Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update: "anniversary sex plan" and male endurance training

I thought I'd give a brief update.  Our sex play has been more on the vanilla side than the kinky side lately.  I suppose that these sorts of things go in waves, and some life circumstances have pushed our sex life in that direction.  Also, it has been difficult for me to update my own blog and read others due to these circumstances.

Of course, that doesn't mean I don't fantasize about femdom sex.

A couple of things of interest have happened, one fun and exciting and the other embarrasing.

Anniversary Sex Plan

When we were fooling around, my wife seemed very intrigued about chronicling our sex life.  She mentioned my "orgasm tracker" page on the blog and thought that we should track our trysts more regularly.  Specifically, SHE said we should have sex more, and suggested we should play one time each month for every year we are married.  Awesome!  I joked that would make me more excited about our anniversary every year, as it is an extra day of getting laid.  Unfortunately, due to said life experiences, we haven't been able to put that into practice yet.  Suzy is on her period, so perhaps we can start this up in a few days.  Let's just say that the majority of days we would be having sex!

It seems that Suzy really enjoys orgasms.  I mean she REALLY enjoys orgasms.  When we first married, it seemed like she could take it or leave it.  Now, the focus is squarely on her cumming.

Male endurance training

She stated in no uncertain terms that she wants to get fucked hard and deep.  Because I have a tendency to come rather quickly, I can't do that for that long.  Historically, my endurance is really aided by having sex more often.  That is, if we haven't had sex in a week, I come very quickly.  If we had sex last night, I have much better endurance.  So, the "anniversary sex plan" is to my advantage in terms of staying power.

But recently, I was pounding and I came sooner than I wanted.  She really seemed disappointed and I felt like I needed to do something about it.

I read a bit about premature ejaculation.  My major take away is that this is something that we really should research and do together.  Perhaps we can do a google search together.

That's all fine, but my wife wants to get pounded hard and deep.  I must give her what she wants, sexually.

I put on an "endurance" condom that has a desensitizing agent on the inside (I bought them a while ago, but Suzy seems reluctant to use them).  Suzy wanted to be penetrated doggy style, so I slipped it on and went to town.  I thought my endurance was much better than would normally be expected.  There are two things going on here: the condom and the numbing agent.  Harry Haversacker (sp?) is a fan of using numbing agents, and he doesn't seem to have any ill effects.  I would like to explore this more fully.  Perhaps I can introduce a numbing agent to the head of my cock and then go to town and hopefully fuck her better.  I really want to try this, and I don't think there are really any cons to doing so.  If I over-desensitize, I wouldn't be able to come, but she would get what she really deserves.  If it doesn't quite do the trick, I would at least have better endurance and the longer time hard would be well worth it.  I think it's a win-win.


  1. If you do experiment with numbing agents, please share your experiences.
    Of course, it might work well for you and not work at all for others.
    I heard of one man who wasn't able to keep his erection with a condom (just a normal condom without any numbing agents), because he felt "nothing", as he put it.
    I think it is more a psychological problem, but, well, that's how these things work.

  2. I'd suggest that, for the three or four bucks it costs for a tube of oral anesthetic gel, you give it a try.

    We use Anbesol, which, of course, is intended for use in the mouth, so I definitely wouldn't expect any adverse effects on the skin of the penis. One thing to remember, the numbing gel will affect Suzy as well, so be sure to remove any excess once it's done its job on your boner. We occasionally use a urethane or polyisoprene condom, both as an additional layer that deadens any pleasant feelings and as a protectant to shield CH's happy bits from the gel. Her preference, though, is bareback fucking.

    Loss of erection is always a possibility, but personally, I'm so wound up mentally when I actually get to fuck CH, that the loss of feeling in my penis has no negative effect on my hardness. I can definitely feel the pressure of her clenching vagina on my cock, and that helps as well. However, the knowledge that I can give her a good long screwing without having to cut it short for fear of coming is the real driver of my arousal.

  3. What about a cock sheath from amazon?