Saturday, November 24, 2012

Magic Mike, Full frontal nudity, and castration anxiety

If you recall, my wife was quite excited about watching the male stripper movie Magic Mike.  She couldn't wait to buy it and wanted to watch it again with me.  I am strangely turned on by my wife's exuberance at looking at nearly nude men lustfully.

We watched the show and generally understood that sex play was going to happen.  The night before, we played sexually and she orgasmed, but she denied my release.  Needless to say, I was very horny.  This was during the day, which was a REAL TREAT for me.  Many times when we play, we are both very tired from work and parenting activities, and I really long for "nooners" where we can be fully engaged in sex.

Suzy was still on her period, but she work her bra and some sexy Victoria's Secret leggings.  I was fully nude.  We watched the movie, first with me massaging her feet and then she massaged my cock.  I would caress her body regularly, but she kept a very keen focus on my dick and keeping it hard.  She signalled in some way that she was going to finish me off, and at that point, I wrapped my legs around her and revelled in my complete vulnerability and her sexual power over me. 
Suzy completely controlled my body.  My helplessness seemed to provide her sufficient entertainment.  I think I will visual her enthusiastic smile for some time to come.

She began to pull my scrotum very firmly while she was stroking my cock.  It felt like she was trying to rip my balls off.  I was taken aback by this, and starting to get a little nervous.  She had the biggest SMILE on her face, she was really enjoying this, and enjoying my reactions.  I really have no idea how far she was pulling my scrotum, but it did feel intense and resulted in a massive orgasm.  She spent a good bit of time playing with my sack post-orgasm, and continued pulling on it.

*  *  *  *  *

All in all, a fun time was had.  I felt intensely submissive and dominated by her during the light of day, where we both focused on our sex play.  I probably had a continuous erection for an hour.  My orgasm was intense.  She did get me to another full blown erection, but parental duties forced us to stop.  I have a feeling she will be doing this again.



  1. CBT is very exciting, isn't it, particularly if you are of a masochistic bent? Tugging on and stretching my ballsack away from my body is something my wife loves to do. It's exciting but doesn't move me toward an orgasm.

    The one treatment I'm waiting for her to try is to get me just on the edge, as she would when ruining my orgasm, and then start smacking my balls. I'm curious to know if it will tip me over the edge or totally defeat the process.

  2. Oh my, this is hot. Love your evening, watching that movie and then playing

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. Yes, it was a fun experience. Being naked and completely transparent in my arousal levels is fun. I am very aroused by CFNM (clothed female, naked male). Given the nature of this movie, I wasn't the only male body she was seeing ;-)