three or four squirts.  It even reached my chest/nipple height, which is rare for me to achieve with a full orgasm.  Suzy was very pleased with herself and had a smug attitude about it.  She made it clear to me that that was her plan all along, that she enjoyed controlling my pleasure and ruining it.

She then lay beside me and turned the Hitachi to herself.  She came pretty quickly and then we talked and she verbally teased me about the predicament I was in (I was still tied up and blindfolded).  She fairly quickly went for another orgasm(!).  She told me afterwords that she was watching my cock and it had gone a bit soft but started to stiffen as she was getting closer to her climax.  Her second orgasm seemed more intense than the first.

She needed a rest after all that tying! They both look very relaxed and comfortable. :)
Following my ruined orgasm, she relaxed a bit, and then had two powerful orgasms, with me still horny and restrained.  While she didn't have a martini, she did check her messages while I was still restrained.

*  *  *  *  *

In the afterglow of this session, we talked a little bit about whether I came or not.  When my orgasms are abandoned or ruined, I feel some "relief" but not anywhere near what it is for a complete orgasm.  My guess is that there is some congestion relief from the movement of my fluids... clearing out the pipes if you will.  You have to bear in mind that she has teased and denied me a few times, and have not had a full orgasm since Dec 6.  I typically do stay erect, whereas I quickly become flaccid after a normal orgasm.  And I stay horny and want to keep going.  I got on top of Suzy, hard as a rock, kissing her passionately, and begged her to let me insert into her pussy.  Suzy was somewhat happy with my affections but then it was late and she said "if you don't leave me alone, I won't do this again"; obviously, I quickly backed off - I definitely want to play again!!

I am not sure what Suzy thinks about this: does the "chastity clock" really restart?  I am still horny and wanting her!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

New thing to try: electrical stimulation

We have spent a fair amount of money on sex toys, some of which we have not used yet.  Probably the last toy we bought was when Suzy and I went to an adult toy store and she seemed interested in trying out an electrical stimulation device.  This particular one (not opened yet) is to encircle my cock and stimulate my cock.  I don't know about the safety of such devices, but I did come across this intriguing system:

I am curiuos as to what Suzy might think of this.  I haven't been able to find a lot of reviews, and it is pretty expensive.  But it seems like a very good tool for foreplay.  I am interested in any experiences with electrosex.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One month of chastity

As I wrote before, my last full orgasm was on Dec 6, and I was given a "ruined" one on Dec 11.  My Queen seems keen on exploring tease and denial.  Here is an excerpt of our text conversation, following a night of an awesome female orgasm and some passionate cuddling in the morning:

Horny Husband: HORNY!!
Queen Suzy: Good!  That's how I like my man!  I am not officially counting days so let me know when you have reached one month then I will reconsider my options ;)
Horny Husband: ... by the way, I got a boner immediately after I read your text.

There was some discussion about locking up (in my chastity belt) and whether or not she knew where the keys are.  Being locked up appears highly likely.

Queen Suzy: If you are enjoying this talk so much then maybe I should make you go for 2 months instead of 1.
Horny Husband: I am shaky!  Holy smokes!
Queen Suzy: I have to see the shakes for myself.  Haven't seen any shaking yet!  So did you get hard with the last comment about 2 months?
Horny Husband: Yes.
Queen Suzy: If you did, then maybe I will make it 3 months ... oh and you are weird :o  But I still love you!

So, there you have it.  I am still not entirely sure if she is kidding or serious about the ruined orgasm being the starting date for my (one month?) period of chastity.  I was erect almost instantaneously every time she sent a message, and when I was walking around just thinking about it, I had a partial erection.  That's essentially why she brought up the chastity device.  I don't know her progress on finding the key, or when she expects the lockup period to begin.  I will await a direction from her on this.
I love this statue (not sure where it is); it really seems that the Queen is held on a pedestal, doesn't it?
Warning: the rest of this post is sappy.

We followed with a somewhat personal conversation about how our relationship is going well and that it's fun to experiment to "keep the home fires burning".

My Queen's comment about it being "weird" that I am so turned on by this is an interesting one.  Therein seems to lie the paradox of my sexuality: I love sex, I love to orgasm, but I crave for her to control it, tame it.  I feel like she is accepting how sexy I think she is, how hot it is for me to know that she is sexually satisfied, and how much I like her controlling our bedroom activities and my body.  She has done some terrific tease and denial, and she has been very generous with me groping her hot bod (and D-cup breasts) and our cuddling sessions have been terrific (and she is OK with wearing sexy outfits and me being naked).  Neither of us wants to get out of bed, because we are having so much fun holding each other.  Following this love-fest, (perhaps) the next day she will slap my balls like a pinata while she orgasms and then tell me I can't come and that I should go to bed.  My kinky mind sees no contradiction in this... she is very much loving me.  I am horny and excited and in love.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Orgasm Inequity

A very happy problem to have is that our femdom play is moving faster than I can blog about it.  I have a post in queue but will have to defer it over a more pressing and exciting matter to discuss.

