Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thong domination

We had a terrific sexual experience the other night.  My Queen was on her period, so her orgasms were strictly through the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Following her orgasms, she played with me.  I wore a very tight thong, which always makes me feel sexy and exposed.  Suzy started playing with my cock over the thong, never touching the skin.  She delivered some strikes to my balls, and then she (somehow) freed my scrotum from the thong.  My cock was encased within the thong, but my balls were free and hanging out.

What an intense sensation!  I loved the skin to skin contact with my balls, and the occasional smacking she would deliver.  Her strokes to my cock were very pleasurable but less sensitive than normal, as they were through the fabric of my thong.  This gave me "endurance" and she did a very good job of keeping me "on edge".  She got me very close to orgasm by petting my clothed cock and then she backed off expertly when I was getting close to release.

The orgasm I had was fantastic.

She joked that the thong shielded her from the spray of my ejaculation.  It really did make quite a mess.  As I have mentioned before, there seems to be a positive correlation between duration of sex session and the intensity of my orgasm. And she playeed with me a LONG time.

I suspect this is something we will play with again ;-)


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  1. I agree to your observation about the relationship of length of a session and the intensity. You also explained cock-and-ball torture mediated with a thong.