Suzy gave me a ruined orgasm on December 11.  She came first ("ladies first"...and it was a great one, btw) and then she expertly teased my cock and balls for what seemed like an hour.  I think my body language tells her when I am nearing orgasm, and she would move away from my cock when she sensed that I was close, and then squeezed and pulled my balls.  Right before I "ejaculated", she really grabbed my scrotum and pulled it downward, stopping all contact on my cock.  I was passed the point of no return, and I spewed semen onto my abdomen and could feel my cock twitching, but not to the strength of a full, complete orgasm.  My horniness dropped momentarily, I guess mainly from the shock of what had just occurred, and I do get some relief from horniness following a ruined orgasm... but that quickly dissipated and I was once again lustful.  It had been a long time since she ruined an orgasm.
I’m hungry for you.
As a submissive male, I relish releasing control to my dominant wife
Suzy taunted and texted me as if this was a "release".  As far as she is concerned, I was sexually satisfied from the ruined orgasm she gave me, and that should be counted as such.  From our "sexting" records, I had my last complete orgasm on December 6.  So, as of last night, one could say I have been denied orgasm for either nine days or four.  Suzy says, it's four, and she rules this rooster.

Suzy was aware that I was very horny and had blogged about our prior sexual experience (my last post) and that I was fantasizing a lot (which is what my post in queue is about).  She came out "to play" late last night.  She was dressed in her sexy bedtime top (which I love!) and tight fitting pants (she is still on her period).  We kissed and caressed and talked about my fantasies (most of which is drafted in a forthcoming post).  I pulled out the vibrator and she came to a thunderous, long orgasm.  In contrast to some of her recent orgasms, she seemed very confident and proud of her orgasm.  Sometimes she is embarrassed about it, even though I have told her it is the most erotic thing for me to watch in the entire world.  She seemed to acknowledge that this time - "yes, I am a hot, sexy wife and my orgasms are a site to behold.  I just gave you a huge treat by coming hard.  Don't forget it!"  Ha! I won't!

When she was coming, she grabbed my erect cock HARD.  It hurt.  She gave one final squeeze as her orgasm was tapering off, and I thought my dick was going to get yanked out.  Obviously, she was in complete sexual ecstasy.

After her orgasm, we played and she teased me that I just had a release recently (referring to my ruined orgasm, four days before) and that I wasn't shaking enough for her to release me so soon.  I must say that that kind of dominance really turns me on!  She ultimately played with my cock and balls for a few minutes, occasionally complaining about the volume of pre-cum leaking from my dick and then said it was time to go to bed.  She went to sleep happy, I went to sleep extremely horny and denied.
I’m hungry
Fruit is an important part of a well balanced diet
As she was reading my blog before our playtime, she noticed Subservient Husband's post about a year long orgasm denial.  She brought it up during our tease and denial time.  She thought that was too long, but also seemed intrigued by it.  Uh-oh.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Femdom and Male Masochism

Our sex play has been really fun lately.  I have had a tough couple of weeks of work, and we haven't been able to spend that much time together, but when we do, it is extremely rewarding.  As always, we focus on Suzy's pleasure first.  We still rely on the Hitachi Magic wand a fair amount, but I had very good success with cunnilingus a few days ago.  There are some times when going down on her "works" and other times it does not.  This was a time that worked very well; her orgasm was strong, she was very wet.  It didn't even take that long.  My suspicion is that I had done a good job with foreplay and she was horny.
This resembles our more traditional position for pussy worship
The other night, we tried a position I had been fantasizing a lot about lately; having me on the bottom in a 69 position.   I loved it, but it did not get her off.  It was quite nice to feel submissive, with her body on top of mine.  Truth be told, I mainly wanted to try to finger her while I pleasured her clit, but I did not attempt it.  The geometry seemed tough.  This morning, she told me she was not comfortable in this position, so I don't think we will be doing that much.  We flipped over and then I continued to suck her in our "normal" position (her lying down, me positioned between her legs).  She enjoyed it, but she did not come.  I finished her off with the vibrator, fingering her pussy, and she came very nicely.


dip them

Beg for them. Go ahead, go incoherent. I want to know that the only thought in your head right now is ME.
I couldn't find an exact photo of the position we tried.  Basically, it's like this, with her body fully on top of mine, but in a "69" position where my mouth is positioned to orally serve her pussy.  Very hot, but it didn't seem to get Suzy going.  But I love the feel of her body weight on top of me.  And no, she didn't really play with my cock and balls on her end.
We then groped each other while enjoying her post orgasmic bliss.  She enjoyed my carresses and then after some time started to play with me.  She was aggressive with my nipples, pinching them and stretching them between her fingers.  It felt awesome.  She stroked my cock and played with my scrotum for some time, being aggressive with the loose skin, grasping it and forcefully pulling it in several directions.  She said that she likes doing that.

She started smacking my balls harder while stroking my cock and then ultimately I made a big mess with my climax.  We got dressed and fell asleep cuddling.

*  *  *  *  *

More and more, I am feeling that I am a sexual masochist.  I like pain, but only when I am sexually aroused.  It is fun for her to push my limits and I like the dominance that she displays when she is aggressive with me.  I think she was reluctant to be rough with my nipples at first, because her own nipples are so sensitive that she couldn't envision doing that to her lover.  I think she has overcome that reluctance now.

What turns me on about pain?

  • The submission that it represents: Submitting to the pain puts me into "subspace".  If I did not like the pain, I could get up at any time (unless I am restrained, but that doesn't happen that often).  Suzy thinks I am crazy in that when she begins torturing me, I will often adjust my body so that it is easier to access what she is hurting.  I will spread my legs wider, move closer to her, whatever makes it easier for her to access my bits.
  • Her domination of me turns me on: If you have read my blog for any length of time, you should realize that I am very turned on by femdom.  Strong, aggressive (especially sexually) women turn me on.  Remember when Angelina Jolie started kicking Brad Pitt's ass in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"?  HOT!  She kicks him in the nuts and verbally taunts/humiliates him.  There is something about female domination that I crave.
Check this out.  The violence and sexiness is quite erotic for me: